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Best True Crime Podcasts

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Best True Crime Podcasts

As there’s a podcast for just about anything these days, it only makes sense that true crime makes an appearance. True crime has been a fascination with many amateur detectives and mystery lovers for decades.

Although true crime documentaries are still popular on television, many of us like an on-the-go fix in the form of a podcast. 

If you’re obsessed with true crime, here are the podcasts you need to be listening to! 

#1 Crime Junkie 

Best friends Ashley and Brit have been obsessed with true crime their whole lives, enter Crime Junkie. This weekly podcast features a new story each week, with some of the more complicated cases getting a two-part episode.

There are different types of stories they cover such as ‘murdered’, ‘missing’, ‘mysterious death of’ and updates on previous cases. 

The cases talked about on the show are usually cold cases which are yet to be solved. At the end of the episodes, the hosts encourage listeners with any information regarding the cases they feature to come forward and contact the proper authorities. 

Apart from true crime, the hosts also advocate for mental health and women’s rights as well as talking about their beloved pets. 

Super fans or ‘Crime Junkies’ can sign up to receive extra content, remove ads and get a first look at some of the upcoming cases. 

#2 My Favorite Murder 

The record-breaking podcast My Favorite Murder has a catchy tagline ‘Stay Sexy And Don’t Get Murdered’ created by hosts Karen and Georgia. True crime fans and tune in bi-weekly to listen to the hosts tell different stories of crime and murder. 

It’s not all doom and gloom with the pair as they add hilarious anecdotes from their lives into their show along with some strong language and witty banter.

Minisodes are featured weekly in which Karen and Georgia read out bizarre and chilling stories emailed in from fans about occurrences that happened in their hometowns.

These range from funny stories of lax parenting in the 80s to their parents working with Ted Bundy. The minisodes are short and sweet but are guaranteed to leave you laughing. 

‘Murderinos’ are what the hosts refer to their listeners and fans as. Merchandise, live tours and various spin-off podcasts testify to the popularity and success of the show. 

#3 Morbid 

Another true crime podcast that mixes cases with comedy is Morbid. True crime isn’t the only focus of this podcast, as listeners are also provided with creepy history lessons and spooky stories.

Hosted by an autopsy technician, Alaina and a hairstylist, Ash you know it’s going to be a great mix of weird. 

The usual episodes feature unsolved and solved murders, features on serial killers and ghostly tales and local legends. Listener Tales is a type of episode the pair feature which is all about the listeners.

People can email in their tales for a chance for their stories to be told on the show. 

Best True Crime Podcasts

#4 Casefile True Crime 

Casefile is a highly-rated Australian true-crime podcast which is released every Sunday for three weeks with one week off. Focusing on cold case files and solved crimes around the world, the episodes dive into the investigations, circumstances and trials of these stories. 

Unlike other true crime podcasts, the host is an anonymous male voice and the creator of the podcast itself.

Another way in which the podcast differs from competitors is the scripted and narrated episodes which mainly use hard evidence and police facts to tell the stories of the victims. 

Subscribers can expect to receive ‘Behind The Files’ information including bonus Q&A sessions, exclusive content and ad-free listening.

#5 Someone Knows Something 

The Canadian podcast Someone Knows Something uses investigative journalism to narrate cold case files. Host, David Ridgen is an award-winning filmmaker and writer who has a passion for investigative work.

Each season of the podcast focuses on one particular cold case working with the families of the victims to try and help the cases move forward. 

Hearing from those affected by these heinous crimes makes the podcast stand out from its counterparts and reminds listeners of the real people whose stories are yet to be solved. Therefore this podcast is considered to be a more hard-hitting true crime narrative. 

#6 Murder, Mystery & Makeup 

You might not associate a true crime podcast with a professional makeup artist, but that doesn’t stop Bailey Sarian from covering a wide range of cases and none of them is to do with makeup.

Bringing the podcast over from her YouTube series, Sarian has had a lot of success with her natural flair for storytelling. Episodes come out weekly. 

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Final Thoughts 

If you’re a fellow true crime fanatic you may have already heard of some of these popular podcasts, but we hope you find something new to satisfy your craving. Happy listening! 

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