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Fun Podcast Games To Play With Your Audience

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Podcast Games To Play

Your podcast needs to stand out in a sea of voices. With the digital landscape crowded, podcasters must weave creativity and uniqueness into their content.

Games and interactive segments can significantly boost engagement and set your podcast apart. But how? By exploring innovative podcast games to play, you’re enhancing the listener experience and carving a niche for yourself in the competitive podcasting world.

This piece dives into the myriad options available, offering insights and strategies to elevate your podcast’s appeal and listener interaction. Stay tuned to avoid common pitfalls and discover how to captivate your audience effectively.

But what options do podcasters have open to them? 

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Key Takeaways

Game NameDescription
🎯 Target Specific Audience MembersEngage directly with listeners for a personalized interaction.
🔍 Solve MysteriesTackle enigmas and cold cases, inviting audience participation.
🎲 Random ChallengesIntroduce spontaneous tasks for entertainment and engagement.
😂 PranksEncourage light-hearted jokes among hosts and listeners.
🤔 Truth or DareClassic game of revealing truths or daring tasks.
🤷‍♂️ Helpful/Unhelpful AdviceShare advice, ranging from serious to comical.
✌️ Two Truths & A LieGuests and listeners discern fact from fiction.
👻 Ghost StoriesShare and discuss paranormal experiences or tales.
🎭 Improv StorytellingCo-create stories with guests or listeners adding twists.
🗣 The Debate GameDiscuss and debate on various light-hearted or deep topics.

Great Podcasting Games To Play

Podcasting can consist of certain segments, during which the host addresses the co-host, guest, or connected audience member and engages them in trivia, games, video games, or conversational topics

This can really improve the interactivity of the podcast, and can give the fans something to strive for through their interactions with the podcast.

These segments can feature anything and will generally be characterized by the podcast in question – however, certain ideas are popular if you are struggling for ideas. 

Wired Clip is a reader-supported site. Purchases made through links may earn a commission, at no additional cost to you.

Target Specific Audience Members

This is a great way to interact with audience members, and to give the fans a sense of an interactive community

If the theme is a competition/prize situation, you could pick two audience members and have them compete for a prize (like merchandise or tickets) or have audience members connect via Zoom or webcam and tell funny stories to the podcast hosts

This is a great way of building a sense of camaraderie between the audience and hosts, and can really encourage others to get involved down the line – particularly if the exposure and prizes are worth the effort. 

Solve Mysteries

mysteries podcast game

Each week on your podcast, you could set aside a section dedicated to mysteries.

These could be unexplained phenomena, true crime, cold cases, or urban legends. They could be a good way to get guests to comment on amusing or interesting topics or for fans to call in with their suggestions.

Of course, this method only really works on comedy or entertainment podcasts, but the general idea can be applied to any medium. 

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Random Challenges

Random challenges can be a good way to keep your podcast interesting, your fans entertained, and even encourage interactivity by having listeners/viewers submit their videos in exchange for prizes or air time. 

Obviously, it is important not to do anything dangerous or harmful or to encourage others to do the same. Still, within reason, this can be an amusing experience for both the hosts and the viewers. 


woman talking happily on the phone

This can be a great way to encourage interactivity between the hosts and their audience. It could consist of either the fans suggesting pranks for the hosts to pull on each other or members of the public or, on the flip side, the hosts daring their fans to do similar pranks. 

Like the previous section, a degree of responsibility should be observed with these types of things. Still, when done safely, they can be a fun, humorous experience for everyone involved—and when combined with a prize system, you could have fans lining up to participate. 

Truth Or Dare

Similar to the pranking section, truth or dare can be a good way to encourage humor – both with the fans and the hosts.

Hosts could play one another or compete head-to-head with fans via webcam apps. 

Helpful/Unhelpful Advice

While not strictly a game, this can be enjoyable for guests, hosts, and audience members and can either be as serious or humorous as your podcast demands. 

One such example is the comedy podcast Tigerbelly, where hosts Bobby Lee and Khalyla Kuhn host a segment called ‘unhelpful advice’, where they try (and often fail) to provide life advice to their fans – who message with various problems. 

Two Truths & A Lie

podast games to play

This can be a good game for hosts and fans to play during the podcast, and could consist of the fan phoning into the show, offering up three facts about themselves, and having the hosts guess which are true and which is a lie

This could lead to some humorous results and makes for interesting viewing. 

