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What Happened to the Pat Flynn Podcast Player?

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Pat Flynn podcast player

If you love Pat Flynn’ s Smart Podcast Player and are now wondering where the podcast player plugin went to, you’re not alone! The Flynn podcast player is a highly rated way of embedding your podcast episodes directly into your website. This boosts listens and engages your audience. But what happened to it?

Rest assured, it is still available for your use! The Flynn Podcast Player is now known as the Fusebox Podcast Player. Different name, same great product.

If you’re not already familiar with all the features from Pat Flynn’s Smart Podcast Player that you can now get from the Fusebox Podcast Player, read on. We’re sharing everything you need to know about these players and how Fusebox can build your community and engage your website visitors.

What was the Patt Flynn Podcast Player?

Pat Flynn is a digital entrepreneur who also created his website, Smart Passive Income, to help other entrepreneurs find success online. In his work, he found that a podcast is a perfect way to accumulate an audience and potential clients.

By providing a listening experience through a podcast, you can personally connect with your audience. But how do you get your visitors to click through to a 3rd party player like iTunes or Spotify?

That’s where the podcast plugin comes in! A podcast plugin means visitors never have to leave the website to have the full listening experience. You make it convenient for your following to stream your show right from your homepage.

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How Was Pat Flynn’s Smart Podcast Player Different?

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Pat Flynn designed his first full player to be what he himself wanted in a plugin. It was an extremely user-friendly built-in plugin that would flow seamlessly from a website’s browsing experience. It was ideal for new podcast users who didn’t have a lot of experience using plugins.

The Smart Podcast Player received rave reviews and testimonials from podcasters who reported increased listeners since installing the plugin to their WordPress websites. It kept listeners browsing on Smart Podcast Player users’ websites or blogs.

The Smart Podcast Player worked as a WordPress plugin. You could embed it into your website or blog with a user-friendly interface that was beautiful and easy to use. No coding necessary to get a professional-looking full player on your website.

And with many features to boast, it truly gave users everything they needed to set up their podcast on their websites.

Fortunately, Fusebox shares this player’s positive aspects and continues to please blog and website owners.

What Is the Fusebox Podcast Player?

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Everything you loved about the Plat Flynn podcast player is waiting for you with the Fusebox Podcast Player. This is truly a name change alone, and nothing is lost from this change.

You still have a variety of podcast player modes. You can choose from full player mode, smart track player, single-track player, and more. This is more than just an audio player, but a truly interactive player complete with all the features you would want for your podcast listeners.

This one-stop-shop for your podcasting needs will give you everything a podcast host needs. It is not only interactive and complete in features but also customizable.

It’s easy to make it work for you and your podcasting style. Whether that means making all episodes available for binge listening or highlighting single episodes for discussing different products, Fusebox can help.


The Fusebox Podcast Player is one of the top products from the podcasting industry that boosts your online business. Let’s jump into its features and why it may be the best player plugin for your website or blog.

Email Capture

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If a visitor is already on your website and now engaging as podcast listeners, they obviously love the content you create. So don’t let them slip away! It’s time to close the deal with the Fusebox email capture tool.

Fusebox offers an additional email capture feature, so they will receive email updates as you determine. Make sure they get your newsletter in their email inbox s they are officially a part of your podcasting community.

This is especially important for content creators. As you continue making content, you want those same individuals who loved your podcasts to come back for more. The capture function for collecting each user’s email address will mean an already established listener base.

Fusebox can integrate with the most popular email marketing services, including ConvertKit and Mail Chimp. Have your audience members easily added to your email list. With the integrations, your email list will be ready for optimizing your podcast’s marketing!

Optimize your marketing with simply a name, email address, and Fusebox.

Audio Player Options

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Every podcast host has a different style. Just like your podcasting may be different, the way to want to deliver your podcasts will vary.

Fusebox offers three different player modes throughout your website to optimize what you want to use the player for.

Archive Player

Want your website to be your audience’s new one-stop to listen to all your podcast episodes? Then the archive player is best. This creates a menu for selecting any episode to listen to.

You can also customize the menu sorting order for what works best for your podcast. It also features a search feature for your fans to find their favorite podcast episodes again and again!

Sticky Player

The sticky player option means the episode player will “stick” to the top or bottom of the page. That means potential customers and clients can continue browsing while the episode continues to play.

