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Submitting Your Podbean Podcast to Spotify | Tips and Tricks

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Podbean Podcast to Spotify

With 299 million monthly active users it’s no surprise that every podcast creator wants to get their show on Spotify. The Podbean Spotify podcast platform allows you to make use of extensive software and advanced podcasting support.

This service has four plans including a free plan, so you can try it and see if you find it helpful. Yes, you do have to spend a little extra to access premium features but any plan allows you to upload your podcast to Spotify.

With so many options for podcast creation platforms, it can be hard to know which one you need to start using for the best quality podcast. Luckily you can read our advice in these articles. Podcast services advanced rapidly in recent years, and we always want to add to our Spotify and Podbean knowledge.

Podbean to Spotify Podcast Episode

And we do ask that if by the end of the article, you don’t find the information too helpful, help us improve this article by leaving some feedback! For all the most up to date advice about Spotify and podcasts read on.

Is Podbean Safe?

Podbean is completely safe. They have been highly reviewed by other expert podcasting sites. If you’re unsure about whether to trust a company, Forbes have produced a handy guide to avoiding scams: click here to view.

There are many ways to upload content to Spotify and many podcast services. Advanced podcasting developments mean that it can be hard to know which is best. Looking at reviews on sites like Yelp is a great way to make sure any business is safe.

At any time, you can even contact Podbean’s support center, enter your query, and they’ll get back to you soon!

Is Podbean Really Free?

Like many podcast editing services, you can use Podbean for free – simply create an account using our Podbean coupon! Now, if you want to make the most of the features you’ll have to invest in a paid account.

What Can I Get For Free?

The basic Podbean subscription gives you access to several great features:

  • 5 hours total of storage space
  • 100GB monthly bandwidth
  • Access to basic podcast statistics
  • Podcast themes

The account is great for podcast beginners. However, if you need to add monetization or want to enable features like comprehensive podcast stats (including Spotify information) you will need to pay to access them.

Paid Options

For advanced podcasting support, Podbean offers three paid hosting plan options. If you’re looking to submit your podcast to Spotify check out the features that can help you. If you already have a Podbean account, we’d appreciate your thoughts. Simply comment on this article with your feedback!

Unlimited Audio ($9/month)

If you are using this service you can create as much content as you choose, perfect if you choose to upload a regular podcast to Spotify. This option includes all unpaid features as well as several new ones.

You will also have access to an ad marketplace and premium sales: you can email or link monetized content. Finally, it will allow you to map your own domain and add multiple podcast channels.

Unlimited Plus ($29/month)

Although you don’t have the same live chat, you can still email or look at their help center: enter your search and quickly get information. This option has all the features of the previous options plus more! It includes an app that you can use to perfect your podcasts before you submit it to a big platform like Spotify.

Enjoy comprehensive podcasting stats and services. Advanced Spotify podcasting support is also available. You can add a patron program or PodAds, which streamlines our advertising and RSS feed.

Network ($79)

Don’t be put off by the price tag — this feature is designed for multiple people in your company to use for hosting. Many businesses find it helpful: yes, $79 per month is a lot but with the premium features, it’s worth it.

Live chat support: if only one person in your business has a specialist podcast or Spotify knowledge this takes the pressure off the center: enter your search term into the live chat and click send and you’ll quickly have new information. If you’re stuck you don’t have to spend time reading related articles – podcast services can quickly help you out.

You will also have access to specialist consumer intel at the click of a button: including information about podcasts on Spotify. You can see data, including completion rates of your podcasts.

Add unlimited admins to control your services. Advanced podcasting support is available if you’re struggling to set up. Finally, monetize with a patron program and premium sales: you can easily link your Spotify podcast with sales.

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Need Extra Info?

If you want extra information just send Podbean an email or click on their search bar and enter your search term. The advanced podcasting support Podbean offers is one of our favorite features of this podcast hosting tool.

They’re happy to answer specialist questions, including whether they have an RSS feed and if they can provide you with a link to podcasting support. Podbean copyright some of their content so you might need to submit a request if you desire to show it on your show.

If you wish to know more about any of the premium features we also recommend reading tech articles. Podcast services advanced a lot over the past few years and it’s easy to feel confused. For example, knowing what an RSS feed is can be very helpful to your podcast, but for many users, an RSS feed is a new concept and you might require podcasting support.

How does Podbean shape up against the other hosting services?

How Much Does it Cost to Put a Podcast on Spotify?

You can easily get your Podcast on Spotify as Podbean makes it simple for you to upload onto all major channels. This is included in your plans, so you don’t need to spend extra for the Spotify feature. If you have extra questions about uploading to Spotify just contact the support center, enter your query, and they’ll help you out.


Now you know everything you need to about using the podcast services, advanced podcasting, and uploading to Spotify you’re all set. With the click of a button, you’re ready to take your podcast to new heights.

If this wasn’t helpful, help us improve this article by commenting on the article with your feedback. If there were aspects you didn’t find helpful ‘yes, no, sorry I didn’t understand’ are all valid responses.

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