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Best Podcasts

There are thousands of podcasts available, with more people becoming endlessly fascinated with the world of audio podcasts.

Whether you’re interested in creating a podcast or if you need a new series to sink your teeth into, you’re probably on the lookout for some of the best podcasts out there. 

Of course, hundreds of podcasts are created every year, so it’s hard to say which ones are the best. It also comes down to personal preference and your favorite genre of podcast to determine which ones are at the top of the charts

Best Podcasts of 2024

Looking for the best podcasts in 2024? Look no further! Whether you’re into true crime, comedy, or self-improvement, there’s something for everyone in the ever-growing podcasting world. From popular shows like “Serial” and “The Joe Rogan Experience” to emerging favorites, these podcasts will keep you entertained and informed. Don’t miss out on the best podcasts 2024 has to offer!

CategoryPodcastsListen on SpotifyListen on Apple
Best True-Crime PodcastsSerialHereHere
Best Comedy PodcastsWhy Won’t You Date Me?HereHere
Best Society And Culture PodcastsFeeling AsianHereHere
Best Audio Drama Podcasts 2024
Dem Times
Best Story PodcastsWelcome To Night ValeHereHere
Best Investigative PodcastsCode Name: SirenHereHere
Best Daily News PodcastThe DailyHereHere
Best Culture PodcastsPop Culture Happy HourHereHere
Best Educational Podcasts99% InvisibleHereHere
Weekly PodcastsThe Daily (The New York Times)HereHere
Best Self-Improvement and Mental Health PodcastsMental Health FocusHereHere
Best Technology PodcastsThis Week in Tech- TWiTHereHere
Best Business and Finance PodcastsWe Study BillionairesHereHere
Best Entrepreneur PodcastsThe Diary Of A CEOHereHere
Best Health PodcastsTEDTalks HealthHereHere
Best Sports PodcastsESPN DailyHereHere
Best Entertainment and Pop Culture PodcastsPop Culture Happy HourHereHere
Best Music PodcastsLet It RollHereHere
Best Science PodcastsThe Infinite Monkey CageHereHere
Best Travel and Adventure PodcastsJumpHereHere
Best Religion and Spirituality PodcastsSuper SoulHereHere
Best Parenting and Family PodcastsWe Are FamilyHereHere
Best Food and Drink PodcastsGastropodHereHere
Best History PodcastsHistory This WeekHereHere
Our Listeners Favorites For 2024DreamtownHereHere
Best Podcasts Of All TimeSerialHereHere

Here is our guide to the best podcasts in 2024!

Best True-Crime Podcasts 2024


Serial first aired in 2014 and arguably paved the way for audio storytelling to become more mainstream. This podcast is hosted by Sarah Koenig and is produced by a New York Times Company, Serial Productions.

Each season unfolds the truth of a true-crime story, with each episode focusing on various parts of the story. 

As the true-crime story spans over the course of an entire season, Serial is ideal for those who want to sink their teeth into some fantastic storytelling.

Sarah Koenig has been consistently praised for her in-depth research and investigation to look for the answers of such crimes. 

My Favorite Murder

My Favorite Murder has been a favorite amongst true-crime fans since its premiere in early 2016, hosted by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark.

This podcast became a catalyst for the fantasists of true-crime podcasts thanks to its retellings of serial killers and dark crimes. 

However, it’s not all darkness, as this podcast blurs the genres of comedy and true-crime with candid conversations about pets, therapy, and more.

Several spinoffs have been made as a result of the hosts’ success. 

Missing And Murdered

Missing And Murdered is hosted by journalist Connie Walker, who has spent more than a decade investigating the stories of missing and murdered indigenous women.

The podcast first aired in 2016, with each season telling the story of a single indigenous woman who has gone missing or been murdered. 

As an indigenous woman, Connie Walker uses her podcast platform to not only tell the complex stories of such crimes and pay homage to the victims, but also to highlight the issues that fellow indigenous women face. 

