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Blubrry Vs Podiant: Podcast Hosting Platforms Compared

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blubrry vs podiant

With so many podcast hosting services available today, this is another review of ours that aims at helping you choose the best one for you.

If you are interested in choosing Blubbry or Podiant as your podcast hosting site, this article can provide you with some information on these two that will help you make an informed choice.

Read on to learn more about how Blubrry vs Podiant stack up against each other.

Blubrry Podcast Hosting Service

The Blubrry podcasting platform was created by professional content creators and web developers to provide state-of-the-art, professional grade podcasting functions such as advanced analytics to their listeners.

It is an effective way to develop your show quickly and affordably for your online companies. It is also one of the most popular podcasting platforms available, servicing over 150,000 podcasters with all the podcasting tools they need to grow their brand.

Blubrry Pricing

Blubrry does not offer free hosting, however, their paid plans are very affordable. Their cheapest plan starts at $10 per month, and their most expensive plan is $17 per month. Considering the plethora of functionalities, this is a fair price.

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Best For Experienced Podcast Hosts

Blubrry podcast platform is simple to use because podcasters only need to submit episodes straight into their WordPress site. Nevertheless, posting straight from Blubrry’s dashboard can be challenging for newbies.

WordPress Site

Every podcast hosting package comes with a free and managed WordPress podcast site.

You can customize your podcasting website to match your brand’s colors, and with the Advanced plan. You can select from a variety of website layouts. Each one of the episodes you post is automatically accompanied by an inbuilt media player.

If you have experience with sites or have a programmer on your crew, the Advanced plan allows you to map your own domain.

Blubrry handles all backend functions such as routine backup and recovery, web hosting, site security management, and resolving issues.

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Podcast Hosting Platform With Unlimited Support

Blubrry (see also our comparison of Blubrry and Spreaker) seems to be the only podcast hosting system that provides unlimited access to team chat support via telephone and previously planned video calls to assist podcasters with navigating the website and with any technical glitches.

WordPress Plugin Integration

The PowerPress WordPress Plugin has over 100 functions and 75,000 unique users. The team supervises and upgrades Blubrry’s PowerPress plugin to keep it as functional as the 2008 WordPress podcasting plugin’s origins.

Installing and embedding your show’s episodes to your WordPress website is simple. Podcasts, both new and old, are shown on the hosted website in a few simple steps: produce, submit, and post. It takes a few minutes for the results to appear.

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Podcast Home Page Or Site

A Blubrry content creator receives a free (but optional) controlled WordPress website for their show with every hosting package. If you already have a site or are not concerned with creating one, you could also go for a simple and free landing page for your podcast brand.

Private Podcast Option

You can start producing private podcasts which will only be available to a specific audience for an extra fee. It could be a company’s internal show or a podcast series you wish to make available only to paying subscribers; either way, it is a nice alternative.

Monetization tools like this are not available on all hosting sites, so it is a definite advantage that Podiant offers this.


Blubrry Podcast Hosting makes publishing a breeze!

Pricing from just $12/mo

Video Podcasts

Blubrry now supports video podcasting, which is a huge advantage for content creators who would like to produce video and audio podcasts. If you have a WordPress website and use the PowerPress WordPress plugin, you could also add a video media player.

Podcast Statistics

Blubrry offers reliable and accurate podcast statistics. Reliable data is very important for any podcaster who wants to understand their audience and grow their show.

Blubrry’s excellent podcast statistics give insights into how podcast listeners consume content, where they listen, and what type of device they use. Advanced analytics are all very useful information for a podcaster who wants to improve their show.

Podcast Monetization

Blubrry offers several avenues for podcast monetization such as subscriptions, premium content, and podcast advertising.

 Podiant Podcast Hosting Service

podiant logo

Podiant is all about simplicity, but it also has strong podcast functionalities for users in the United Kingdom and elsewhere. Even though it has its offices in Ludgate Hill, its functions are popular on an international level.

Building your podcasting business from the ground up might seem like an enormous challenge. Fortunately, Podiant includes a plethora of additional features that go further than simply offering an embeddable podcast player for your podcast.

The following are just a few of the additional features we wanted to highlight in this article to give you a sense of what Podiant hosting company has to give.

Podiant Pricing

While this hosting service doesn’t have a free plan option for new podcasters, their pricing plans are all very affordable. Their cheapest paid plan is only $12.99 per month. For experienced podcasters, there is a $24.99 monthly plan; and a $35.99 plan for networks.

Access To The Information Directory

Podiant makes it possible for users to upload their content to any major podcast directories they want. An info podcast directory is a podcast streaming service that enables audiences to access podcasts.

Podiant hosting service works with all of the top music services, such as Spotify, Apple Music, and iTunes. It is completely up to the podcaster which information directory(s) they decide to use.

Whether they want to focus on Apple podcasts, Google podcasts, or any other service, Podiant turns the process into a very simple one – and not many hosting companies can claim that.

Unlimited Storage Space

Podiant provides content creators with unlimited storage for their shows, even with their basic podcast pricing plans.

The unlimited storage is a significant benefit since several podcast hosting companies will place their maximum limit behind a rising paid subscription.

Podiant provides you with unlimited storage regardless of the plan you have. This offer allows you to expand your show, save more video podcasts, audio content, and offshoot to new episode styles.

Blubbry vs Podiant

Support Service

The production consultant service is among the most distinguishing features of the company, setting it apart from other podcast networks.

This function supports you in producing high-quality episodes by displaying reviews directly on your Podiant dashboard. This is a nice feature to enable free podcast promotion and to get more listeners.

The function is beneficial to those who are new to podcasting, but some of Podiant’s guidance can help even the most skilled podcasters.

Migrating Audio To Podiant Podcast Hosting Service

On the subject of skilled podcasters, when you’re not completely new to content creation and wish to transfer your existing audio content to Podiant, the task couldn’t be easier.

You can import any past podcast audio into Podiant with the use of an RSS feed. This function is also useful when you want to host podcasts on various podcast directory sites.

Although the process is simple, when you face any trouble, you can contact Podiant hosting service through the company’s number.

Markers For Chapters

Podiant lets you insert markers during your show to make it easier for a listener to find their preferred episode genres.

The markers divide audio sections into smaller ones, which audiences can review whenever they choose to. The option enables your listeners to listen to the podcast series in segments rather than all at once.

Best Podcasting Platforms: Blubrry vs Podiant Podcast Hosting Service

When comparing podcast platforms, it is important to consider the features and services that are important to you. Both Blubrry and Podiant offer great features and services for podcasters.

Ultimately, Podiant does well in delivering a podcast hosting provider that is not overly complicated while still being as reliable as its several contenders.

However, Blubbry’s functions are simply incomparable, especially for the growth oriented podcast host who has previous experience or those who wish to migrate their show to Podiant.

Even for novices, even though Blubbry is a bit more complicated to use, it is undoubtedly the best of these two.

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