3 Easy Steps On How To Loop A Podcast On Spotify

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How to loop a podcast on Spotify

If you love listening to podcasts on Spotify, you might know how to hide a podcast on the homepage, but do you know how to loop a podcast on Spotify?

Knowing how to do this will ensure you can put a podcast on repeat in the background while you work or do other activities, in the same way that you repeat songs.

Is it easy to loop content on Spotify? Whether you’re using this streaming platform on your desktop or mobile device, Spotify makes it easy for you to put music or podcasts on a loop thanks to its “repeat” button.

However, the method you should use will vary depending on your device and if you want to loop a song or podcast. With this in mind, here’s everything you need to know about how to loop a podcast on Spotify.

We’ll also look at how you can loop songs so that you can listen to them as many times as you want in one sitting. 

How To Loop A Podcast On Spotify

How To Loop A Podcast On Spotify

You were listening to the Joe Rogan Experience or another popular podcast on Spotify, and it was such an awesome episode that you’ll love to listen to it again.  

Learning how to loop a podcast on Spotify can be a bit tricky because the method varies from how you’d loop a song. This is because you can’t choose podcasts to put on repeat.

You will have to add the podcast you want to repeat to a queue. This will ensure that it starts to play again after the podcast episode has finished.

Here are the steps on how to loop a podcast on Spotify:

  1. Start playing the podcast episode that you want to loop.
  2. Tap on the three dots located at the top-right corner of the screen.
  3. Select the “Add to Queue” option.

Here’s How To Add A Podcast To Your Spotify Queue

  1. Choose the episode of the podcast that you want to add to your queue. To do this, press the ellipsis on the right of the episode title. 
  2. Press “Add to queue.” This ensures that the episode will be lined up to play after whatever is currently playing on your device. 

You can also save podcast episodes if you’d prefer to play them at a later stage. To do this, you’ll have to add them to a playlist. 

How Do I Loop A Song On Desktop Spotify?

How Do I Loop A Song On Desktop Spotify?

If you’ve downloaded Spotify to your desktop, it’s really simple to loop a song. Here are the steps to follow.

  • Open Spotify on your PC or Mac. 
  • Play the song you want to put on a loop.
  • In the playback bar on your screen, you’ll see media controls. 
  • Find the “repeat” button. Press it twice. 
  • You’ll see that once you’ve clicked the button it will turn green and a small “1” will appear on it. This means that Spotify will play the selected song over and over again in a loop. 
  • When you want to turn off this feature, go back to the “repeat” button and click it until it turns grey. 

How Do I Loop A Song On Spotify For Android?

How Do I Loop A Song On Spotify For Android?

If you own an Android device, you’ll have to follow these steps to repeat a song on Spotify.

  • Open Spotify on your Android device. 
  • Start playing the song you want to repeat. 
  • Open the song so that it fills your entire screen by pressing the playback bar, which is located at the bottom of your screen. 
  • Find the “repeat” button – it looks like an arrow turning clockwise. 
  • Press it once so that the button becomes green. You’ll see there’s a dot below it. This will enable you to listen to the song in an album or playlist. 
  • Press the button again if you want to repeat the current song you’re playing. You’ll see that a “1” pops up on the green arrow. 

How Do I Loop A Song On Spotify For iPhone?

How Do I Loop A Song On Spotify For iPhone?

On an iPhone device, the instructions to loop a song are similar to those of previous devices we’ve featured. Here are the steps you should follow.

  • Open Spotify on your iPhone.
  • Choose a song to play and start playing it. 
  • Click on the bottom banner so that you open the song player. In this banner, you’ll see a heart, the song title, the artist’s name, and the play/pause button.
  • Click the icon with three dots, located on the top right of the screen, so you can view the settings for the song you’re playing. 
  • Select the “repeat” button (it’s in the middle of the screen). You have to press it twice. The button will become green with a “1” on it to signify that you’re choosing to play it on a loop.

Note that if the “repeat” button doesn’t seem to work for the song you’ve selected, you should place the song into a new playlist you’ve created so it’s the only song on the list. Press the “repeat” button once so that it will play on repeat. 

Related Questions 

Can You Loop Songs In Spotify Free?

You can only put songs on repeat on your Android or iPhone device if you’re a Spotify Premium subscriber. However, you can loop songs in Spotify Free when using it on your desktop. 

Why Does Spotify Stop Playing A Song?

If Spotify stops playing a song halfway into it, this could be because your Wi-Fi connection isn’t reliable or the Spotify app you’re using needs to be updated. 


You don’t have to limit yourself to listening to your favorite song or podcast once. You can learn how to loop a podcast on Spotify, or a song, by following some easy steps.

In this article, we’ve featured all the information you need to know about how to play songs and podcasts on repeat.

Although you might assume that you can loop a podcast episode in the same way you loop songs, you have to do it a bit differently but it’s pretty straightforward. 

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