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Best Podcasts On Spotify

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Best Podcasts On Spotify

Over the last few years Spotify has been racking up quite the catalog of exclusive podcasts, ranging from True Crime thrillers, to deep dives into unknown periods of history all the way to the most popular podcast in the world, the Joe Rogan Podcast.

While Spotify have been well known recently for this big recent acquisition however, the music platform actually has over 100 exclusives all with their own unique topics and themes that you can be sure are of the highest quality for every episode.

The Spotify podcast range is endless, so below we have compiled some of the most well received and interesting exclusives that are on the platform right now so you can get listening through the Spotify app.

#1 Dissect


Starting with a more recent but hugely popular podcast that has only grown in quality since its beginnings in 2018.

With music expert host Cole Churchna taking a deep and analytical dive into some of most acclaimed albums from Kanye West to Beyonce, this is a must listen to Spotify exclusive podcast if you are a music fan and love peeling behind the layers of your favorite song lyrics to try and find something more.

#2 Heavyweight


A podcast with an incredibly unique approach that makes each and every episode a thrill ride to listen to, host Jonathan Goldstein in a total of 6 seasons goes through what most of us would only think of doing as we lay with our thoughts at night.

Reconciling with family members, setting our past mistakes right and figuring out where we really went wrong to try and make those mistakes right again.

As the title implies, a lot of these conversations are ‘Heavy’ but still incredibly relatable, making it one of the most honest podcasts you can find.

#3 Nosy Neighbors

nosy neighbors

Another podcast with an incredibly unique setup and a topic that we can all relate to, this podcast follows Chineda Unaka and Candice Thompson looking through local news reports, apps and listener submissions to have a quick chat about what people are seeing out their windows.

An elderly street fight that seems to be in slow motion, a man getting a tattoo in the local McDonalds and even a domestic dispute between two ninja stars, with each episode of this podcast you get a deep look into the whacky outside world from the view of our own windows.

#4 Crime Show

Crime Show

For those who have a fascination with thrilling crime stories, the Crime Show features quick and to the point 40 minute episodes analyzing specific crimes and all the strange twists and turns that each one can take.

With some episodes even centring on the criminal process itself including how police officers feel having to come across such heinous crimes or how they are trained to find suspects from a vague sketch, this exclusive podcast is the go to for any podcasts fans who are also crime enthusiasts.

#5 Winds Of Change

Winds of Change

A thrilling eight episode podcast that you won’t be able to put down once you start listening, journalist Patrick Radden Keefe takes a look at the metal ballad “Winds of Change” by the Scorpions as the soundtrack to the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the Soviet Union.

However, there has always been much controversy over this revolutionary soundtrack, was it even written by the Scorpions? Were the CIA the ones who came up with the lyrics? And how much of a historical impact did this one song really have for the end of the Soviet era?

All these questions and more are answered in this thrill ride of a podcast which you need to check out if you have Spotify (see also ‘Amazon Music Vs Spotify‘) right now.

#6 The Michelle Obama Podcast

The Michelle Obama Podcast

Being away from the pressures of being America’s First Lady has given Michelle Obama the opportunity to express her passions and interests on a whole range of topics including the pressures of being in such a high position, the effect it can have on kids and how to keep a family together and close to you while having a hand in running the country.

Alongside having some incredible guests all centered on their own topics and 40 to 50 minute episodes which are fun and easy to listen to, the podcast is incredibly informative on a number of crucial topics from domestic politics, to women’s equality and even a few book reviews.

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Spotify’s podcast catalog has certainly grown into one of the biggest on the internet containing some of the most thrilling and exciting shows that you can listen to right now.

While it can be easy to jump straight to the podcast king Joe Rogan, with such a great selection of other quality podcasts on Spotify it is well worth seeking out some other favorites.

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