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Best Matt and Shane Podcast Episodes: A Definitive Guide

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Best Matt and Shane Podcast Episodes

As a fan of comedy podcasts, I am always on the lookout for entertaining and hilarious content. One such podcast that consistently delivers is Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast. With a growing following and numerous episodes, it can be difficult to determine which are the best episodes to listen to.

This podcast features the comedic talents of Matt McCusker and Shane Gillis, refreshing our ears with their hilarious banter, insights, and diverse topics. From live performances to special celebrity guests, there’s never a dull moment while the two comedians tackle various issues in their unique comedic style.

With so many episodes in their catalog, we have compiled a list of must-listen episodes and highlights for newcomers and fans alike. This curated list includes top-rated episodes, memorable collaborations, and highly entertaining moments that make Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast a standout in the world of comedy podcasts.

Key Takeaways

  • Discovering top-rated episodes and live performances of Matt and Shane’s podcast makes it easy to grasp their comedic genius.
  • Exploring various collaborations, special guests, and topics helps uncover the variety and scope of the podcast.
  • Investigating supporting channels, merchandise, and commercial partnerships showcases the dynamic presence of the podcast in the comedy community.

Understanding Matt and Shane’s Podcast

As I explore the world of podcasts, one show that consistently catches my attention is Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast. Hosted by comedians Matt McCusker and Shane Gillis, this podcast promises laughter and intriguing discussions that appeal to a broad audience. Throughout their episodes, the duo shares stories, engages in interviews, and covers a variety of topics, all while showcasing their unique sense of humor and unmatched chemistry.

In each episode, Matt and Shane, who also refer to themselves as the D.A.W.G.Z, discuss current events, their personal lives, and air their comedic insights on various topics. Their chemistry draws listeners in and keeps them engaged, eagerly anticipating the next punchline or insightful observation.

A few standout episodes from their catalog include Episode 36, “The Rocky Shores of Reality,” where the hosts let loose and go “buck ass wild” as they discuss various subjects. Another noteworthy episode is Episode 105, “Concrete Pit,” praised for its hilarious opening story and appreciation for its subject matter – a wife murderer. Furthermore, when Rich Vos appears as a guest in Episode 460, “Snack Pack,” the show takes an even more entertaining turn, making it one of the highest-rated episodes.

In summary, the Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast is a fun exploration of the hosts’ comedic prowess, tackling a wide range of topics with their refreshing perspectives. As a podcast enthusiast, I find myself consistently entertained and informed by the engaging conversations between Matt McCusker, Shane Gillis, and their guests.

Top Rated Episodes

In my personal opinion, Matt and Shane’s podcast has some outstanding episodes that truly stand out. One of the highest-rated episodes is Ep 460 – Snack Pack (feat. Rich Vos), which aired on September 19th, 2023 and has a runtime of 59 minutes and 20 seconds. It ranks among the top episodes of the podcast due to its humor, wit, and engaging conversation.

Another remarkable episode is Ep 455 – Heebie Jeebies, which aired on August 9th, 2023, with a duration of 1 hour and 8 minutes. This particular episode is ranked #1 on OwlTail and provides a mix of current events, pop culture, and personal anecdotes, reflecting the hosts’ unique comedic styles.

Ep 454 – Sedona (feat. Dan Soder & Nate Marshall) is also a highly recommended episode, as it showcases the banter between the hosts and their guests while discussing various subjects that range from humorous to thought-provoking.

While I could not find specific information about episodes 467, 466, 465, and 464, or any mention of a prestigious award or a fireside chat, it is still worth noting that the podcast often delves into engaging topics, providing entertaining and insightful discussions.

As a whole, Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast offers a wide array of content that caters to various interests. Regardless of which episode you choose to listen to, I am confident that you will find yourself in good company, as Matt McCusker and Shane Gillis bring their distinct backgrounds, expertise, and humor to each conversation.

The Hosts: Matt and Shane

Matt McCusker’s Profile

Matt McCusker is a talented stand-up comedian who continuously impresses his audience with his unique humor and engaging stage presence. He is known for his ability to bring laughter into any situation. I found that visiting his website is the best way to stay up-to-date with his live shows and events. If you get a chance, I highly recommend catching Matt live, as it is an experience that any comedy fan will truly appreciate.

Shane Gillis’s Profile

Like Matt, Shane Gillis is another adept stand-up comedian whose humor is well-regarded by those in the comedy scene. With his sharp wit and natural comedic talent, Shane is known for making audiences laugh effortlessly. To find out more about his live shows and to stay informed on his upcoming performances, you can visit When it comes to Shane live, be prepared for a night filled with laughter and unforgettable comical moments.