Introducing Dirty John 

Introducing Dirty John is a true-crime podcast hosted by LA Times journalist Christopher Goffard, following the life and story of John Meehan.

What started as a discovery of a murder soon became a complex and intricate story of deceit, which ultimately became a nail-biter of a podcast. 

Best Comedy Podcasts 2024

Why Won’t You Date Me?

Hosted by comedian Nicole Byer, Why Won’t You Date Me? is a hilarious podcast following the thrills of her love life – from the raunchy and jaw-dropping to the heartfelt and meaningful.

Each episode brings in a guest to chat about anything and everything, from therapy and grief, to existing as a Black woman in a society that rejects her. 

Off Menu

Off Menu is a food fanatic’s dream. Hosted by comedians Ed Gamble and James Acaster, this podcast invites guests to chat through their dream menu.

Listeners are bound to have a painful stomach after listening to these episodes – both from belly laughs and those pesky hunger pains. 

How Did This Get Made?

How Did This Get Made? by Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael, and Jason Mantzouka has been a long-running and popular podcast since 2010.

This podcast offers weekly episodes wherein the trio watches a notoriously bad movie, before ripping it apart and trying to make sense of whatever they’ve just seen. 

Best Podcasts

Best Society And Culture Podcasts 2024

Feeling Asian

Feeling Asian, as the name suggests, is “a podcast where two Asians talk about their feelings”. Hosted by Brian Park and Youngmi Mayer, this is an interesting podcast to listen to their experiences as Asian-Americans in the modern world.

While funny, this is an education podcast that opens up conversations about race, mental health, and more. 

Getting Curious 

Hosted by Queer Eye’s Johnathan Van Ness, Getting Curious is a podcast about virtually any topic.

Each episode introducers a random guest depending on the topic, allowing insights into topics such as racism, the Green New Deal, queer relationships, and even owning a cat. 

Stuff You Should Know

If you want a podcast that’ll teach you about LSD, satanism, true-crime, Rosa Parks, the Stonewall Uprising, and chaos theory, then you need to listen to Stuff You Should Know.

Hosted by Josh Clark and Charles W. Bryant, the weekly podcast offers episodes on a wide variety of topics, doused in a healthy amount of comedic value. 

Dark House 

Dark House is hosted by Alyssa Fiorentino and Hadley Mendelsohn, following four infamously haunted homes.

Each episode features a guest, including authors and paranormal investigators, to look into why such houses are believed to be haunted. It’s not one for the faint of heart, that’s for sure!

Best Audio Drama Podcasts 2024

Dem Times 

Dem Times is a drama following Samuel Adjei, a troublemaker who has been sent to a Ghanaian boarding school by his parents. Samuel then has to navigate his life as an outsider forced to grow up very quickly.

This funny coming of age story is created by Rhys Reed-Johnson and Jacob Roberts-Mensah. 

The Sandman 

The Sandman is an adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s graphic novel of the same name, following the story of The Sandman, who has been imprisoned on Earth for decades.

The cast alone is enough to listen to this podcast, featuring the likes of James McAvoy, Miriam Margolyes, Michael Sheen, Taron Egerton, Riz Ahmed, and Andy Serkis. 

Welcome To Night Vale 

A critically acclaimed radio comedy-drama, Welcome To Night Vale is a popular podcast about a fictional town called Night Vale. This podcast is reminiscent of old-school radio dramas, and features intricate stories and updates from the townspeople. 

Our Listeners Favorites For 2024


This podcast, hosted by David Weinberg, tells the strange story of what happened when a private prison company took over a small town in California. The series has been praised for its investigative reporting and engaging storytelling.

Normal Gossip:

This tantalizing series explores the dark side of Hollywood and the gossip that surrounds it. The show has been praised for its in-depth interviews and insider knowledge.

The Conviction of Max B:

This hard-hitting investigative podcast follows the story of Max B, a man who was wrongfully convicted of murder and spent 20 years in prison before being exonerated. The series has been praised for its attention to detail and powerful storytelling.