Track Player

The single-track player, also known as the smart track player, is perfect for highlighting specific podcast episodes. Showcase your most popular topic or frequently asked questions. This can direct the user to further listening or reading on WordPress.

Social Sharing

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People who love the Fusebox player understand that having everything easily accessible in one place is best for being user-friendly. Having your podcast easily ready to share is vital for increasing the number of listeners. When fans of your show share, that is the most valuable marketing you can get.

Fusebox’s integrations for social sharing means users can share an episode to their social media with a few clicks. With effective social sharing capabilities, you can let your top fans do some marketing for you!

A share on a social platform may seem small, but a share is an endorsement. This is the word of mouth advertising as work for you. Don’t underestimate what a simple share button can do for your success!

Subscription Buttons

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Establish yourself as a powerhouse in the podcasting industry and build your audience.

Website podcast players are perfect for capturing listeners or for repeat listeners to return to. But to become an expert in your field, subscriptions on major platforms and reviews are important. Turn site visitors into forever listeners.

The Fusebox player features subscription buttons so that your fans can subscribe on major platforms like Soundcloud, iTunes, etc. The subscription buttons are essential for solidifying your place as a leader in your industry and podcasting.

Speed Control Buttons

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Allow your audience to select an episode’s playback speed. This may be an overlooked feature, but it can be the difference between a listener tuning into the beginning of one episode or being a lifelong fan.

Speed control is great for people on the go seeking out specific information. If you provide valuable insights, people will want to revisit your episodes to review what they’ve heard, and speed is essential. They won’t want to waste their day trying to find one tip you had given.

For those on the go, they can listen through podcast episodes faster by increasing the speed. For those seeking out a specific moment, they can speed through to find what they wanted.

But this isn’t just for a faster speed. People can also turn the speed down. This is great for those who want better retention and learn better at a slower speed. It is also great accommodation for those who need a slower speed due to their hearing.

Giving your audience options show you want to provide them with the resources they need. If giving speed control options will create a stronger connection with your audience, Fusebox gives them the speed they need.

Transcript Plugin

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With speed, there are also additional accommodations that will change who can enjoy your show. The transcript plugin will optimize your podcast’s accessibility!

The WordPress transcript plugin is the perfect addition for multiple reasons. First, there is the ease of reading over listening. Those who can’t listen for many reasons can enjoy reading through what you had to say during your podcast.

But more than that, you can optimize your site as well! Adding text through the transcript plugin can boost your site SEO. So while readers love the transcripts, you’re also attracting more listeners who will love your website and show.

If you’re using a podcast player on your website that doesn’t allow for a WordPress transcript plugin, then you’re missing out on valuable SEO.

Besides providing a transcript for your podcast, Fusebox’s transcripts are optimized for both desktop and mobile. There isn’t much use for an on-the-go transcript that can only be read easily on a desktop!

Fusebox will not only make your podcast accessible to more fans and give you valuable SEO, but it will also look great. Make sure you have a podcast player on your site that is working for you.

Download Button

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A lot of those tuning into podcasts prefer to download the podcast for easy listening. That means it is easily accessible later for them to listen at their leisure.

Fusebox makes it easy for anyone to download any episode with their download buttons quickly. They still won’t have to go through a 3rd party platform. The download button allows for directly downloading from the Fusebox Podcast Player to their device.

Custom Sort

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You know your podcast better than anyone. And you know the image your want to create for your podcast. So don’t let potential new fans stumble upon random episodes. Pick the best order for your listeners!

Custom sort means you can control the order of the episodes. Maybe this is a podcast best enjoyed from beginning to end. A new listener wouldn’t know that immediately! Many podcast players only order episodes from most recently published to the oldest.

A lack of sorting customization simply won’t work for every host. With custom sort, easily demonstrated what to listen to first. You can go from the earliest episodes to the newer ones. You can highlight your most popular episodes on the most frequently asked topics. Highlight the episodes that best showcase what your want visitors to know.

Don’t let a podcast player tell you how to present your podcast. Take control with a custom sort option. Once you take advantage of this, you’ll never know how you managed with predetermined orders.

Multiple Shows

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If your team hosts multiple shows, just one player for one show won’t cut it.

Fusebox doesn’t limit you. For such an easy-to-use plugin, there is great customization, including unlimited shows. Fusebox offers a pay-per-show model. Now with just one subscription to Fusebox, you can manage multiple podcast shows on your websites or blogs.

