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Podiant Review – Features Pricing and Hosting

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Starting a new podcast can be daunting. Many popular hosting services are in the United States, but one podcast hosting service in Ludgate Hill is making waves in the media industry. Enter Podiant.

Podiant currently operates from offices in the United Kingdom, but its outreach is global. Podiant offers a range of unique podcast hosting features, including personal support from experts and creators of various episodes genres. In this review, we’ll give you everything you need to know about this hosting platform for podcast websites.

What Is Podiant?

Podiant started in the United Kingdom in the humble spot of Ludgate Hill. But, its user base extends globally across six continents, with most users residing in the United States.

First founded in 2016 by podcast and web developer Mark Steadman (based in the United Kingdom), Podiant has evolved into a powerful cloud-based hosting service with an intuitive interface.

A quick look at the Podiant info directory shows the breadth of podcast content hosted. It features episodes genres ranging from arts, business, sports, to news & politics. The diversity of content means there’s plenty for listeners to review. Whatever niche your content falls into, Podiant champions a wide range of podcast episodes genres. The platform has created a truly global community.

Podiant Review

Podiant’s Global Reach

Based in the United Kingdom, Podiant recognizes that on the global stage, it is not among the podcast host behemoths of 2020. Bigger podcast platforms are out there. However, Podiant’s success demonstrates that popularity is not everything, and it’s proud to rep the B3 1EH.

It boasts nearly 20,000 daily uploads, and a growing total of almost a million minutes listened. At present, it has a total of 4 million downloads. While Podiant may be one of the smaller podcast hosts, it is far from insignificant. Its popularity continues to expand outside the United Kingdom as more podcasters and listeners are waking up to the benefits of this hosting service.

Podiant has simplified the podcast hosting process and connects creatives with one other and broader audiences. It also can help podcasters link up to the info directory of major streaming services like Spotify and Apple. Its global reach is why most of its podcast creators have been with Podiant since its initial launch in 2016.

The Ludgate Hill service offers a wide array of podcast tools, episodes genres, info directory listings, and direct communication with podcast creators. Below we review some of the vital factors you should be aware of as a podcast creator before you sign up to Podiant.

Podiant Features

Podiant is all about simplicity, but it also offers robust podcast features for users in the United Kingdom and beyond. As noted, though its offices are in Ludgate Hill, its features are globally successful.

Building your podcast show up from scratch can feel like an uphill climb. Luckily, Podiant provides abundant features that go beyond providing a simple audio player for your show. The following are just some of the features we wanted to cover in this review to give you an idea of what Podiant can offer.

Info Directory Access

Podiant allows users to submit their podcasts to whichever info directory they desire. An info directory is the streaming platform through which listeners access a podcast. Podiant supports all the major directories, including Spotify, Apple Music, and iTunes. Which info directory(s) you choose is entirely up to you, but Podiant makes it an easy process. You can contact the company number for more consultation on the right service for you.

Unlimited Storage

Starting with the standard podcast pricing package, Podiant offers users unlimited storage for their podcast episodes. The unlimited storage is a big plus as many podcast hosting services will put their upper-limit behind an increasing paywall. With Podiant, you get unlimited storage from the very beginning. The flexibility gives you plenty of room to grow your podcast, store more videos, and branch out into new episodes genres.

Production Consultant Service

One of the unique features is the Podiant production consultant service. This feature helps you produce the best content possible through reviews that appear right on your Podiant dashboard.

The feature is a bonus for those new to producing a podcast show, but some of Podiant’s advice can benefit even the most experienced podcast host. You can contact the company number to take advantage of this feature.

Episodes Genres Migration to Podiant

Speaking of experienced podcast hosts, if you aren’t entirely new to content creating but want to migrate your current audio files over to Podiant, the process couldn’t be simpler. By using an RSS feed, you can transfer any of your previous audio into Podiant. This feature also helps with hosting content in numerous podcast directories. While the process is straightforward, you can call the company number for assistance if you have issues.

Chapter Markers

Podiant allows you to add markers throughout your show to help your listeners navigate their favorite episodes genres. The markers separate audio segments into specific sections for listeners to review whenever they please. The feature lets your audience listen to the show in parts as opposed to one long run.

Podiant Pricing

Podiant offers plans for both budding and experienced podcasters alike, whether you’re in the United Kingdom or beyond. You can sign up directly on the website.

Podiant Pricing

Here’s a full breakdown of the available packages for you to review:


At $12.99 per month, this package delivers unlimited storage, the ability to create a blog + static pages, community support, and automatic social media posting to promote your show.


Priced at $24.99 per month, you receive all of the above plus improved audio quality and assistance in building your podcast website. With this plan, you can call the company number for technical support as well.

Network Plans

Podiant networking lets you connect with creators who share similar content, whether that be episodes genres or specific topics. A podcast network is an excellent way to bring in new listeners through mutual recommendations and spread your show via your chosen info directory(s).

Podiant allows you to utilize podcast networks either by joining a premade one or forming your own. The following prices apply to network packages:

  • Starter

$35.97 per month for up to 3 podcasts

  • Small

$59.95 per month for up to 5 podcasts

  • Medium

$116.90 per month for up to 10 podcasts

  • Large

$233.80 per month for up to 20 podcasts

Pros and Cons of Podiant

We’ve covered a lot of information in this review. Let’s break down some of the critical considerations Podiant offers.


  • Unique Podiant production consultation service to aid with a podcast review
  • Intuitive migration to bring a show from a previous podcast hosting service to Podiant
  • Wide range of payment plans available to suit a variety of podcast hosts
  • Global user community with numerous episodes genres
  • Listing on all significant info directory systems
  • Excellent customer service – call the company number for speedy, friendly support


  • Doesn’t offer the same depth of editing features as some larger podcast hosting services


In this review, we have shown you how Podiant grew from its humble origins in Ludgate Hill, United Kingdom to a global platform. Overall, Podiant succeeds in providing a podcast hosting service that isn’t overcomplicated but is just as robust as its many competitors.

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