Spreaker vs Podbean: Which Is the Best Podcast Hosting Platform?

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Spreaker Vs Podbean Comparison review

The internet isn’t short of podcast hosting platforms. Podcast hosting is more popular than ever, so there are plenty of podcast platforms vying for your attention. Two of the most popular podcast hosting sites include Spreaker and Podbean. Today, we’ll be comparing them both.

If you need to get started with podcast hosting, both Spreaker and Podbean are great. Unlimited storage for all your new episodes is available through Spreaker and Podbean alike. They share a lot of similarities, but they possess distinct differences, too. Which is the best one for you may come down to personal preference.

To compare the podcast hosting services Spreaker and Podbean (see also our comparison of Podbean and Pinecast), we’ll walk you through everything you need to know. We cover pricing, audio downloads per month, what their free plan covers, and overall ease of use. We also explain how these podcast hosting platforms are different and how they are similar. We want to make sure you choose the best podcast hosting service for you. Let’s get started.

What Is Spreaker?

Spreaker is a popular all-in-one podcast hosting platform used by thousands of podcast hosts across the globe. The popularity of Spreaker resides in its multi-faceted approach to podcast hosting.

The podcast host allows you to create and distribute podcast episodes. It also provides unique monetization options. Spreaker additionally gives insight into all-important advanced analytics relating to your listeners.

Spreaker isn’t the most popular podcast hosting platform, certainly when compared to other audio behemoths. Regardless, it holds its ground. Spreaker users get access to a wide variety of podcast episodes through the platform in addition to publishing their own. The selection includes staff recommendations and many genre categories.

Spreaker’s Best Features

Efficient Episode Distribution

It shouldn’t take 90 days to start a podcast. Spreaker wastes no time in getting your podcast episodes to your listeners. As soon as you’ve finished editing your audio files and you’re ready to release a new podcast episode, it will land right in the bespoke Spreaker listening platform.

Admittedly, the Spreaker listening platform isn’t as popular as brands like Spotify and Apple Podcasts. However, the streamlined approach used by Spreaker means you can make sure your content ends up exactly where you want it.

You also don’t have to worry about hosting service delays or distribution complications. Spreaker handles everything.

Access to Multiple Networks

If you wish to publish your brand-new podcasts through bigger networks, Spreaker makes it easy to do so. All it takes is one click for your Spreaker audio files to send off to the bright lights of the Google Play Store. It includes access to platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Deezer, and other considerable players.

Easy to Use Episode Transfer

Usually, a podcast host making use of Spreaker will be a beginner. The ease of use featured with Spreaker makes it especially attractive to novices.

However, in some cases, a veteran podcast host may be looking to switch from one hosting service to another. Spreaker makes this easy.

All a podcast host has to do to migrate between podcast websites is use the Spreaker RSS Feed Importer. The Spreaker RSS feed can deliver your podcast audio across hosting sites.

All you need to do is copy the RSS feed from your old podcast hosting site into the Spreaker importer, and you’re good to go! Your podcast content will transfer right into Spreaker.

Social Media and Embedded Video

Spreaker curates genres, ensuring your podcast audio maximizes its audience potential. Spreaker doubles down on this by allowing you to share your content through multiple social media channels.

Spreaker lets you share new podcasts directly to Facebook, Twitter, and others quickly and easily. Spreaker also allows you to add an embedded player to your WordPress website, which is a great way to reach outside Spreaker to an established audience.

How Much Does Spreaker Cost Per Month?

With Spreaker, there is a free podcast plan available in addition to three paid plans. The higher the price, the more features you get.

Free Speech Plan


This free plan allows for multiple free podcast hosting across Spreaker.

On-Air Talent Plan

$6 per month paid yearly, $7 per month paid monthly

All previous features with an additional customizable RSS feed and programmatic monetization options unique to Spreaker.

Broadcaster Plan

$18 per month paid yearly, $20 per month paid monthly

All previous features with the addition of limited access Spreaker podcasts and advanced analytics, including downloads per month.

Anchorman Plan

$45 per month paid yearly, $50 paid monthly

All previous features, now with access to all Spreaker podcast statistics and customizable player colors for podcast cohesion.

What Is Podbean?