Just as it takes extra unnecessary steps to direct website visits to click through to a 3rd party platform for a podcast, you want your fans to access all your podcasts easily.

Platform Compatibility

Fusebox started as a WordPress plugin and may offer additional features for a WordPress site or blog. But don’t despair! Fusebox is compatible with many platforms. Your team can easily integrate Fusebox into your pages.

Fusebox remains easy to use for almost all platforms. Fusebox is compatible with any HTML site, but here are some of the top platforms that you may love that are best for Fusebox:

  • WordPress
  • Squarespace
  • Wix
  • Webflow
  • Weebly
  • Teachable
  • Circle


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With all these features, it’s hard to know what the best part is about Fusebox. But actually, the answer is simple: flexibility.

Fusebox is completely customizable for every host while still being easy to use. With just the click of a button, you can add or take away the download button. Don’t want playback speed? You don’t need to keep it!

You don’t need an expert HTML team to make the podcast player perfect for you. In addition to the features available, you can decide which ones will work for your podcast and your audience. Fusebox makes it easy to manage your podcast feed on your site.

Ratings and Reviews

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Users and reviewers alike agree that Fusebox is a great podcast player for experienced podcasters and newbies alike!

One reviewer loved that their listener numbers increased after integrating Fusebox with their website’s pages.

Another emphasized that customization was key in their experience. As someone new to podcasting, they could easily manipulate the options so they could design the player that worked best for their show.

Another highlight of Fusebox is its customer service. This is essential for all podcast creators, but this is especially useful for newer podcasters. Fusebox comes with excellent customer support from a responsive team.

One reviewer noted the lack of a live chat option with the customer service representatives but still felt the team was responsive and helpful for resolving any problems.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Fusebox offers many things that other players simply can’t deliver. But when deciding which players are best for you, it’s important to look at the pros and cons. So here we have what we love about Fusebox and its cons as well.


  • Most Features: Fusebox has just about anything podcasters could ask for in a player for their site! They have speed control, share buttons, transcript plugins, and more to explore.
  • Complete Integration: Fusebox allows you to easily integrate your other tools with this player, including your email lists for marketing!
  • Color Theme: If you are establishing a brand, something as simple as color makes an impact. Stay on-brand with the color options available. Other players may not allow for this level of customization. But the Fusebox Podcast Player offers you to custom design the player for your brand.
  • Best for Content Creators: If you regularly create content, you want it to be easy to manage content. Make sure you are easily converting your audience to your email list so they don’t miss any of your content, customize players for each podcast feed, and things will be easier than ever!


  • Some Features Limited to WordPress: When Fusebox was the Pat Flynn Smart Podcast Player, it started as a WordPress plugin. We love that Fusebox is now compatible with multiple websites. But a few features are limited to WordPress, including the transcript plugin.
  • High Price for Beginners: For long-time podcasters, they will love the price for this product. But if you are just starting podcasting and testing the water, this may be an expensive price tag. It’s the right price for a lot of podcasters, but not all!

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Frequently Asked Question’s about the Fusebox Podcast Player

Why Use a Podcasting Plugin?

You want it to be as easy as possible to convert website visits into podcast listeners. This not only increases the audience for your show but engages your people visiting your website. Engagement is key to success.

The easier it is for listeners to a full player, the more likely they are to tune in. Directly installing the podcast player into your WordPress or blog means it’s easier than ever for your podcast’s audience to listen.

Patt Flynn understands how impactful podcasting plugins are for businesses and has made a career creating the best plugins to use and attract more customers. He proves podcasting plugins really make it easier for you to connect with audiences, and for followers to learn more about your business.

Did Pat Flynn design the Fusebox Podcast Player?

Yes! Pat Flynn, who brought us the Smart Podcast Player, has rebranded his plugin to Fusebox. Now compatible with more platforms, it gives podcasters everything they need.

Is Fusebox compatible with Simple Podcast Press?

Yes, Fusebox Podcast Player and Simple Podcast Press can be used together!

Our Verdict

Your blog may allow visitors to comment, name their favorite part of your work, and share posts. Make sure they can also access your podcast!

Keep browsers on your content by integrating your podcast and your site with Fusebox Podcast Player. Although you may miss the previous version, Pat Flynn made Fusebox with his podcast player in mind.

With features to customize, including speed, color theme, custom order, and more, you won’t need another player on your website!

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