Live Performances and Events

Matt and Shane's Secret Podcast live

In my experience attending live performances and events of Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast, I can confidently say that their comedy truly comes alive on stage. One standout moment was when I saw Matt live at Helium Comedy Club in Philadelphia. The energy in the room was infectious as Matt delivered his signature humor and kept the audience engaged throughout the night.

Similarly, I had the pleasure of watching Shane perform live at the same venue, Helium Philly. Shane’s on-stage presence is just as captivating as Matt’s. His comedic style perfectly complements the live format. The audience at Helium Comedy Club in Philadelphia can always expect an entertaining and memorable experience when attending a Matt and Shane performance.

During some live events, Matt and Shane have even been known to host special guest comedians, adding another layer of excitement for their loyal fans. Helium Philadelphia often serves as a hub for great comedy, and these live performances truly showcase the best of Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast.

I should also mention that their live shows tend to sell out quickly, thanks to their passionate fan base. Therefore, if you’re interested in catching a performance at, it’s always a good idea to stay up-to-date on announcements and act fast on securing tickets.

Though my experience is limited to the first person singular, fans of Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast should definitely not miss the chance to see these talented comedians perform live. Their on-stage chemistry and engaging humor are truly a treat for any comedy enthusiast.

Supporting Channels and Websites

As a dedicated fan of Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast, I often look for more content and ways to support the creators. One of the best platforms to support them is through their Patreon, found at By becoming a patron, fans like me can contribute financially and gain access to exclusive content, like bonus episodes and unique discussions.

Another excellent resource is their official website, This site hosts important information about the show, including their latest episodes and links to popular podcast platforms where they are available. It acts as a central hub for people who want to discover more about Matt and Shane’s unique brand of humor.

For those interested in representing Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast with style, the official merch store is worth a visit. At, fans can purchase t-shirts, hoodies, and other exclusive items adorned with the show’s logo and iconic imagery. These items offer a great way to show appreciation for the podcast while scoring some fashionable gear.

In conclusion, supporting Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast can be easily achieved through platforms like their Patreon and official website. By contributing financially and representing their brand through merchandise purchases, fans can ensure the continued success and growth of this beloved podcast.

Special Guests and Collaborations

In my quest to explore the fantastic episodes of the Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast, I couldn’t help but notice the pivotal roles that special guests and collaborations play in making these episodes truly memorable. Such episodes featuring renowned comedians like Ari Shaffir, Mark Normand, and Kevin Iso bring out the best in the podcast by offering captivating conversations and hilarious exchanges.

There’s a certain magic that blooms on the podcast when a guest like Ari Shaffir joins Matt and Shane for an episode. Ari, known for his incredible wit and comedic style, brings a unique perspective to the show that complements the natural chemistry between Matt and Shane. You can find more about Ari and his upcoming live shows on his official website,

Another exceptional collaboration to note is the episode that features the talented Mark Normand. Mark’s engaging storytelling and observational humor never fails to entertain the listeners. His appearance in their podcast showcases the camaraderie and the shared respect for comedy among the hosts and guest. Be sure to check out Mark’s live performance schedule at

Last but certainly not least, the brilliant Kevin Iso heightens the podcast’s energy like no other. Kevin’s comedic timing and conversational prowess create moments that leave listeners both laughing and nodding in agreement. Engaging with current events and delving into thought-provoking topics, Kevin’s presence on the podcast remains an undeniable highlight.

As avid fans of comedy, we cannot help but appreciate the dynamic atmosphere that emerges when these extraordinary guests grace the Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast. Their collaborations demonstrate the rich and diverse talent that exists within the comedy world, making them a must-listen for any comedy enthusiast.

Episode Topics

Matt and Shane's Secret Podcast episodes

I’ve noticed that some of the best episodes revolve around a variety of intriguing topics. One episode that stands out to me features a discussion with Tejas, where Matt and Shane look deep into his experiences growing up with Hispanic friends, which provided different perspectives and allowed for some humorous anecdotes.

In another noteworthy episode, they invited Tim, a prominent figure in the world of therapy. The conversation primarily revolved around mental health and the importance of seeking professional help when needed. Tim shared his expert insights on the benefits of therapy, sparking an open dialogue that was both informative and engaging.

A fan favorite is the episode where they had Rich as their guest. Rich shared his journey, from his humble beginnings to winning a prestigious award in entertainment. His anecdotes were filled with passion, grit, and loads of humor. They also touched upon Rich’s love for mixed martial arts, particularly UFC, even discussing his favorite title fights.

