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Podbean vs Soundcloud Review

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Podbean Vs Soundcloud Review

You’re here because you want to learn which hosting service is best suited for your podcast, right? Podbean or SoundCloud, the debate has been raging for a while among content creators. Whether you’ve been looking for a podcast site for a time or you’ve just begun your search, the article will help you make your final decision.

Though there are multiple hosting sites to choose from, Podbean and Soundcloud are two of the most popular. Which one will work best for you and your listeners?

The answer depends on the type of podcaster you are and what your audience demographic is. However, these two platforms have unique features that help you shape your show around your hosting style and audience.

Podbean Vs Soundcloud

In this review, we’ll go over the two pocket casts, aspect by aspect, to determine which one reaps the most benefits for you and your podcast team. First, we’ll highlight the general criteria you should be on the lookout for, then we’ll get into the specific offerings of both Podbean and Soundcloud. By the end of the article, you’ll be able to choose the victor in the Podbean vs Soundcloud debate.

What Are the Criteria for Choosing Podcast Hosting Platforms?

Before you begin to utilize a podcast hosting service, you must craft a list of criteria. Divide the list into two categories: 1) where your podcast is currently and 2) where you want to be in the future.

In the current section, determine what features are most important for your and your listeners’ immediate use. Then, in the future column, write out how you want to grow and expand your podcast. Remember, your list will look unique from the list of other podcast hosts.

Is your primary focus on finding a platform compatible with your already created website? Or are you looking for a podcast host that will let your listeners share your content with ease? Place what you’re looking for at the top of your list, and organize all other factors around it. Whether you want a service that boasts ease of use at its forefront or a simple RSS feed, these considerations will be essential for your final decision.

Either star the features most important to you or write the list from most to least crucial. While reading, you can use both columns to determine which podcast site you choose from between Podbean and Soundcloud.

If lists help you stay organized, you also can create another one while you read the podcast comparison article. One column should highlight Podbean’s pros and cons, while the other should feature the same for Soundclouds. Take notes in the margins about the features of each podcast hosting site. Compare your lists to figure out which will work of the two podcast hosting platforms will work for you.


What is your podcast schedule? If you have eager listeners who want to dive into your content as soon as possible, your timeline will look unique from someone who is just starting.

The best podcast websites will be easily accessible, even if you don’t have a degree in computer science. Ease of use is a factor that tends to be overlooked compared to other services, but you need it to get the podcasts up and running.

How long do you have to learn how your podcast hosting sites work? If you have a longer timeframe, you can go with a more complex system. For those working on a shorter deadline, your podcast host should be simple and easy to utilize.

Scroll through other podcasts on both Podbean and Soundcloud to see which platform service is most accessible. Imagine yourself as one of your listeners and ask yourself what features would make them the most satisfied.

Storage Space

The second question to ask yourself is: How much storage space do you need on the podcast service? You’ll want a podcast host that allows you to export and save your files at a 64kbps bit rate to ensure the best audio quality.

Note whether Podbean or Soundcloud has an archive, and how far back these storage files go. If you have a large backlog of podcasts you want to upload, make sure the service you choose has unlimited storage.

Embedding Functionality

Do you want to embed a podcast player directly into your website? If you are looking to streamline your website by adding a podcast hosting embed, you’ll want to ensure the podcast hosting service offers the feature.

Also, what is the ease of use rating for the embedding function? Check how easy Podbean and Soundcloud (see also ‘Podbean Vs Captivate‘) make it to embed their podcast player onto your website.

Podbean Podcasting

Subscription Fees

What is your budget for your podcast hosting membership? Do you want to go with a free plan or pay a fee per month for additional features?

In some cases, for both PodBean and SoundCloud, the podcast hosting company will let you start an account for free and build up to an unlimited plan as your channel grows.

Besides your fees, think about your listeners, too. You’ll have to consider whether you want your listeners to pay a fee to listen to your podcast on the platform. If you have a massive following, the fee structure might not mean a loss of loyal listeners. But if you are a start-up, the fees might prevent you from gaining a following at all.

RSS Feed

An RSS feed is essential for the growth of your podcast. With the feature, you’ll be able to share your podcast with your subscribers and new potential listeners.

