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K&M Mic Stands – König & Meyer Microphone Stand

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K&M Mic Stand

On stage and in the recording studio, the microphone stands are the unsung heroes.

When purchasing new music equipment, they are frequently placed at the bottom of the shopping list, even though they are as bit as important as the equipment they hold. 

After all, you don’t want your mic falling to the floor right?

Because the German company Konig & Meyer, often known as K&M, is one of the most well-known companies in the microphone stand industry, you can pretty much assume that anything with its name printed on it is going to be a high-quality product. 

In this list we have rounded up the very best mic stands that K&M has to offer. No matter what your budget is or the type of mic stand you are looking for, K&M has got you covered. 

K&M 210/9 microphone stand

The 210/9 may be a basic stand, but due to the excellent quality and performance it offers, it is deserving of the additional cost that is needed to get it.

The clamp is a traditional T-bar configuration, and the boom has two points of extension, giving it a maximum total extension of 29 inches (or 0.75 meters). 

The quality of this tripod boom stand will remain in your mind long after you have forgotten how much it cost since it is robust, strong, of good quality, extremely adjustable, and comes equipped with cable clips to keep things clean.

This is a very versatile mic stand that is of high quality and will last you through hundreds of shows. All of this kind of makes the very expensive cost worth it. 

K&M 25950 microphone stand

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you had a microphone stand that was designed especially for use when you are playing the drums? 

This is where the K&M 25950 comes in since it is the stand that offers the most amount of stability at the lowest possible height.

It is a scaled-down version of a typical tripod boom and incorporates all of the functions that you may find on a conventional stand into a low-profile design with a reduced center pole.

Even though the stand is only 11 inches (or 0.28 meters) tall, it still manages to weigh a substantial 6.6 pounds (or 3 kilograms), providing you with the necessary stability.

This solid build quality is very much on display here, thanks to the excellent materials that K&M uses.

The only real disadvantage to this mic stand is that it is only suited for low-level tasks

K&M 210/2 mic stand

The 210/2 has been in production for more than three decades, making it K&M’s product with the longest history.

The boom arm clamp features a T-bar design that is more robust than the one found on the K&M 210/9.

It has a sturdy base with folding legs and an adjustable height as well as a boom arm that conforms to industrial standards.

K&M Mic Stands

This stand has garnered accolades from live artists, audio professionals, and recording pros for its straightforward but dependable design.

Many of them said that in comparison to the stands they had previously had, the quality of these stands was of a much higher standard. 

They are sufficiently tall and stable for firmly attaching drum overheads without any drooping, which is a benefit.

It is also possible to install heavier microphones without using a counterweight.

If you require extra bulk for stability, the 210/2 is a trustworthy choice for everyday use, whether you’re traveling and setting up on the road or setting up in the studio.

K&M 201A/2 microphone stand

The K&M is a strong yet lightweight microphone stand that has an adjustable height ranging from 35.5″ to 63.2″.

Even when extended to its full height, the stability provided by a tripod with a wide base is invaluable.

The non-scratching clutch contributes to the overall long-term longevity of the product.

Users have noted that the stand is exceptionally long-lasting, with several reviews stating that they have only had to buy a new mic stand after many years of using the 201A/2

When the mic stand does begin to break down though, the first thing that will go is the tripod bracing.

This will likely not cause your mic to fall though, and you can still make use of the stand after this. 

The K&M 201A/2 is the stand you should get if you need a microphone stand that is not just tall but also straightforward and has a stellar reputation for its longevity.

K&M 252 microphone stand

The K&M brand is well-known for producing straightforward items of high quality.

The K&M 252 is a tall, tripod stand that has been developed for greater mic elevation and positioning.

Its design has a three-piece telescopic construction.

Tall studio stands can come in a variety of designs and configurations.

Users praised the fact that the height can be adjusted in three distinct stages, making the product more convenient to store when folded. 

Many users love this stand because of its space-saving, compact design as well as its substantial weight and high-quality construction.

However, despite its small size, it is noticeably heavier than other stands in the same category.

This mic stand is also quite pricy, which might put people off. 

K&M places a strong emphasis on both construction quality and durability over time. The 252 is not an exception to this rule.

It is an excellent choice for the stage or the studio because of the contrast between its small folding size and its towering elevation.

K&M Mic Stands


If you are looking for a new mic stand, then you cannot go wrong with choosing one from K&M.

Thai company is known for its long-lasting and durable products. 

Though these mic stands are on the pricier side of things, given how much use you can get out of them, this cost might just be worth it. 

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