In addition, SG, an esteemed guest, graced the podcast with his presence, sharing his thoughts on the importance of hard work and dedication in achieving success. He spoke about the significance of striving for excellence and not being afraid to face one’s inner fears. This episode was truly inspiring and thought-provoking.

Lastly, an episode that piqued my interest revolved around the topic of rhinoplasty. Matt and Shane looked into the reasons why people undergo cosmetic procedures and the potential risks involved. The conversation was surprisingly informative, informative, and balanced, thanks to their neutral tone and clear delivery.

In conclusion, Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast episodes comprise a diverse array of topics that cater to different tastes, making it an exciting and informative listening experience. From engaging personal anecdotes to captivating discussions on societal issues, these episodes have something for everyone.

Commercial Partnerships

As a fan of the Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast, I have come to appreciate their commercial partnerships. These collaborations not only enable the podcast to continue producing great content, but also provide listeners with access to unique products and services. In this section, I will briefly discuss some of the podcast’s notable commercial partnerships.

One partnership that enhances my lifestyle is with As a provider of nicotine gum, Lucy offers a cleaner alternative to smoking while still satisfying nicotine cravings. I’ve found their products to be helpful in my journey to quit smoking, and I appreciate their support of the podcast.

Another company,, sells innovative vaporizer products designed to elevate the vaping experience. I am impressed with the quality and variety of their vape devices, and I appreciate that they’ve partnered with Matt and Shane.

Displate is yet another partner of the podcast. They offer a wide range of metal art prints that are both stunning and durable. You can even find exclusive Matt and Shane artwork on, which I find to be a fun addition to any fan’s home decor.

Manscaped, a well-known grooming products company, offers listeners a discount on their products through I’ve been using their tools for my personal grooming needs, and I must say that the quality and effectiveness have been impressive.

Another valuable partnership is with BetterHelp, an online counseling platform that offers professional mental health support. Accessing their services through is easy, and I appreciate the convenience of having a therapist available to me from the comfort of my own home.

Finally, for those who love stylish and comfortable apparel, offers clothing items designed in collaboration with Matt and Shane. As a fan, I enjoy wearing their merchandise and supporting the podcast in this way.

In conclusion, these are just a few of the commercial partnerships that contribute to the overall success of Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast. As a listener, I appreciate the benefits these collaborations provide, and I look forward to seeing the podcast continue to grow and thrive.


Matt and Shane's Secret Podcast merch

As a dedicated fan of Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast, I have explored their merchandise collection and found a variety of interesting items for purchase. The merch can be found at

One popular item is the MSSP Sticker Pack 1, which comes with a selection of unique and eye-catching stickers designed to show off your love for the podcast. These stickers are perfect to personalize your belongings or to share with fellow fans.

In addition to stickers, the merch store also offers comfortable clothing like t-shirts and hoodies featuring the podcast logo or creative designs that represent the show’s humor and distinctive style. These items not only make a great addition to your wardrobe, but are also a cool way to support the podcast.

If you experience any issues with orders or tracking, don’t hesitate to email [email protected] for assistance. Just make sure to check your spam folder for any order or tracking emails that may have been filtered.

Remember, by purchasing merch from Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast, you’ll be directly supporting the show while also getting your hands on some fantastic merchandise items. An added bonus is that you’ll be confidently connecting with fellow fans and spreading the word about your favorite podcast.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which episodes are considered top for Matt and Shane Secret Podcast?

I would recommend episode 460 – Snack Pack (feat. Rich Vos), which was aired on Sep 19th, 2023. It has a duration of 59m 20s and has received good ratings.

What are the standout MSSP Patreon episodes?

Unfortunately, I do not have access to information about Patreon episodes of Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast. You could check their Patreon page or search for discussion threads on Reddit to get more suggestions from fans.

Can you recommend the best history episodes from MSSP?

I am unable to provide specific recommendations on history episodes in Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast. However, if you browse through their episode list, you could identify episodes discussing historical topics or featuring discussions on history.

Where can I find the first episode of Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast?

You can find Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast on various podcast platforms like iHeart, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify. Search for the podcast and scroll to the bottom of the episode list to find the first episode.

What are some notable live episodes, like from Shane’s parents’ basement?

One memorable live episode discussed on Reddit is when Shane was on the verge of blacking out talking about Eiffel Towering chicks with his dad. This segment was on the Legion of Skanks podcast. You might want to check it out for some entertaining moments.

How can I access the Matt and Shane’s Secret podcast RSS feed?

To access the RSS feed for Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast, you might need to visit their official website or the podcast platform you are using. The procedure to get the RSS feed might vary depending on the platform. It is usually found within the podcast’s information or under sharing options.

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