A reliable podcast hosting site will allow you to utilize the RSS feed and sync your podcast with anywhere between five to ten different platforms, organically growing your audience.


Podcast metrics have been touch and go since the explosion of the genre. On the one hand, creators can see stats, such as how many daily audience members download your podcasts and the number of subscribers you have. On the other hand, if you want to know how long an average person listened and when they stopped, the podcast data is generally unavailable.

Unfortunately, the issue is common among most podcast hosting platforms, PodBean and SC included. The mobile apps that most people use to listen to podcasts don’t have the power to collect all the metric data.

With the criteria squared away and explained, let’s analyze the two competitors in today’s article, PodBean, and SoundCloud.

What Is PodBean?

If you’re looking for a podcast hosting site tailored for uploading your episodes, Podbean will be the best podcast program for you. The Podbean website offers features that allow for almost total control of your podcasts, from aesthetic to distribution, making it easily accessible.


PodBean Features

  • Webpage and Blog Creation to support your podcast
  • Podbean allows you to use your domain.
  • Podbean users can create subscription packages.
  • Offers affordable pay per month plans
  • Unlimited storage space on the Podbean premium plan
  • Embedding functionality that works directly with WordPress
  • Easily accessible RSS feed
Podbean Features Vs SoundCloud

Podbean Pricing

So the question stands, is Podbean really free? Podbean has an unlisted feeless plan option. Otherwise, Podbean now offers a few premium options for users.

The small podcast package starts at $5 a month or $3 a year to get started. Once your audience grows, you’ll have to upgrade to the $14 a month plan to access the full functionality of the podcast hosting website.

Podbean also offers video podcasts plans for $39 per month.

Pros and Cons of PodBean

We can’t have a Podbean vs SoundCloud debate without covering the podcast software’s pros and cons.

Podbean Pros

  • Podbean has affordable premium plans.
  • You can store lots of podcasts on Podbean.
  • A free plan option
  • The Podbean podcast website is accessible.
  • Podbean has a high-quality RSS Feed.
  • Podbean provides users with decent metric schematics.
  • Podbean updates its website regularly to support podcasts.

Podbean Cons

  • The features of the Podbean website are simplistic.
  • Podbean suits individuals without technical backgrounds.
  • The Podbean app offers no phone support.

Checkout our full review of Podbean here.

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What Is SoundCloud?

SoundCloud is the king of music sharing, but unlike PodBean, its creators were not developing it exclusively for podcasts. The platform has most of the features necessary to upload new episodes of your podcast, but some features you’ll appreciate on PodBean are missing from SoundCloud.

SoundCloud vs Podbean hosting

For those interested in SoundCloud, the podcast host software has been on the verge of shutting down multiple times.

SoundCloud Features

  • Easily accessible to the average podcast listener
  • Embedding functionality works with any website host
  • RSS Feed available after a bit of searching
  • Three unique podcast plans available
  • Allows users to save and share podcasts

SoundCloud Pricing

Similar to PodBean, Soundcloud has a variety of account options depending on your podcast needs. The free plan gives you three hours of free storage, while the Pro podcast account gives you six hours of uploads.

SoundCloud Pricing

For someone with tons of podcasts to store, the Pro unlimited plan will be the one you want. With the pro unlimited plan, you can also schedule the releases of your podcasts.

Pros and Cons of SoundCloud

Like Podbean, SoundCloud has pros and cons to consider before signing up with the service for your podcasts.

SoundCloud Pros

  • Built for audience interaction and podcast sharing
  • Podcast App Compatibility
  • One of the podcast account options is free
  • The website is easy to navigate.

SoundCloud Cons

  • Made for music streaming first and foremost
  • Soundcloud could potentially shut down
  • Missing some features seen in other podcast sites
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Other Comparisons:

What Is the Best Podcast Hosting Platform?

So, do you feel ready to choose a victor in the Podbean vs Soundcloud podcast user debate? Whether you go with Podbean for the company’s exclusive care and dedication to podcasts or opt for Soundcloud for its general social nature, the decision depends on the needs of your podcast.

One thing you should keep in mind is the longevity of your podcast, and which service will help you the most. Ask yourself, will either of the two help you meet your 5-year goal? Take time to digest what you read before you make a decision.

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