Now for the competitor in today’s guide, Podbean. Podbean (see also ‘Podbean Vs Podomatic‘) is a highly popular podcast platform, and with good reason. There’s a lot to like about it, from its ease of use to its unique website builder. While designed with the podcasting veteran in mind, its features are welcoming enough for new podcast hosts, too.

Don’t let the Podbean website builder feature scare you into thinking this podcast platform is overly-complicated. You don’t need to know how to code to get the best out of Podbean.

The website functionality is partly what we like best about Podbean. In terms of features, Podbean may have the edge over Spreaker. The professional side of Podbean is eminent in its features. To illustrate this, we’ve explored some of its best features.

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Podbean’s Best Features

Website Builder

The website building feature is easily one of the unique features Podbean offers a podcast host. The best part? Its ease of use.

You don’t need to be an expert coder to get the best out of your free website. Podbean makes it easy.

The Podbean site builder is great and tracks numerous analytics (including monthly downloads) to keep track of how your website is growing. You also get full website security, so your sensitive information (like your email address) and podcasts are safe.

Unlimited Storage

For as little as $9 per month, unlimited audio storage and unlimited podcasts are all yours through Podbean. With Podbean, there’s no need to use up all your time worrying about hosting too many podcasts. Your Podbean website is fully capable of handling it all.

Additionally, if you upgrade to the $29 podcasting package Podbean offers, you can access unlimited bandwidth for video storage.

Podbean demonstrates a multimedia approach that other hosting services don’t. Features like this set it apart from some new free podcasting plans that use only particular media bandwidth. With Podbean, both video and audio have unlimited bandwidth.

How Much Does Podbean Cost Per Month?

How much is podbean

There are four podcasting plans available through Podbean and a very nice coupon code available for our readers. A 14-day free trial is also available. For comparison: no free trial is available with Spreaker.

Basic Plan


For free, Podbean provides you with 5 hours of storage, Podbean podcasting mobile app access, embedded Podbean players, and iTunes support.

Unlimited Audio Plan


All previous features, including unlimited audio storage and access to the Podbean ad marketplace, can help your podcasting make money.

Unlimited Plus Plan


All previous features, including access to the Podbean patron program and dynamic ad insertion, unique to Podbean.

Business Plan


All previous features, including a broader range of ads and access to live customer support from Podbean. Additionally, your free Podbean website is yours to design however you like, all without Podbean branding.

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Spreaker vs Podbean: The Breakdown

So, what makes both Spreaker and Podbean unique to use? Let’s look at some direct comparisons. If both Spreaker and Podbean sound like great options so far, this section will probably be the deal-breaker.

Free Plan vs. Free Plan

Everyone likes free things. You want to know a podcast host is worth your money before committing to anything. Both Spreaker and Podbean offer free plans from the beginning, though Podbean also offers a free trial. Spreaker does not.

The critical difference between Podbean and Spreaker is what you get via these plans:

  • With Spreaker, you can host multiple podcasts.
  • With Podbean, you can host a free website, get iTunes support, and you can use embedded Podbean players for your Podbean podcasts.

Single Podcast vs. Multiple Podcast

Perhaps not something the average podcast host considers, the need to host multiple podcasts from a single account is a feature that makes Spreaker unique. You cannot get the same from Podbean.

If you plan to host multiple podcast shows without having to use multiple accounts, Spreaker is the one you should get.

Podcast Website Customization vs. Generic

How a podcast site looks in use is something many hosts make the mistake of neglecting.

Ordinarily, podcast episodes seem to be exclusively audio. However, appearance can go a long way in podcasting.

This neglect isn’t the case with Podbean. Podbean understands that what your site looks like may persuade a prospective listener that you are the best option.

With this in mind, Podbean gets ahead. Spreaker offers no unique site customization. With Podbean, you are free to make your podcasting site look however you like. The Podbean web design function is easy to use and can be a great way to bring in new listeners.

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The Best Podcast Hosting Platform: The Verdict

Fundamentally, there is no one best podcasting hosting platform. Both Podbean and Spreaker are great options for both new and veteran podcasting hosts. It mostly comes down to what you like.

Spreaker is a great option for practicality when hosting multiple podcasts from one account. Podbean offers great customization for your podcast pages. Both have their strengths. Which is the best one for your audio is for you to decide!

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