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Podbean Vs Podomatic Comparison: Where Should I Host My Podcast For Best Results?

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Podbean Vs Podomatic

Podbean has been available for almost two decades now, so it is no wonder that it has been a favorite one for plenty of podcast hosts.

However, does the fact that it is so famous implies that it is the greatest podcast hosting service available? What about Podomatic? How does it compete next to Podbean?

In this Podbean vs Podomatic article, we will walk you through the most important features of each one of these podcast hosting providers to figure out which one is best for you. So, keep on reading to find out!

Podbean Podcast Hosting Site

Podbean podcast hosting was founded in 2006 as a ‘blog-like’ channel to assist podcast creators in producing content. (Also see, “Podbean Review“)

It has since evolved into a cool platform and application that provides all the features necessary to turn one’s idea into an actual podcast show, plan its delivery, and even make money from it.

This podcast hosting platform takes great pride in its usability, claiming that there is “no learning curve” in making progress with it.

It works as a podcasting server that includes features for podcast production, distribution, commercialization, monitoring, and advertising.

It is no surprise that it is used by more than 600,000 content creators around the world, assisting in the creation of more than 10 million episodes and generating over 10 billion downloads to this day.


The fee structure for the Podbean podcast hosting site is divided into four plans.

The Basic Plan is available as a free version, while the most expensive one is the Business plan. So, depending on how much money you can spend and what kind of features you need, you can choose accordingly.

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Produce, Publish, And Manage Your Show

The fact that the Podbean podcast hosting site covers all the grounds is their primary point of differentiation.

Your Podbean podcast app account allows you to produce, edit, schedule episodes, host, distribute, advertise, use monetization tools, and monitor your own podcast. This could be the remedy for content creators searching for a simplified and unified podcasting answer.

It should, however, be noted that you can’t record new podcast episodes from the service’s desktop application.

Easy To Use From The Start

Various Monetization Options

The Podbean app is created to be exceptionally user-friendly and straightforward, so even complete novices will not be discouraged by a long learning process to come up with a successful podcast.

Integrated Social Promotion

The embedded social media and email functionalities of the Podbean app enable you to effortlessly advertise your show to your crowd and listeners base.

Anytime you release new episodes in your series, this podcast service will instantly share that on your social media channels. You can also create social-media-friendly clips to advertise your content on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter feeds, as well as other platforms.

Moreover, Podbean pros can use the Mailchimp integration to create a mailing list in just a few clicks and instantly promote your new episodes to your email subscribing list.

Subtitles And Show Transcriptions

Podbean officially unveiled an automated transcription and subtitle function to assist podcast hosts in optimizing their show’s SEO, repurposing their content, and, most notably, making their content as accessible as they can.

Various Monetization Options

Podbean offers a variety of monetization features to its creatives, such as the Patron Program, Ads Marketplace, Premium Podcasting, and Fan Club.

All these options mean that content creators can expand their revenue sources and maximize the value of their shows through podcast monetization.

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Podomatic Podcast Hosting Platform

Podomatic, which debuted in 2005, is another one of the many podcast hosting platforms available today.

Since its release, it has expanded to cover all aspects of the podcasting adventure, including formation, formatting, releasing, and podcast management. Content creators can now commercialize their shows through collaborations with third-party platforms.

It provides a browser-based system as well as Android and iOS applications for both listeners and creators: Podomatic Podcast Player and Podomatic Podcast Recorder. (Also see, “Podomatic Review“)


Similar to Podbean, Podomatic offers a Basic plan for free. Its free plan allows content creators to get a taste of the platform before buying a subscription without worrying about their free trial expiration.

 It also has several paid plans, with the Broadcaster plan being the most expensive one. The podcast hosting service’s Pro paid plans are a fantastic low-cost option for beginning podcast hosts. However, the monthly storage and bandwidth thresholds may discourage a few creatives.

It is worth noting here, though, that Podomatic’s most expensive plan costs around half of what Podbean’s Business plan does. Therefore, the pricing difference for the top paid plans of these two podcast hosting platforms is quite a significant one.

Simple To Use

Podomatic has a user-friendly interface that allows you to start working on premium content right away. As it allows you to start recording your own podcast straight from your mobile phone, simplifying successful podcast creation on the go.

All-Inclusive Offer

For content creators who appreciate simplified workflow processes, Podomatic’s all-inclusive ecosystem enables you to go straight from making your own podcast to publishing, distribution, and commercialization. or the Podomatic Podcast Recorder application can be used to record both audio podcast shows.

Format Verification

Podomatic’s advanced features include an automatically generated verification system for your podcasts’ suitability to make sure that they’re both right for publication and fit for potential listeners.

Podomatic Player

Subscribers to the PRO plan can select between single-track and multitrack podcast players and choose whether they want video podcasts or audio content playback.

They can also change the color and size of their player to reflect their brand’s color and merge it flawlessly into their podcast website.

Customer Service

PRO users have access to dedicated customer support, allowing them to quickly deal with any problems that might arise.

Possibility To Commercialize

Even though Podomatic lacks commercialization functionalities, its collaborations with third-party platforms such as Podcorn and Patreon make it simple to start generating revenue from your show.


Podomatic features thorough analytics that analyzes the performance of your show with the use of advanced statistics regarding your listeners, streaming quantity, average downloads, and so on.

The Bottom Line: Podbean vs Podomatic Podcast Hosting Platforms

Podbean is a thorough podcast hosting platform that can meet just about any podcaster’s demands. With almost two decades of experience, Podbean certainly understands what content creators desire and require.

However, if you are just starting your podcasting journey, do not have the resources of other podcast hosts, or want a rather all-in-one offer, Podomatic is probably the best one to go with.

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