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How to Live Stream a Podcast – Broadcasting Tips

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How to Live Stream a Podcast

Podcasts have become a very efficient way to share and gain knowledge in our internet age.

Whereas you can always create podcasts that are pre-recorded and edited aesthetically to present a good piece of knowledge to your audience, live streaming a podcast has its own sets of benefits.

It speeds up the whole process and introduces impromptu wit and a sense of fluidity in the conversion, thus making it more attractive and engaging.

There is a massive benefit of broadcasting live as it often helps to grow a loyal and trustworthy set of listeners of your content. For some, streaming a podcast may seem a little intimidating.

Still, it has become much more accessible than spreading knowledge through any other medium with various streaming platforms and software.

Selecting a Platform for Live Streaming

Selecting a Platform for Live Streaming

Selecting a platform for streaming live is not an easy task. It would be best if you did not take this for granted. It is the base upon which the entire content is going to stand.

You should not pick up any platform randomly and sign up for live streaming. One needs to consider all the short-term and long-term goals.

You should list all the features you need to make it happen, and by following those pointers, you can find the right streaming platform.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while finding the perfect live streaming platform.

You have to align your goal to all the features you need in the platform. As a live streaming platform comes up with varying functionality, you need to sort out the features to meet your needs.

Features like Video Content Management System help you access, store, and simplify the video content that you produce. In this way, you can distribute, categorize and manage videos from a single platform.

Apart from this, the other features are the Live Video Monetization option, Go-live notifications.

Almost all the live streaming platforms broadcast via their public site. It makes it impossible for creators to stream from any private website, and many platforms limit the amount of information about viewers.

Also, platforms having the feature of Global payment processing is handy. You can quickly and easily be done with your payments and receive them without many hazards.

Another feature that proves helpful in the streamers is the Auto-record to VOD, which allows the streamers to record the live video and later make it available to the subscribers.

Matching the Platform with Your Target Audience

It is an easy mistake that almost all streamers make on their first go.

The fact that you can stream from various platforms does not mean you should, affecting your reach badly. Instead, you should focus on one platform that fulfills all your criteria and grows on that platform.

Entirely focusing on a single platform can optimize your live streams. You can also grow a loyal group of followers by replying to their comments and messages by engaging with the audience.

Finding what can be the best for the audience also depends on the demographic of the platform’s users.

An eye for looking for the trends, combined with the video podcast platform users’ demographic, can help you identify the target audience.

There are many platforms that you might find more useful in the future, but for now, we have gathered here a few ones with which you can start your journey.

The first and foremost is Podbean. It is one of the most popular and oldest hosting providers. It gives you many advanced features and allows you to broadcast while having 5 participants at one time.

Even the audiences can connect with streamers by having the Podbean app’s chat room or enabling the call into the show. It is one of the excellent options to broadcast live podcasts.

Another platform that you might want to explore is It is a fantastic platform with broadcasting features where your audience can tune in live, and the streamer can even call them into the show.

Not only that, they can live-stream their content on other social media platforms.

There are other broadcasting platforms where a streamer can directly connect with their audience via skype with utmost ease and at the same time can live broadcast at their particular page.

They can also save their live stream and upload it on other platforms later.

How To Stream a Live Podcast

How To Stream a Live Podcast

Streaming a live podcast takes a lot of guts and courage since the feedback will be instant and real-time.

Sometimes it’s more ruthless than encouraging, which eventually will disappoint and demotivate you.

And on top of that, there is always a chance of not having a single audience. But more significant risks mean greater possibilities.

For this guide, we will show you step-by-step how to create your first live-streaming podcast.

  1. Install your preferred application and sign up. Setting up should not take more than a few minutes.
  2. Create your setup by connecting your microphone to your device. Always test your setup beforehand to ensure that there will be no problems in the actual live streaming. 
  3. Most of the platforms would have a “start stream” button.
  4. Now invite your speakers. You can manually call-in co-hosts and participants for the podcast. Also, You can chat with your audience and build a community.

Programs for Live Podcasting

Various programs help in curating a live podcast. Besides Podbean-Live audio streaming for podcasts, you can check these options with multiple benefits.

  1. Vplayed – Enterprise Podcast Streaming Solution is a live streaming podcaster where one can live stream without any audio buffer. It has integrated recommendation engine strength and social media sharing.
  2. Contus Vplay – Live Streaming Podcast & Radio is a cloud transcoding-based software that allows live streaming audio over the Contus Vplay platform. You can customize the platform for features like security, interface, monetization, marketing tools, etc.
  3. Mixlr – Broadcast Live Audio is another software for streaming live podcasts on any mobile device, and it has a browser that effectively allows listeners to tune from anywhere.
  4. Ustudio – Podcast for Business is another live streaming software that allows you to communicate with remote employees in a faraway company in a much better way. Even the usage is as simple as tapping the Ustudio app, and the audience can hear from anywhere when the live event is in progress. The app also enables the real-time transmission of information.

