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Which Podcast App Is Better? Blubrry Vs Podbean

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Blubrry Vs Podbean

Do you want to explore the diverse yet exciting world of podcast creation?

There are lots and lots of popular hosting platforms from which content creators might choose, but in this article, we will compare Blubrry vs. Podbean – two of the most popular podcast hosting platforms.

Podcasts have emerged as one of the most popular types of content that the web’s advancement has introduced to the wider population in the past couple of decades.

Content creators, as well as corporations of all sizes, are taking an interest in business podcasts as a means of easily reaching their content to their target market.

Podcasts are becoming widely attractive due to their being simple to create and maintain. Everything that is needed to start a podcast is a concept and a mic.

However, once you’ve captured your audio recording and figured out how to upload video podcasts, you’ll need to figure out how to distribute your show to your target audience.

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At this point, things are starting to get a bit difficult as you then need to find a podcast hosting platform where listeners can listen to your podcast.

It’s going to be a walk in the park from that point on as a reliable hosting platform will allow you to publish, advertise, and generate revenue from your podcasts, all in one place.

But, to get there, let’s see which podcast hosting service is better: Blubrry vs Podbean?

Podbean Podcast Hosting Platform

The Podbean podcast app offers one of the most affordable podcast hosting platforms available at the moment. It focuses on publishing and revenue growth, so it provides both free and paid-to-host hosting plans for both individuals and organizations.

It has an easy-to-use interface containing all the features you ought to have to publish multiple podcasts, maintain, and monitor your podcast’s growth.

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Content creators can use Podbean to publicly release and advertise their premium content podcasts in a clean blog-like ecosystem.

Its add-on and sharing functions enable podcasters to add their podcasts as plugins to their sites and blogs, as well as share them on social media sites such as Facebook, Blogspot, YouTube, and Tumblr, to expand their listener base.

Podbean also provides an application that is available for both Android and iOS. Furthermore, the app is designed to stream audio on Amazon Alexa for high-quality listening.

Because of the way it is developed, Podbean may be the best choice for beginners. With only a few simple steps, you can have your podcast released in no time. Podbean simplifies it all so you can focus on producing the highest-quality content possible.

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Storage Capacity

The free account for your own podcast has a 5-hour cap, whereas subscription plans have unlimited storage. This enables podcasters of all levels to go as big as they want to.


Podbean is well-known for its industry-leading podcast data analysis, which allows podcasters to monitor how their podcast is doing and gain insights into their audience.

Premium Content

A fantastic podcast money-making tool that enables podcasters to sell their shows and includes features on their own podcast like quick access, customizable, infinite premium channels, etc.


This feature was created for companies that want to start creating podcasts for their intended audience, and it involves mobile marketing, training, and endless functionality.

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Advantages Of Podbean Podcast App

  • Several subscriptions plans
  • Adaptable utilization
  • A smartphone app that works on both Android and iOS. Available for download from Google Play Store and Apple Sore
  • Hosting of both audio and video
  • Live chat support
  • Advanced functions
  • Website builder offered for free


  • You can comment only when using the app
  • No money-back policy on this podcast hosting site
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  • Easily start your own podcast today!
  • There is a reason Podbean is used by 570,000+ Podcasters!

Blubrry Podcast Hosting Platform

Blubrry hosting platform was founded in 2005 and has since assisted over 100,000 podcasters.

This platform was created for creatives, and it includes a podcasting community that allows podcasters to earn money through monetization tools, host their multimedia content, and get detailed audience data analysis.

Blubrry metrics are valued by industry leaders both advertisers and marketers worldwide and are utilized by radio and television shows due to the reliable podcast analysis tools that are included in all the subscription plans.

The platform supports WordPress, which makes it simpler for podcasters to upload their work.

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Blubrry is a user-friendly podcast hosting platform with a simple user interface that requires individuals to upload episodes straight into WordPress. Nevertheless, for newbies who solely know how to work on Blubrry’s dashboard, the website can be difficult.

It is the sole podcast hosting platform that provides free telephone assistance and scheduled video meetings to assist with any issues.

Blubrry’s web user interface, developed exclusively for the podcasting society, serves to highlight an approach to business that emphasizes granting the creators the liberty to produce their podcasts.

The platform believes that it should focus on providing wonderful resources instead of creating just a lovely UI, and the capabilities and ad tools exemplify that viewpoint.

Blubrry’s website provides a plethora of resources intended to instruct and inform potential creators, including a link to a Podcasting Manual that contains numerous pointers and tricks for navigating the platform, as well as in-depth advice on how to thrive as a podcast host.

Integrated Plugin


In contrast to Podbean, Blubrry has a WordPress plugin named PowerPress, which has more than 100 functionalities and over 75,000 unique visitors.

The support team monitors and regularly updates this addon, and it is simple to install and incorporate your shows into your WordPress-powered official site.

Storage Capacity

When you advance to the subsequent Blubrry hosting plans, you get extra capacity. The most memorable, though, is 1000MB, which is part of the $80/month plan.

Having said that, all plans include unlimited broadband.

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Here are some Blubrry statistics:

  • Audience location
  • Analytic tool: This enables you to analyze your podcast’s audience preferences so that you’re able to make well-informed decisions that are tailored to your listener.
  • Podcast statistics plan: This allows distributing podcasts to apps, browsers, and so on.

Advantages Of Blubrry Podcast Host

  • It is suitable for both non-WordPress and WordPress customers.
  • For seasoned content creators, advanced tools are available.
  • Migration of free podcasts
  • Customer support team
  • Hosting of audio and video
  • Connection to podcast directories
  • Several applications


  • Analytics tool for a fee
  • No live chat support

Blubrry Podcast Hosting makes publishing a breeze!

Pricing from just $10/mo

The Bottom Line: Blubrry Vs Podbean

Overall, after comparing Blubrry vs Podbean, Podbean wins when it comes to starting and developing a podcast.

Even as Blubrry is a simple and great alternative for both with a WordPress website and non-WordPress users, it falls short of Podbean in almost every other category.

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