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Blubrry Vs Spreaker: 2 Best Podcast Hosting Sites Compared

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blubrry vs spreaker

If you’ve recently started making your own podcast, the first thing you probably focused on was finding the best recording and editing software for quality and ease of use. 

However, once you start actually putting your podcasts out there for the world to enjoy, you’ll also need something else: a podcast hosting platform. 

A podcast hosting platform is a service that allows you to store your podcast files. In the same way as you would need a website host for your own domain for your online content and audio files storage, you need a podcast hosting platform for the same reason. 

In this short guide, we’re going to be reviewing and comparing two popular and best podcast hosting platforms: Blubrry vs Spreaker (see also ‘Buzzsprout Vs Blubrry‘). The comparison should help you to determine which platform will best ensure your podcast’s success

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About Blubrry Podcast Hosting Platform

Blubrry is popular with first-time podcast creators because of how simple setting up a podcast on the platform can be.

It’s also not overly expensive. The podcast hosting cost includes subscription plans starting at just $12 per month, which is ideal for those who haven’t yet made any income from their podcasts.

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The Basics 

Since 2005, Blubrry (see also ‘Blubrry Vs Castos‘) has built an excellent track record and has established itself as a platform that is here to stay for the foreseeable, which is also reassuring if you’re looking to build a podcast from the ground up. 

For the basic $12 monthly plan, you can get 100 MB of storage, which would allow you to put out a 30-minute episode every week. However, you can also opt for a more expensive plan if you want extra podcast hosting space.

For example, the $20 plan provides you with 250 MB of storage, and you can even get up to 1 GB of storage if you pay $80 monthly. You can exceed your monthly storage by up to 25% without incurring any additional charges.

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Blubrry podcast host interface is easy to navigate. It’s simple without any unnecessary frills, so total beginners can get to grips with it quickly, even with multiple podcasts.

Any problems that do arise can be addressed efficiently thanks to Blubrry’s support system, which includes 24-hour email support plus audio files and video support lines.


Blubrry Podcast Hosting makes publishing a breeze!

Pricing from just $10/mo

Additional Features 

In addition to providing storage for your podcast episodes, Blubrry offers more features to set it apart from the competition. 

One thing that has helped Blubrry (see also ‘Podtrac Vs. Blubrry‘) to rise in popularity is its plugin feature for any WordPress website, PowerPress, which allows podcast episodes stored on the platform to be shared to any WordPress-run website easily.

This also means that you could upload an episode through WordPress and have the file automatically sent to the Blubrry dashboard.

But the magic of PowerPress doesn’t stop there! Blubrry’s PowerPress plugin gives you the option to create your own WordPress website from scratch.

Research proves that having podcast websites that provide listeners with extra information is one of the best ways to ensure the success of your podcast.

In this way, Blubrry is definitely one of the best podcast hosting platforms out there for those who want their podcasts to become successful quickly. 

If you need extra help getting your podcast out there, you can choose to make use of the consulting service provided by Blubrry.

It costs $100 per hour, but because all the consultants have been selected on the basis of having over 10 years of experience in podcasting, it’s worth the money.

Blubrry Vs Spreaker

About Spreaker  Podcast Host

Spreaker is often considered to be in direct competition with Blubrry because it has some similar features. However, these two podcast hosting platforms are distinct enough that you should be able to make a choice you’re happy with based on the key differences.

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Basic Features 

Spreaker’s platform is based around a clean, intuitive interface that’s perfect for podcast hosts of all levels. It has to be said from the beginning, however, that Spreaker’s customer support is lacking in certain areas with some users reporting that they had to resubmit their queries several times.

Just as the interface is suitable for all experience levels, Blubrry provides different storage space plans that you can choose from depending on how many hours of content you intend to upload each month. 

If you won’t be uploading more than 5 hours of audio per month, you can benefit from Spreaker’s free plan. You can increase the amount of storage on top of this plan for an additional fee, or pay more for up to 1,500 + hours of storage every month at the cost of $120.

Additional Features 

Like Blubrry (see also ‘Blubbry Vs Podiant‘), Spreaker also has a WordPress plugin feature. Spreaker’s WordPress plugin is called Spreaker Shortcode, and it makes embedding your podcast episodes into your blog or website easily. 

Some of Spreaker’s more advanced plans also give you monetization features such as an ad revenue sharing program and programmatic advertising. The range of options for podcast monetization is one of the main reasons why podcasters end up choosing or switching to the Spreaker platform.

Blubrry vs. Spreaker: Which Is the Best Podcast Hosting Platform?

If you’re not planning on uploading more than 5 hours of podcast content to your chosen platform, it makes sense to choose Spreaker because you can get 5 hours’ worth of storage for free. 

Spreaker may also be the best choice if you would like to have access to better monetization options and make as much income from your podcast as possible.

However, if you use WordPress and want to connect your podcast to your website (or even build a WordPress site specifically for your podcast), Blubrry’s WordPress plugin is the superior choice. 

We would also recommend Blubrry to complete beginner podcasters more than Spreaker because the former’s customer support is better overall and Blubrry’s consulting service is an excellent feature for those who want to learn how to make their new podcast successful. 

Final Thoughts On The Two Podcast Hosting Platforms

Blubrry vs Spreaker

Both Blubrry and Spreaker have their advantages, some of which (WordPress plugins, for example) are fairly similar. 

However, it seems that Blubrry is more beginner-friendly and supportive of its user base with more WordPress functions, whereas Spreaker is best for monetization and provides 5 hours of free storage, which is a great deal.

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