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Podbean Vs Stitcher: How To Pick The Perfect Podcast App For You

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podbean vs stitcher

With all the thousand interesting podcasts available, it can be tricky to find the right podcast app.

Each app offers slightly different features, making your choice even more difficult. Two of the most popular podcast apps are Podbean and Stitcher.

While both of them allow you to listen to some great podcasts, there is a range of features that make each of them unique.

We tried these two best podcast apps and looked for three key features, including how easy podcasts can be discovered, playback options, and how easy you can create your personal playlist.

Read on to find out how Podbean vs Stitcher podcast apps compare with each other.

Which One Is Better: Podbean Or Stitcher?

Both Stitcher and Podbean are very popular podcast platforms, and they have large fan communities. So, before we start comparing the two podcast apps, let’s see what each of them has to offer.

We listened to our favorite podcasts on both Podbean and Stitcher. Here is what we found out.

What Is Podbean?

podbean logo

Podbean is a podcast hosting platform that was launched in 2006. It’s one of the first companies to offer podcast hosting and has since been used by over 1 million people.

The Podbean podcast app has a wide range of features, including advanced podcast statistics, customizable player, and podcast monetization.

It’s one of the most popular podcast platforms and is used by some big names, such as TED Talks, Harvard Business Review, and ESPN.

Is Podbean A Good Podcast App?

Podbean is a great podcast app with a clean and easy-to-use interface. It’s also one of the most affordable podcast hosting platforms, with plans starting at $9 per month.

Does Podbean Hosts Podcasts Free?

Podbean offers a free version of their podcast hosting plan that includes 5 hours of storage and 100 GB of bandwidth per month.

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What Is Stitcher?

stitcher logo

Stitcher is a podcast app that was founded in 2008. It’s one of the earliest podcast streaming platforms and is now owned by SiriusXM.

Stitcher has over 65,000 shows and 1.6 million episodes available on its platform. It’s also one of the few podcast apps that offer on-demand radio.

Is Stitcher A Good Podcast App?

Stitcher is a great podcast platform with a wide range of features, including custom playlists and on-demand radio. However, it’s not as affordable as Podbean. It’s not a free podcast app, with plans starting at $14.99 per month.

How To Get Your Podcast On Stitcher

The Best Podcast App To Discover New Podcasts And Episodes

Finding new episodes of your favorite shows quick and easy is crucial for podcast hosts. Podcast fans don’t want to scroll through a big long list to get to a new episode.

The same goes for discovering new podcasts. You want to see recommendations that are personalized to your preferences and taste.

Stitcher offers a Browse Shows tab where you can discover new shows and any popular podcasts that are trending.

You can also choose a specific category to tailor the results to what you are interested in. There are some great categories, including Marvel-related content.

In addition, each category also subcategories, such as curated picks, popular and any most recently added podcasts.

You can also find any shows in the trending section where you can see which shows are most popular with listeners at the moment.

Podbean is very similar to Stitcher when it comes to discovery and searching new shows. It also pops up a Discovery tab on the home screen.

There, you can view the best 100 podcasts as well as browse each by category, station and other filter options.

Podbean also allows you to find shows by popularity. It recommends top episodes, popular shows, and featured picks every day, so you discover something new daily.

The discovery features are very similar for Podbean and Stitcher, and both are extremely user-friendly.

If we had to pick a winner on the discovery side, then we’d choose Stitcher simply because it provides some more unusual search categories.

The Best Podcast App For Playback

The playback feature is similar to all the podcast apps we tried in the past, and the same goes for Podbean and Stitcher. 

This means that although they are just slightly different, the podcast player shouldn’t be a deal breaker for either of the two apps.

Stitcher allows you to pick a custom length of time to skip forwards or backwards, between five and sixty seconds).

You can slow down any podcasts you are listening to, to half speed, or double the speed.

Additionally, you can also snooze any playback options with Stitcher.

In comparison, Podbean allows you to only skip forwards and backwards 30 seconds. However, they offer the same speed options as Stitcher.

Podbean Vs Stitcher

You can halve or double the speed of your playback, as well as snooze it.

One feature we like about this podcast host is the offline listening where the hosting platform automatically downloads your chosen playlists. 

You can also limit the download to the times when you are connected to Wi-Fi only.

If you prefer to download your episodes individually, then you will need to find your chosen episode and download it from the podcast page.

When you regularly download a lot of episodes, then it can quickly get messy. You can clear your downloads section on this podcasting platform with just one tap of a button.

In addition, the Stitcher podcast platform offers you the option to limit the amount of downloaded content, from a minimum of 1Gb up to unlimited downloads.

It’s also easy to download single episodes with Podbean. You can view them on each show page and then download them from there.

Alternatively, just set the automatic download option in the Podbean podcast app where you can also limit your downloads to a Wi-Fi only option.

Similar to other podcast applications, you can access Stitcher also through your computer’s browser, so you can listen with any device anywhere.

This does not just include your laptop but you can also use a Chromecast device which allows you to play your audio on external speakers or smart devices, such as your smart TV.

You can do exactly the same with the Podbean podcast app. It also supports Chromecast-enabled devices.

One feature we really enjoyed with Podbean is the intelligent speed feature. This podcasting software automatically detects any silences and cuts them from the episode.

That’s the reason, why we prefer Podbean over Stitcher when it comes to playlist functionality.

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The Best Podcast App for Playlists

What makes podcast hosts really valuable is that you can personalize it with your very own podcast and new episodes, and a personal playlist.

In Stitcher, you do not actually create playlists but they are called stations. These stations allow you access to any of the most recent episodes of your favorite shows.

You can set them to automatically download, or download each episode individually yourself.

However, we found out to our surprise that you cannot actually get access to more than one episode of your show in each of your personal playlist.

In Stitcher, you will need to work around this issue by saving individual episodes and then accessing them through your Saved Episodes.

Podbean has a similar approach when it comes to playlists. The focus is very much on individual episodes rather than an entire show.

This means you can easily add single episodes to your playlists but if you want to keep up with an entire show, then you will need to view the show itself.

Saying this, a nice Podbean feature is that you can sort your episodes by old or new, so you can always check what’s the most recent episodes you haven’t seen.

This allows you to download any single episodes then and download or add them to your playlist in bulk.

Final Thoughts on Podcast Apps Podbean and Stitcher

Podbean and Stitcher are very similar when it comes to features, and the best podcast app for you depends on what feature is more important to you.

If you are simply looking to listen to your favorite shows, then Stitcher is a good option.

However, if you want a bit more control over your playback experience and like the idea of playlists, then Podbean is the best podcast app for you.

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