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Anchor Vs. Podiant: Choosing The Best Podcast Hosting

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anchor vs podiant

In the world of podcast hosting and creation, there are many services that offer you the tools to record and may offer hosting services that you can take full advantage of.

But how do you know which podcast hosting platform to go for before you commit that you’re on the fence?

Here is where Anchor and Podiant come in, as you have two podcast hosting companies that seem to offer a similar service but have some critical differences once you start to look into each further.

This article will show you what each one offers and the benefits and problems that you may come across, as surprise inconveniences are the last thing you want. Read on to see our review of each podcast hosting service.


anchor homepage

Being purchased by Spotify (see also ‘Amazon Music Vs Spotify‘) in 2015, Anchor podcast hosting provider falls under the same umbrella during the explosion of available podcasts that were and still are picking up in popularity.

Anchor Podcast Review

This podcast host provides unlimited free podcast hosting, which will appeal to those dipping their feet into podcast creation and who are weary of investing money in paid hosting services.

Your podcast will be exposed to a broad listenership, with an estimated 32.5 million podcast listeners per month, so it is excellent if you’re using your podcast as part of your business and want to promote it.


  • Has wide distribution– your podcast websites have the potential to be shared across many platforms (see also our comparison of Zencastr and Zoom), including Apple podcasts, breaker, and Google Podcasts. This is great for those who have a podcast that is a bit niche and want it exposed to a variety of listeners.
  • Good Analytics– This is a good benchmark to determine how well this service will work for you in the long run, and Anchor doesn’t disappoint. You have a solid foundation to determine how well your episodes perform, what demographic they appeal to, and what shows audiences best respond to.
  • Easy to earn through– The monetization of your podcast is even easier as Anchor provides you with options on how you can set up donations and subscriptions. You’ll also have the ability to earn through podcast advertising once you begin to steadily build up your podcast.


  • It doesn’t have the best recording tools- Whether you record through the app or desktop, you might find that it lacks in some areas compared to other DAW software. You might come to some issues when having multiple guests on, as integrating separate recordings might leave you unhappy with the ability to edit and fine-tune your recording.
  • Spotify Takes A Cut- The service will take a 30% cut from your ad revenue and can even affect premium subscribers later down the line. If you compare this to Apple podcasts, which reduce their cut after the first year, this could be an issue if this form of revenue is important to yourself or your business.

Podiant Podcast Hosting


This service has over 8,000 podcasts in its directory, so it might sound small, but you might find that this is a great place to start out, or you might find that your genre of podcast is particularly popular with this service.

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Anchor Vs. Podiant (1)

If you think this sounds limited, Podiant offers you more ways to engage with a wider variety of listeners by allowing you to link up with the directories of services like Spotify and Apple (see also ‘Stitcher Vs. Spotify‘).

The fact that you have unlimited storage from the beginning is significant for those who want to delve into video podcast production or if you want to branch out into other genres to suit your interests and reach.


  • Has A Consultation Service- If you want to get your podcast episodes reviewed before you upload them, you can use this to help make any tweaks to things like the sound quality and assistance in building your podcast website. This service will be ideal for those who don’t know where to begin when looking to optimize their shows.
  • Has a good migration system- If you already have an established podcast, you can easily move your show to Podiant by simply providing a link to your RSS feed. Podiant will then copy all of your episodes to its feed, and this is done pretty efficiently.
  • Has a fair pricing system- You have the option of using a 14-day free trial before you choose a plan to match your ambitions. They range in usefulness from the hobbyist to the budding professional and are more lucrative for those who may have multiple podcasts and may want to have one website to display them all.


  • Editing features hold it back– You have editing features that have a degree of usefulness but are lacking if you compare it to a service like Buzzsprout. You might get more options through software like GarageBand, for example. 
  • It might not have the reach you’re looking for- If you want a broader audience, you might be better off with other larger hosting sites that might be able to provide more options if your podcast is linked to a business, for example. 

Our Verdict

Anchor vs Podiant

We think both have their merits, but if you’re a beginner and want to have a service that is easy to use and you don’t mind investing a little bit to get you started, Podiant might serve your interests better.

If you’re looking for revenue, Anchor is the clear winner here, as long as you don’t mind taking a cut and have other areas of income.


We often gravitate towards services that are more well-known, but you might find a service that has a smaller user base, which is fine and may not stay that way with the rise in popularity of podcasts that is occurring.

Consider how much you want to invest, your strengths and limitations, and what places you think you may need help before making a decision.

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