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Castos vs Podiant: Which Podcast Platform is Best?

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castos vs podiant

With so many different podcast hosting platforms available today, it can be very difficult to know which one is truly the best for your show. These sites are highly specialized and allow users to create their own podcasts on a shared platform discussing whichever topic they desire. Each brings its own unique mix of features to the table, so which one is best for you?

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We’re here to help you find out.

Today, we are going to be reviewing two of the more popular podcast platforms that are available for you to try. These are some of the most highly ranked podcast hosting companies and are known for their helpful features, fair pricing plans, and more.

Let’s get into our review of Podiant vs Castos (see also ‘Podiant Vs PodBean‘)!

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Castos Overview

If you were to do a quick internet search on highly ranked podcast platforms, this was likely to be at the top of most lists. There are a lot of unique features that are offered through this podcast hosting service which makes it stand out among its competitors.

For people who are repeat users of Word Press, you may be familiar with the name Castos (see also ‘Castos Vs Buzzsprout‘) (see also ‘Castos Vs Buzzsprout‘). While this podcast hosting platform can work as a stand-alone system, there is also a connection to the Word Press site which makes it very accessible for people who already run their site on that platform.

If you do not have a Word Press site, do not fret! You can still use Castos and will have access to the amazing features that the podcast hosting platform has to offer.


Diving deeper into the features offered through Castos is a great way to see if this is the best podcast hosting platform for you. While there are some similarities between the two platforms we will be reviewing, these are the features that make Castos stand out from the rest.

Word Press Plug-in

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As mentioned above, the Word Press plug-in is a very useful tool for people who already have a site developed on that platform. This plug-in makes for an incredibly simple connection and keeps everything organized on the connected sites.

If you are a Word Press user, this easy-to-use feature will make your life so much easier and will get your podcast out to the people who are already active on your developed site.

This feature goes a long way and can greatly increase the traffic to both your website and your podcast. The ease of use is also very helpful and makes this one of the most promising features offered through Castos.

In-Depth Analytics

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Who doesn’t want access to in-depth analytics that can help to completely transform your podcast into the best possible version it can be?

If you are new to working on a podcast, then you need to know that this tool is invaluable. Analytics can help you to drive your attention to the places that need it most. Additionally, they will help you to better understand who your audience is as well as how the podcast is performing in their eyes.

As with any new venture, you need to be open to learning about the flaws and using that information in a constructive way. These analytics will help you to do exactly that and may even be the thing to push your podcast into the limelight.

Private Subscription Offering

This is a really cool feature and is another defining reason as to why Castos is so popular.

When you are first starting with your podcast, you likely had to choose a niche or some specialty. After all, if you are appealing to everyone, you are appealing to no one, so you have to be careful and understand the importance of targeting the right people with your podcast.

This private subscription feature is an incredible way to do that while also making some extra cash flow from your podcast!

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Essentially, this offering allows you to place your podcast on specialized listening platforms where the audience will have to pay a subscription fee to access it. While Castos will take a chunk of this payment, you are now making even more off of your podcast than before all because of offering it through this subscription.

This feature helps to make your podcast stand out among the others in your niche and can be the difference of whether someone chooses to listen in the first place.

Additionally, this subscription service adds a level of urgency and uniqueness to your podcast that others may not have. Listeners are willing to pay because they know you have something interesting to say, and that is a huge benefit for you!

Unlimited Storage

Unlimited storage is another amazing feature and will allow you to post as much as you want, whenever you want for no added fee.

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As seen in the features, there are quite a few pros that come from using this podcast hosting platform. Let’s break them down.

Free and Unlimited Storage

For the freedom to post all of the things you want, this will come in handy.

Analyze Your Target Audience and Content Performance

Deep diving into your analytics can open your mind up to new possibilities and ways to make your podcast even better!

Affordable Payments and Tiered Programs

No matter how big you plan to make your podcast, you can still find the perfect payment plan to suit your needs.


While there are many good things about this podcast hosting platform, it is also important to discuss the cons.

Not Intended for Use Outside of Word Press

While some people may find this to be a pro, others may not. Word Press is a great tool, but if you don’t use it then you may not get all the benefits of the plug-in option available.

