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With a background in Journalism and years of experience in the industry, Matt brings a wealth of knowledge to the WiredClip team.

What Is The Best Dynamic Microphone For Vocals?

What Is The Best Dynamic Microphone For Vocals – 5 Great Options To Consider

Why would you need a dynamic microphone? Well, if you frequently take to the stage and like to belt it out, then you’ll need a microphone that is good for louder voices. This is where a dynamic microphone will really come in handy. This type of microphone comes with plenty of features that you can …

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simplecast vs anchor

Simplecast Vs Anchor

Whether you’re a new creator with some podcast ideas you’d like to try or looking for a platform to host your podcast, we’re here to help! When looking for the best hosting service for your podcast, it can be extremely easy to just choose the cheapest or free option such as Anchor, especially if you’re …

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Buzzsprout Vs Anchor

Buzzsprout Vs Anchor

Do you want to start your podcast show? Don’t get too worked up about where you’ll host it! Both Buzzsprout and Anchor are platforms that allow you to share your show with listeners around the world. If you’re unsure about which option is best for your venture, then you must read this article. In this …

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Podcasting Benefits

Podcasting Benefits

Podcasting has become a very popular way to share information and entertainment, and there are now over 100 million podcasts being listened to every single month – this is a niche that is well worth breaking into, and can offer serious benefits to businesses and individuals alike. Wondering what the benefits of podcasts are, and …

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soundcloud vs bandcamp

SoundCloud Vs Bandcamp

Bandcamp and SoundCloud are two of the best platforms for such purposes, but which one is better? Both are undeniably great for people who want to stream and upload music. They offer several benefits both to the listeners and the creators by providing simple-to-use apps that connect the international music scene. If you are a …

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Podtrac Vs. Blubrry

Podtrac Vs Blubrry

Going online and typing in ‘best podcast hosting platform’ is bound to give you many results, with many lists giving you 10 plus options, and if this isn’t overbearing enough, you have the issue of pricing plans that offer many services. Some of these you might not need, and some might only be available to …

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