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Podiant Vs PodBean: Choosing From The Best Podcast Hosting Platforms

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When starting a podcast, there are four key things to consider. These include:

  • Your podcast format
  • You podcast name
  • Your podcast strategy/ position
  • Your podcast hosting software

In this article, we will be tackling the fourth option: your podcast hosting software. According to Deloitte, advertising in podcasts was worth over $1 billion just a couple of years ago.

And while the benefits don’t just stop at advertising, it has become one of the main growing interests in the podcasting space.

Therefore, if you’re looking to grab a share of this $1bn, then the podcast hosting companies you choose to host your podcast on is crucial.

To help you make this decision, we are putting two hosting platforms to the test: Podiant and PodBean, to find out which one comes out victorious!

What Is A Podcast Hosting Platform?

Podcast Hosting Platforms

Essentially, a podcasting hosting platform works as an assistant by holding all your media files and delivering them to your audience.

A podcast hosting service can include anything from web hosting, podcast advanced analytics, and embeddable media players that can be shared over third-party websites.

Therefore, having exceptional podcast hosting is extremely important. If you have a low-quality podcast hosting site, it will simply hinder your growth.

On the other hand, a great hosting service will work wonders for you by assisting with large video and audio files, increasing your audience reach, and podcast episodes promotion. (Also see, ‘Free Podcast Hosting Unlimited Storage Platforms‘)

Essentially, these could be considered the headquarters for your podcast. You may be wondering: why can’t I just simply host my podcast on a website, instead?

While you can in fact do this – it isn’t always the best option. Why? Well, each episode you film for your podcast contains a very large video/audio file.

This may cause your website’s server to crash, preventing you from delivering your content.

Therefore, an excellent podcast hosting provider is ideal as it does all this for you.

Also see: Best Podcast Hosting Platforms

You don’t have to worry about the site crashing, and provides all the necessary tools to get your show up and running.

Now that we have understood what a podcast hosting platform is, let’s get into comparing Podiant and PodBean.

PodBean Podcast Host

Platforms Hosting Podcasts

Over the last few years, PodBean has become a regular fixture in the world of podcasting – and for good reason, as well.

An attractive feature about PodBean is that there is a plan suitable for a range of different podcasters, whether you’re a professional or a novice – there is sure to be one that suits your requirements.

The free podcast hosting plan comes with a generous 5 hours of uploadable content per month, as well as 100GB of bandwidth.

With this free plan, you will also get basic analytics, as well as a PodBean-hosted website specifically designed for your podcast.

Paid podcast hosting cost can also be affordable. When you no longer require the free plan and want to increase your prospects, you can upgrade your hosting plan to either $9/month, $29/month, or $99/month.

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Another aspect that makes PodBean popular within the podcasting world is its rich features, these include:

  • Embeddable players
  • Unlimited bandwidth and storage
  • Automatic social sharing (This includes YouTube uploading)
  • Free hosting
  • Ability to create podcast websites with the website builder and themes
  • Android and iOS app
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  • Easily start your own podcast today!
  • There is a reason Podbean is used by 570,000+ Podcasters!

Pros Of PodBean

  • Offers one of the best free podcast hosting plans
  • Highly customizable
  • Higher plans support video podcasting and bigger audio storage
  • Helps with audience growth with podcast statistics
  • Many monetization options

Cons Of PodBean

  • Reviews point out slow customer service support

PodBean Podcast Platform Verdict: Is It The Best Podcast Hosting?


When it comes to finding faults in PodBean, it’s quite a difficult task – considering it provides such a low price point.

Whether you choose their free plan (albeit; slightly limited), or choose to upgrade to one of their affordable hosting plans, you are sure to get the most out of your money.

Podiant Podcast Host

Podiant Review

While Podiant may be among one of the newer podcast hosting platforms, they are already giving some of the more established platforms a run for their money.

The brainchild of Mark Steadman, a veteran web developer and podcaster, Podiant was created with the necessity of a no-frills podcast hosting platform in mind while being easy to use. (Also see, ‘Is Podiant Good For Podcasting?‘)

Over the years, its feature set has rapidly increased; however, this doesn’t prevent it from being a fast and lightweight hosting platform that is easy on your wallet.

Plans start at $12.99/month and go to $35.97/month.

Features Of Podiant Podcast Hosting

Podiant was designed with simplicity in mind. This is replicated in their features which include:

  • Customizable website
  • Production assistant
  • Easy-to-use analytical dashboard
  • Unlimited storage

Pros Of Podiant

  • Guest scheduling function
  • User-friendly interface
  • Customizable podcast directory
  • Automatic social sharing

Cons Of Podiant

  • Compared to other hosting platforms, their feature set is limited

Podiant Podcasting Hosting Platform Verdict

Podiant vs Podbean

If you’re looking to upload your content quickly without all the unnecessary thrills of other podcast hosting services, then Podiant might be the one for you.

Essentially, this is the best service if you want a more minimalistic platform that gets the job done.

Podiant Vs PodBean – Which Is Better?

Both platforms make for great podcast hosting services; although, determining which one is the best ultimately comes down to your personal podcasting requirements.

If you’re looking for a more feature-rich hosting service that provides you with everything you need, then PodBean may be more your style.

On the other hand, if you want a no-thrills, minimalistic hosting service that uploads your content as quickly as possible, then Podiant would be ideal.

Final Thoughts On These Two Podcast Hosting Platforms

Determining the best podcasting hosting platform for you can sometimes be a difficult task.

Each one provides different features, services, and price points, that singling down on just one platform can get overwhelming.

In this article, we compared Podiant and PodBean (see also our comparison of Spreaker and Podbean) to find out which platform is the best for you. The main difference between these platforms is their features.

While PodBean is feature-rich, Podiant is more minimalistic. Hopefully, this guide will help you figure out the best hosting platform for you.

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