There is still a non-plug-in option for you to use, though the features do differ some and it is worth taking into consideration if you do not intend to use Word Press.

Product Pricing

Castos Pricing Plans

The pricing options range from $19 a month to $49 a month depending on which package you choose to buy.

If you are just getting started, consider starting with a lower-priced option to see how it can help you to get your podcast started!

Further reading: Complete review of Castos.

Podiant Overview

Next on the list of “best podcast hosting companies” is Podiant. This is another highly ranked service that is designed to help people like you to transform their podcast and get it out to a larger audience.

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Podiant also offers many unique features is ranked as one of the best podcast hosting services for good reason. Let’s breakdown what makes this platform stand out from other podcast hosting companies.

Easy Transfer of Past Podcasts

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If you have been in the podcast game for some time and have a large archive of past podcasts, there is a good chance that you are going to want to transfer them onto the new service.

Lucky for you, this podcast host makes that transfer incredibly easy. With just a couple of clicks, you can have everything transferred over. You will never have to worry about losing an old podcast or having to retape the material and everything will be right where you need it to be.

Unlimited Storage

Again, having the freedom to post as much as you would like can really come into play down the line. Podcasts can take up a lot of room, but with unlimited storage, you will never have to worry about it!

Easy Upload to All Popular Platforms

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Whether you would like to have your podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or even on a random podcast website, you will be good to go thanks to this feature.

This feature makes it so easy for your podcast to get to your listeners and may even open it up to new listeners if you ever choose to branch out. With social media playing a huge role in the sharing and spread of podcasts, you will want the option to share yours wherever you can.

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This feature is also easy-to-use and will have your podcast up and ready to go for your listeners in just a few moment’s time!

Customizable Site Features

This feature will help you to overcome those initial barriers if you are new to starting a podcast.

Creating a site designed for a podcast on your own is incredibly challenging. But, with this feature, you can quickly have your content built up and can take the time to customize it however you would like to.

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All of these unique features make for a great user experience. Some of the pros of using this podcast hosting platform are listed below.

Access to Listeners Across the Globe

Being able to upload your podcast to your platforms of choice is super helpful in getting new listeners.

Constant Online Support

Jumping in headfirst and creating your own podcast is a big deal and can be quite overwhelming, even if you have a helpful site to do the heavy lifting. Unlike other podcast hosting companies, Podiant offers constant customer service for you whenever you may need it.


There are a lot of promising features available for you, but you should also know about the potential cons of using this service.

Higher Starting Price Points

This is definitely not a free podcast hosting site and can require a hefty amount per month. For new users, it may seem like a large investment and should be taken into consideration.

Product Pricing

Podiant Pricing

For this service, you will have the option to pay for a starter package or to pay based on how many podcasts you plan to put out. These packages range from $12.99 per month up to $233.80 per month.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do These Platforms Compare to Blubrry?

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Where Can I Upload a Podcast for Free?

Everyone loves the idea of finding a free platform to place their podcast, but the truth is, the cons outweigh the pros.

You are rarely going to find a free podcast hosting service that is designed to help your podcast soar but, by paying a small fee per month on one of these subscriptions sites, you may be able to give your podcast that little extra push it needed to get to the right audience! Sometimes, paying a little extra upfront and investing in your podcast is the best bet and is something you should strongly consider if you want your podcast to thrive.

Conclusion – Which Postcast Platform is Best?

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Depending on your needs and your podcast’s current situation, you may find that either of these services will work and can help you to achieve your goals. That being said, we tend to believe that Podiant is the best option, and here is why.

This podcast service is a great starting point for beginners and experienced users, as well. The features offered on this site are all-inclusive and will give you access to all of the tools you need to succeed.

Both of the services we reviewed are capable of taking your podcast to the next level, but they will do so through different methods. So, do some extra research and consider your podcast to see which option is going to be the best for you!

You could try and find a free podcast hosting service, but the truth is that you will be wasting your time. For a small fee per month, you could have access to two of the best podcast hosting platforms that are available today! If you have big dreams of taking your podcast to the next level, then you need to commit to using one of these services today.

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