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How Many Users Does Spotify Have Vs. Apple Music?

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how many users does spotify have vs apple music

The most well-known music streaming services in the world are Apple Music and Spotify. It is not surprising to see a lot of rivalry given that streaming is currently at the centre of our musical experiences.

Which popular music streaming service out of Apple Music and Spotify wins out in the end?

Both systems are incredibly popular, but many would contend that Spotify’s free subscription option is a major advantage. Yet, Apple Music is prosperous in and of itself.

Apple Music has exclusive deals with several well-known musicians, and its Beats1 radio channel is popular.

Both of these platforms give musicians access to a sizable potential listening audience, regardless of which is the more popular. 

The way people listen to music and how musicians get paid have both changed over time. With their massive user bases, services like Apple Music and Spotify can now launch a musician’s career.

This article will discuss Spotify and Apple Music,  their different features, and which of the two popular streaming services attract the highest number of users to their platforms.

Which Music Streaming Service Is The Most Well-Liked?

The number of paying customers to Spotify is 100 million, which is double that of Apple Music users. With a tonne of new, exclusive music releases, Apple Music, a California-based service, is rapidly closing in on Spotify.

The fact that Apple Music debuted nine years after the launch of Spotify meant that for a while, the service had to play catch-up. However, after being online over four years ago, it now boasts almost 50 million users.

Is Spotify More Popular In The US Than Apple Music?

The most widely used paid streaming platform in the US is Apple Music. Apple Music’s market share barely beats out Spotify in terms of paying members with about 28 million. 

However, Spotify offers a free tier in contrast to Apple Music. Spotify consistently comes out on top when it comes to the number of free users.

Does Spotify Sound Better Than Apple Music?

The overall sound quality of Spotify is frequently thought to be a little better.

The formats and bit rates of the two are different. Compared to Spotify, which utilises a 320kbps Ogg Vorbis bitrate, Apple Music employs a 256kbps AAC bitrate.

The two platforms are essentially interchangeable – and most people likely won’t notice a difference in sound quality between them.

Due to its uncompressed, lossless audio, a service like Tidal can be preferable if you’re really concerned about sound quality.

Can You Sync Your Apple Music Library With Your Spotify Playlist?

You can indeed. There are several apps available that will allow you to switch from another music service to Apple Music if you have made that decision. 

You can shift the entirety of your music library and keep control of those priceless playlists thanks to apps like SongShift. Even though it could take some time, the outcome is worthwhile. Don’t let your music disappear!

Spotify Vs. Apple Music App Price

In its free tier, Spotify shows advertisements in between songs. Both will have basic membership fees of £9.99 per month, and there are educational discounts available for £4.99 per month. 

Apple Music subscribers get its Beats radio station along with additional original movies, concerts, and exclusives. Spotify, however, is more well known for its enormous playlists.

How Many Users Does Spotify Have Vs. Apple Music

Both Spotify and Apple Music have price plans that are essentially equivalent. There is, however, a distinction between what you receive at the family tier.

Spotify Vs. Apple Music Family Pricing

Individual accounts for every member of the family using the service are provided under the group plans for Spotify And Apple Music. 

The primary distinction is that Apple Music users can only avail of a family subscription for six individuals, whereas Spotify offers it for five. This reduces the cost per user a little, but it only matters if there will be 6 users.

What Year Did Spotify Start?

Daniel Ek, the company’s creator and a previous CTO of Stardoll, alongside Martin Lorentzon, the founder of TradeDoubler, created Spotify in Sweden in  2006. It was a modest start-up company at first.

They created the music streaming service in an effort to address issues with industry piracy. In a bid to avoid buying CDs or paying to stream music, many music enthusiasts turned to shady pirated content to access their music. 

The company’s monthly membership service, which is ad-free and lets you download songs to listen to offline, was officially established in 2008 and gave users a free music streaming service with advertising.

You can share your family’s iTunes purchases as another benefit of the Apple Music family plan. Because of this, it might be more tempting to people who purchase video content and music on iTunes and offer greater value than Spotify.

Even if it’s not necessarily as successful with the artists themselves, services like Spotify nonetheless contribute to reinvesting money into the music industry, helping to address the issue of piracy.

Now, Spotify has a vast back archive of music and adds about 20,000 tracks per day. Additionally, there are dozens of various playlists and live music performances.

When Did Apple Music Start?

Apple Music emerged as Spotify’s fiercest competitor in June 2015, signing exclusive partnerships to be the first to release music from artists including Taylor Swift, Frank Ocean, and Drake.

Though Spotify only has about 35 million songs, Apple Music has over 45 million, which is a much larger selection than Spotify.

Due to the lack of a free alternative, it can also provide more exclusives than Spotify. Therefore, the Apple Music revenue keeps it interesting and up to date.

The fact that all of your music will be in one location, regardless of the device you purchased or downloaded it to, is another significant perk for Apple customers.

Final Thoughts On Music Streaming Services: Apple Music and Spotify

Spotify vs Apple Music

Suffice it to say, the music streaming industry is here to stay. Overall, the answer is that there actually isn’t one. What you’re looking for and which interface you find simpler to use truly makes a difference. 

Families may find Apple Music to be a better value for streaming music, and its Beats 1 station and artist exclusives may make it even more desirable.

Spotify, on the other hand, has double the amount of users and popular playlists. If you’re unsure of whether you’d like to pay for streaming, its free plan is also a terrific starting point.

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