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How Podcast Trends Can Help You Reach Your Target Audience

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Podcast Trends

The Buggles predicted that video would kill radio, but what they failed to see is that radio would come back with revenge and a revamped look.

In the modern day, podcasts have become extremely popular, and they are basically pre-recorded audio shows that are not on a schedule – like radio is. You can listen to them at home, at work, and wherever you want really. (Also see, Podcasting vs Broadcast Radio‘)

The podcast industry has been around for 20 years and has shown no signs of slowing down, with some having millions of podcast listeners.

This leaves many creative people with something to say wanting to make their own podcast and engage with audiences beyond their own friendship group.

However, to be successful in the podcasting industry, you will have to figure out the new trends and what it takes to be a podcaster.

This is precisely what we are here to talk about today. So, without further ado, let’s look at some trends.

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Before you start a podcast, you have to ask yourself what your podcast means to you. If you are starting it because you just want to podcast with friends in your free time, then that is fine, you can make it about whatever you want. (Also see, ‘Should I Start A Podcast‘)

Yet, if you are starting it to be a successful business or to make you some money as well as being something you want to do, then you need to do some research before you start out and that research should start with niches.

A niche is something, an untapped area of the market that is likely to have a target audience who could become easily invested in it (also see, ‘How To Choose Podcast Category‘).

 The most popular podcast genres include true crime, health & wellness, comedy, sports, and music. However, there are many more niche podcasts available in a wide range of topics that you can target.

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With podcast listening on the rise, this is especially important to make your business a success.

Whether you’re thinking of creating audio podcasts or streaming podcasts, utilizing podcasts as a marketing tool can be an effective way to reach and engage potential customers.

Even the most popular podcast genre, comedy, can be a very broad category, and there are many sub-genres to choose from.

A good example of this is the weekly podcast, My Brother, My Brother, and Me.

When it first came out many years ago as a comedy podcast where three brothers offer advice to questions asked, but their advice was always awful and should never be followed, it captured a laid-back and clean comedy niche that hadn’t quite been filled yet in the podcast world.

Now that podcast is one of the most successful there is and has continued to be so for almost a decade. As such, if you want your podcast to succeed, find a good niche.

Production And Marketing

Podcast Trends

Podcasts tend to be small affairs with only a couple of people working on them, which means we forgive all the editing or sound mistakes (also see, ‘Podcast Editing Tips 101‘).

But it will also turn a lot of people off, and you find yourself floundering after a few episodes if you don’t actively fix the issues.

This doesn’t mean it’s going to be a podcast killer immediately, as long as you are shown to actively make the effort to fix these problems – like getting a better microphone, apologizing for mistakes, and using programs to remove background noise.

Steadily increasing your production value will have people tuning in more, and turning less people off over time.

Take a look at popular shows in Apple Podcasts or Spotify, and see what kind of production they use – this should give you a good benchmark for what is expected.

If you are beginning to see some success, then you should also think about investing in some marketing.

It doesn’t have to be much, but being visible is important in an industry filled with stand-out comics and beloved podcasts. You need to make yourself known to others, and for that you need marketing.

The most important is a brand image. For podcast hosts need to have an image that people relate to is crucial, as now when they see the podcast on the listings, they will instantly recognize it and be more likely to listen to podcasts.

Podcast Advertising

Podcast Trends (1)

Podcast advertising is becoming more and more popular, and the cost of podcast ads can be surprisingly affordable.

There are also other avenues you can explore such as online marketing, content partnerships, and even traditional radio spots (also see, ‘How To Get Podcast Sponsors‘).

Podcast advertising revenue is growing rapidly. The podcast advertising industry was projected to value at over $3 billion by the end of 2023.

Utilizing podcast advertising does not have to be expensive, but it can definitely help you increase your listener base and grow your brand (also see, ‘Podcast Stats‘).

Live Events

Once your podcast is established, you should reward your audience, and there is nothing an audience loves more than a live event.

Podcasts feel to us like we are not working on our own, but surrounded by friends as we do so, even if we will never interact and people will give a lot to see your face at a live show.

Now, doing live events is expensive and can be a bit much for some, but you can compromise and do a live stream.

These podcast episodes won’t have the same feel as a live event, but it will be wonderful regardless and will make your fans feel special and really establish that your podcast is one of their favorites.

Also, live events are easy ways to sell merchandise without appearing to be too badgering or as if you are just trying to sell products to line your pockets, as these are special events that only a few people go to (also see, ‘Monetizing A Podcast‘).

You can also do things at live events that you couldn’t do otherwise. You can get to know your listeners, know what they like and dislike, entice more people, have Q&A’s, and try new formats that you wouldn’t be able to do otherwise.

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Creativity And Interesting

The most important thing for a podcast to survive is to be creative and interesting. People don’t tune in to listen to boring podcast content that they could find anywhere else.

They tune in to listen to their favorite podcasters and hear the new things going on with them in every podcast episode (also see, ‘What Makes A Good Podcast Tips‘).

That means that you have to be creative and make up new things to keep them coming back.

These don’t have to always work, but by making an effort you can show that there will always be new stuff happening that may interest the audience.

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The other thing that is important is that your podcast must remain interesting. If you are a one-trick pony, the likelihood is that your podcast will fizzle out in a couple of years, and you will not be able to stop listeners from slipping away constantly

A good example of a creative and interesting podcast is ‘What Would the Aunties Say?’ where the host, Anchal, explores the Asian community and looks at subjects that are normally toned down for fear of what their aunties would say.

It is a fascinating niche and truly a very interesting perspective for those of us outside of this community.


Podcast trends come and go, but by following these steps and ideas behind podcasts, you can make sure your podcast remains trending and not in listening hell.

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