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Soundcloud Vs Podiant: An Honest Comparison

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soundcloud vs podiant

Choosing where to host your podcast is an important yet difficult decision to make, and if you’re new to hosting a podcast, then that decision becomes even harder, as your lack of experience and knowledge means that you’re more likely to make a mistake about where is going to be the best place to host your podcast. (Also see, “Podcast Starter Kit“) 

Two of the options that will likely be recommended to you as you begin to venture into the world of podcasting are Soundcloud and Podiant, both of these platforms are well-established platforms in the podcast industry that are well known and reputable too.

Although, both of the platforms have their advantages and disadvantages. So, it’s down to you to decide which of them is going to be best suited for you and your podcast. 


Soundcloud Podcast Hosting Service

Unlike some other options that might get recommended to you as you begin to start your podcast, Soundcloud isn’t a dedicated podcast hosting service, it’s actually an audio streaming service!

Featuring a lot of smart features and advanced podcast analytics as well as mentoring guides on how to get started. 

Soundcloud is one of the giants of the audio streaming industry, so to be able to get your podcast on there is a big plus for anyone who is hoping to connect with lots of people with their podcast, and is great for Soundcloud users who are aiming for a community feeling. 

Podiant Podcasting Platform

Originating in 2016, Podiant is an incredibly popular option for hosting a podcast and has a number of features that will help a great deal, especially if this is your first time setting up and establishing a podcast. (Also see, ‘How To Start A Podcast‘)

This cloud-based platform is built with flexibility and usability in mind, and provides its users with production, distribution, and hosting services, as well as an option for mentoring too, which is especially beneficial for those just starting out. 

In addition to this, Podiant is connected with Spotify (see also our comparison of Spotify and YouTube Music), which means that you can have your podcast uploaded to Spotify’s vast podcast library with just a few simple clicks!

Soundcloud Podcast Hosting Features: Advantages and Disadvantages

Soundcloud podcast hosting has quite a few features that make it such a beneficial platform for anyone wanting to host their own podcast there but also has some negative aspects to consider too before you decide upon it.

So, if you have a feeling that Soundcloud might be the perfect platform for your venture in the world of podcast hosting, then have a look through the advantages and disadvantages of the platform so you can decide if it’s right for you!

Soundcloud Podcast Hosting Advantages

The first of Soundcloud’s advantages is that it’s an inherently social platform, people interact with audio on there the same exact way you’d react to a photo or a video on Instagram, with users able to comment at time points about the way they feel about something in the audio.

Not only does this help to promote the community aspect of your podcast, especially if it is discussion based, but it also helps to provide you with feedback about the parts of your podcast that people liked best. 

Another great aspect of uploading your podcast episodes to Soundcloud is the incredibly advanced analytics that they provide you with.

The app’s podcast analytics will allow you to see what accounts have been listening to your podcast in the past 7 days, as well as the number of plays it received. It also provides you with details such as listener location, and in-track comments that users have made.

All of this culminates in providing you with rapid and responsive feedback directly from the listeners themselves, which helps you to create a better experience for them in future episodes. 

The last great feature of Soundcloud is that it’s free! Although slightly limited, users are able to upload up to 3 hours of content a month, which is more than enough for someone who is just beginning to host their own podcast.

And it also provides all of the embedding tools you’ll need!

Soundcloud Podcast Hosting Platform Disadvantages

Soundcloud isn’t without its disadvantages however, with the first one carrying one from the aspect of it being free, as a lot of the more advanced features an experienced podcaster would need are behind a paywall.

Scheduled releases and the ability to replace tracks are just two of the features that require you to pay in order to use. 

If you’re not on Soundcloud’s Unlimited plan, then it can be quite easy as an experienced podcaster to go over the 3 hour limit that is included on the free plan. 

soundcloud vs podiant

Advantages And Disadvantages: Podiant Hosting Platform

Podiant Podcast Host Advantages

One of the advantages of Podiant is the production consultancy service that they offer that can help you with the reviews you receive. 

It also makes use of a great migration service that allows you to transfer your podcast from the previous hosting service to Podiant, with very little effort or hassle. 

Their payment plans also have a lot to pick from too, so you can choose the best package for you and your podcast!

Podiant also features a great customer service team, so if you’re in need of some assistance whilst using the platform you can rest assured that you won’t lack in help from their great support team. 

Podiant Hosting Platform Disadvantages

Arguably the biggest disadvantage of Podiant is the fact that its editing features lack severely in comparison to many of the other editing features available on other platforms, which does provide some difficulty if you’re an experienced podcaster and want a platform that can support you and your podcast.

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Conclusion: Comparing Soundcloud and Podiant Podcast Hosting Platforms

In conclusion, if you’re new to podcasting and want a platform that’s going to help you develop your podcast and grow your skills as a podcast host, then Podiant is going to be a great option for you.

However, if you’re a slightly more experienced podcaster, then you might be better off opting for Soundcloud instead.

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