Ghost Stories

Popular podcasts such as H3H3 with Ethan and Hila Klein have long offered segments on the paranormal. In these segments, they ask their guests about any potential supernatural experiences they might have had or heard about. 

This can not only make for interesting viewing, but can also deliver some funny (or indeed scary) stories. 

Improv Storytelling

podcast storytelling

This game brings a creative twist to your podcast by starting with a story’s opening line and inviting guests or listeners to contribute to the next parts.

It fosters a collaborative atmosphere and can lead to unexpected and engaging narratives, keeping your audience hooked and eager to hear how the story evolves with each new addition.

Debate Game

Here, you introduce a topic that’s either humorous, controversial, or thought-provoking and then have participants take sides to argue their viewpoints.

This game entertains and engages your audience intellectually, encouraging them to think critically and participate in the conversation by either siding with a viewpoint or contributing their own arguments.

What Are The Benefits? 

man listening podcast phone

There are many benefits to having the best games on your podcast. 


The main benefit is entertainment value. Podcasts need to be interesting and entertaining to attract viewers, and a great game can make them exciting.

What’s more, podcasting can be a dull experience for the hosts if they aren’t having fun, and thus playing a podcast game can be a great way to make the process fun, and keep them wanting to record every week. 


Another benefit is establishing interactions between hosts and audience members.

This is important, especially if the host is in a creative industry like comedy, where fans are a necessary part of the process. 

Creating interactivity through your favorite podcast can make fans feel close to their heroes, and can encourage further success as your career continues to grows. 

Community Building

Podcast games create a unique space for listeners to interact with the content and each other. This shared participation knits listeners together, forming a community beyond the podcast.

Playing games allows listeners to feel part of something larger, fostering a sense of identity and belonging.

As this community grows, so does the podcast’s reach, with members likely to share their positive experiences on social media, attracting new listeners.

Educational Value

Educational games embedded within podcasts can turn passive listening into an active learning experience.

Podcasts can enhance retention and understanding of complex subjects by engaging listeners with quizzes, puzzles, or thought-provoking challenges related to the episode’s theme.

This approach enriches the listener’s knowledge base and adds depth to the podcast content, making it more impactful and rewarding for the audience.

Game Design Tips

creating interactive games for podcasts

When designing games for your podcast, keep them aligned with your theme and accessible to your audience. Focus on simplicity to ensure that listeners can easily follow along and participate.

Incorporate storytelling elements to make games more engaging and memorable. Test your games before airing to ensure they work as intended and are enjoyable.

Lastly, be open to feedback and willing to iterate on your game designs based on listener input to improve the experience continuously.

My Experience

Incorporating games into my podcasting journey significantly transformed the listener experience. Initially, engagement was a challenge, with audience interaction feeling more one-sided.

Introducing simple, themed trivia games changed that dynamic, inviting listeners to participate actively. Their responses, whether through social media or direct emails, brought a new level of excitement to each episode.

Seeing the community come together, share laughs, and compete while learning from each episode’s content was rewarding. This hands-on approach boosted listener numbers and created a more vibrant, interactive community around the podcast.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can podcast games improve audience engagement?

Podcast games encourage active participation, making listeners feel more connected to the content and hosts.

What types of games to play on a podcast work best for podcasts?

Interactive, inclusive games like trivia, Q&A sessions, and storytelling challenges are effective, aligning with the podcast’s theme and audience.

Can integrating games into a podcast increase its reach?

Yes, unique and interactive segments can attract new listeners and encourage shares, broadening your audience.

Are there any tools or platforms recommended for hosting podcast games?

Platforms like social media for live interaction, and podcasting tools with polling or live chat features, can enhance the gaming experience.

How do you measure the success of games in podcasts?

Engagement metrics, such as listener feedback, participation rates, and social media interaction, can indicate the effectiveness of podcast games.

Final Thoughts

And there we have it. Everything you need to know about podcasting games and the benefits of featuring them on your podcast. 

Games are great for making things more interesting for everyone involved and creating humorous moments that make the whole process more fun and unpredictable. 

So, if you are a budding podcaster looking to spice up their show, why not try some of these? 

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