Can You Stream on Multiple Platforms at Once?

Can You Stream on Multiple Platforms at Once?

Yes, you can stream on multiple platforms with the help of OBS, i.e., Open Broadcaster Software. It is a broadcasting or streaming platform to live stream their podcasts.

One needs to have a stable internet connection, a webcam, and a hardware or software encoder that supports multiple streaming.

Multiple software can serve the purpose once it is with the perfect encoder. One such software is Streamlabs. With Streamlabs, streaming on various platforms becomes extremely easy.

Once the streamer joins in Streamlabs prime, they can also easily connect multiple social media platforms to it and stream from various platforms simultaneously.

Another way one can stream on multiple platforms is by using an encoder like Pearl-2.

It works in the same way as software Encoder. But instead of sending your live feed to the software, it sends your video, audio, and live screen to a physical device compatible with the multistreaming.

Though you might find it a little difficult at first, you can eventually use it swiftly after gaining considerable experience handling the medium.

Also, you can find web-based streaming apps that allow you to live stream from multiple platforms. A cloud multistreaming sends the stream to the cloud instead of directly transmitting them to various platforms.

Thus once it is in the cloud, one can choose to stream it in their choice of platforms.

What are the Benefits of Live-Streaming a Podcast?

What are the Benefits of Live-Streaming a Podcast?

Live-streaming a podcast is different from recording one and uploading later. Doing something on the spot, without retakes or any scope of editing, requires courage.

However, after the initial fear and underconfidence, you will realize what a fun experience it is once you get into it.

You get to feel the unique energy of the green light activated when starting the streaming.

You gather your thoughts, ideas, perspective mixed with some humor. It pushes you to present your best and raw self without cuts and edits.

Apart from the adrenaline rush and fun, here are a few benefits that you will have by live-streaming a podcast.

  1. It helps you earn more trust and respect from the audience. It is typical human nature that they appreciate and respect whenever somebody does a courageous act. It’s the same with streaming podcasts as there are very few streamers who dare to live stream their podcasts, and as a result, they get much respect, and people trust their words as the words are not thoroughly scripted and reflect their on-spot thoughts and perspectives of the streamer. The truth-value of it is more than any recorded podcast.
  2. It helps to build a separate group of engaged audiences. These are the audiences who connect with your niche and understand you well. They will know your style, and if you continue to live stream, the audiences will be eager to tune in every time your show goes on air. It will eventually double your potential growth and your reach.
  3. There are no cuts, trims, or second chances. You always have to improvise and roll with the punches and manage them. But that’s where the fun part is, and it makes you more confident with you being messed up, you will eventually know how to handle the pressure and the situation when you are streaming. It amplifies your online personality and boosts your business.
  4. Broadcasting live podcasts gives a repurposing potential, and it enhances the energy and deepens the connection with the audience. You can test your ideas and see whether others like them or not, and you can gain massive support by promoting them via live streaming.

How to Let Your Listeners Know in Advance?

How to Let Your Listeners Know in Advance?

There are plenty of ways in which you can let your listeners know that your podcast is live and you are streaming right now.

The easiest way to do that is by asking your audience to subscribe to your podcast or become your premium members. In this way, your subscribers will receive notifications every time you go live.

They can also subscribe to your newsletters, and you can send an email beforehand from your scheduled live streaming.

Many streaming platforms have a Go-live notification button that sends notifications to your audience’s device once you go live or just before your stream starts.

Can You Monetize a Live Podcast?

Can You Monetize a Live Podcast?

Yes, you can always monetize your live streaming podcast, and there are various ways through which you can do it.

  • Sponsorships are the primary form of monetization. Sometimes a company with a particular target audience that overlaps with your listeners will sponsor you to promote or mention their service or product in your live podcast.
  • Another fantastic way to earn money through live podcasting is by affiliate links. The advertisers use this link to record the traffic and then directly send it to the advertiser’s website. All this is done through the affiliate program, where the streamer links their website to a third-party website. And whenever someone uses the affiliate link, the streamer gets a commission from that link.
  • Premium membership is another great way to monetize one’s live podcast. You can always keep some of your programs as premium programs available to the premium members only. Then you can live stream to your particular premium members who will enjoy some exclusive premium content from you.

Closing Thoughts

Streaming a live podcast requires a lot of software and the courage to start it. Connecting live with an audience is a difficult thing to do.

Tackling everything at once, choosing a suitable platform, and streaming from multiple platforms require much skill and experience.

Lastly, giving out quality content for the audience to learn and enjoy is an appreciable task. It enhances one’s potential, personality, and communication skills and helps grow an online presence distinguishable from others.


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