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Pinecast Vs Podbean: How Do These Podcast Hosting Platforms Compare?

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Pinecast Vs Podbean

If you’re new to podcasting or want to grow your listeners’ base and generate more profit, you should probably look into the different podcast hosting platforms. (Also see, ‘Best Podcast Hosting‘)

Pinecast and Podbean are two of the most prevalent podcast hosting sites. We’ll go over the two podcast hosting platforms in greater depth below, as we want to help you figure out which one you should go for, Pinecast or Podbean.

Both are fantastic podcast websites that have helped large numbers of podcasters succeed.

As a general orientation, Pinecast podcast hosting site is preferred for earliest-stage podcasters because of its lower starting prices and the convenience of upgrading as you progress, whereas Podbean is more suitable for seasoned podcasters seeking all-inclusive functionalities.

Don’t be concerned about selecting the ideal podcast hosting platform for your podcast. We’re here to assist you in figuring it all out.

Pinecast  Podcast Hosting Platform

pinecast homepage

Pinecast is a podcast hosting platform that charges a relatively low flat monthly subscription fee to host your podcast site. It has a great user interface and enables you to effortlessly upload and share your podcast episodes.

On Pinecast, you can create and import your podcast episodes in less than a couple of minutes. This podcast hosting platform is great for busy podcasters who do not have plenty of spare time to dedicate to podcast releasing.

They offer free podcast hosting to start, followed by a per-month or per-year subscription of $10 / month or $110 per year, with add-ons ranging from $10 to $15 per month according to your requirements. (Also see, ‘Free Podcast Hosting Site‘)

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The platform promotes several advantages, including:


Pinecast podcast hosting service will get your show promoted in applications, help you evaluate your growth and development with its analytics tools, and develop your listeners and subscriber base with functions created to optimize SEO for podcast creators. (Also see, ‘Best Podcast Promotion Services‘)

Generating Income

Pinecast podcast hosting platform enables you to post premium content to your paid subscriber base, and your weekly compensation is sent to your debit card or bank balance.

It also includes a “tip jar,” which allows your audiences to make financial donations to their preferred podcasters.

This way, the podcast platform makes you generate more income and at the same time raise your podcast’s profile, and it is also an amazing way to check how well you connect to your audience and perhaps think about how you can improve or keep up your work.

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Uploading Made Simple

When you try uploading your podcast, Pinecast podcast hosting platform detects and resolves any issues. In case there are some tags missing from the audio file or some images are not in the right size, their customer service is available to assist.

If the MP3 you share contains illustrations, they will remove and publish them for you in the correct form.

The podcast platform will also skip the ID3 tag stage if your episodes already have ID3 tags for the title, creator, and show name.

Podbean Podcast Hosting Service

podbean homepage

Podbean podcast hosting site claims that it can be employed both by new and experienced content creators. They provide all of the services necessary to begin or grow your show and accomplish your objectives. (Also see: ‘ Podbean Review‘)

Podbean is not a free podcast hosting, but operates on a month-to-month standard fee, with prices ranging from free to start to $99 per month for all-inclusive bundles. (Also see, ‘7 Free Podcast Hosting Unlimited Storage Platforms‘)

Their plans provide the choice of being charged either annually or monthly, with the yearly alternative saving you money.

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Podbean has the following advantages:

Simple Creation And Publication

Shows can be produced using their podcast recording app or live streaming in extremely high quality. Both video and audio are recorded on a safe and simple platform.

They also provide trademarked domain integration, scheduled publicizing options, and a cover image maker.

When you are not competent in graphic design, a cover art creator can come in handy and save you from having to outsource the design work.

That’s an extra cost you can tick off your to-do list!

Free Podcast hosting and Monetizing Platform | Podbean
  • Easily start your own podcast today!
  • There is a reason Podbean is used by 570,000+ Podcasters!
Wired Clip is a reader-supported site. Purchases made through links may earn a commission, at no additional cost to you.

Podcast Promotion And Awareness

With just a few clicks of a button, you can advertise your show on popular apps like Spotify and Apple.

You could also broaden your audience by increasing your visibility on integrated social accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, and similar services. (Also see, ‘How To Make Your Podcast Popular‘)

They provide detailed data that allow you to see how your advertising is influencing your show, downloads, trends, and subscriber engagement, among other metrics.

In the podcast industry, publicity is the alpha and the omega, so having access to social media apps ensures that your show is discoverable by the masses.

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Making Money From Your Podcast


Isn’t the primary objective of your show to generate profits? Podbean podcast site has everything you desire to assist you with monetizing your podcast.

You could even mention your podcast in their promotional marketplace while using their PodAds SaaS to assist you with ads management and ensure you run campaigns like a champ.

They also offer premium content at no additional charge and allow you to set up a patron section where your audiences can make donations.

Which Podcast Hosting Service Is The Best Fit For You: Pinecast Or Podbean?

Pinecast and Podbean both have amazing benefits, and among the overall benefits of the services is that they are both free, to begin with. This can be an incredible method to get a feel of the app’s convenience of navigation and use.

You can begin on the podcast hosting service that appears to be the better match for you, and if it does not feel like the right space to host your show then you can check the other one!

Each podcast host is likely to be more effective for different people compared to the other. When you are a new or inexperienced podcaster seeking to get a great start on your show, Pinecast podcast hosting service is the platform for you.

They provide lower rates and plugins for when you begin to gain traction and wish to accelerate the process.

If you are an experienced podcaster, Podbean podcast host is the right choice for you.

Their all-inclusive offerings eliminate the need to consider which functionalities are and are not part of your subscription.

The Bottom Line: The Best Podcast Hosting Provider For You

Pinecast vs Podbean

A podcast is your artistic child. You invest a considerable amount of time and effort to see it succeed and develop into something financially viable and impactful.

The best podcast hosting platform can either help or hinder that development.

We hope that the information above about Pinecast and Podbean has helped you decide which is best for you and your podcast. Now, go become the next big thing on podcasts!

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