This quirky podcast takes listeners on a journey through the world of mall culture, exploring everything from food courts to fashion trends. The show has been praised for its unique perspective and humor.

The Retrievals:

This podcast follows the story of a team of archaeologists who travel the world in search of lost artifacts and treasures. The series has been praised for its historical accuracy and exciting storytelling.

These new podcasts, along with many others, are changing the podcast landscape and providing listeners with engaging and thought-provoking content. Whether you’re a longtime podcast fan or new to the medium, there’s never been a better time to explore the world of podcasts and discover something new.

Best Investigative Podcasts

Investigative podcasts have become increasingly popular in the true crime genre, offering listeners a deeper dive into the cases they cover. These podcasts often feature extensive research, interviews with key players, and a focus on uncovering new information. Here are a few of the top investigative podcasts of 2024:

Code Name: Siren:

This podcast follows former UK detective Nina Holson as she investigates cold cases and unsolved mysteries. With a focus on lesser-known cases, Code Name: Siren offers a unique perspective on the true crime genre.


This podcast delves into the world of organized crime in the UK, uncovering shocking revelations about the extent of its influence. With a focus on investigative journalism, Buried offers a gripping look at the criminal underworld.

Best Daily News Podcast

Keeping up with the daily news can be a daunting task, but with the rise of daily news podcasts, it has become much easier. The best daily news podcasts of 2024 so far are:

The Daily:

Hosted by Michael Barbaro, The Daily from The New York Times provides an in-depth look at the day’s top news stories. With interviews from journalists and experts, The Daily offers a comprehensive view of the news.

Up First:

Produced by NPR, Up First is a quick and easy way to get caught up on the day’s news. Each episode is around 10 minutes long and covers the top stories of the day.

Today, Explained:

Hosted by Sean Rameswaram, Today, Explained from Vox provides a deep dive into one major news story each day. With interviews, analysis, and context, Today, Explained helps listeners understand the news.

Best Culture Podcasts

In addition to daily news podcasts, there are also many great culture podcasts available. These podcasts cover a wide range of topics, from pop culture to American culture. The best culture podcasts of 2024 so far are:

Pop Culture Happy Hour:

Hosted by Linda Holmes, Pop Culture Happy Hour from NPR is a roundtable discussion of the latest in pop culture. With a rotating panel of guests, Pop Culture Happy Hour covers everything from movies and TV to music and books.

Culture Gabfest:

From Slate, Culture Gabfest is a weekly discussion of the latest in arts and culture. Hosted by Dana Stevens, Stephen Metcalf, and Julia Turner, Culture Gabfest covers everything from the latest movies and TV shows to the state of American culture.

New York Magazine’s 1619 Project:

Based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning series from The New York Times, New York Magazine’s 1619 Project is a podcast that explores the history and legacy of slavery in America. Hosted by Nikole Hannah-Jones, the podcast features interviews with historians, writers, and activists.

These are just a few of the best news and culture podcasts of 2024 so far. With so many great podcasts available, there’s never been a better time to start listening.

Best Educational Podcasts

Podcasts are a great way to learn something new while on the go or during your free time. In 2024, there are numerous educational podcasts available that cover a wide range of topics, from science and history to personal development and finance. Here are some of the best educational podcasts to check out:

99% Invisible:

This podcast explores the unnoticed aspects of design, architecture, and the built environment. Host Roman Mars delves into the stories behind everyday objects and structures, revealing the thought and care that goes into their creation.


Vox’s podcast Unexplainable flips the script by exploring the mysteries and unexplained phenomena of the world. From the science of sleep to the psychology of conspiracy theories, this podcast is sure to pique your curiosity.

Revisionist History:

Hosted by author Malcolm Gladwell, Revisionist History takes a second look at events, ideas, and people from the past, challenging our understanding of history and the world around us.


Radiolab is a long-running podcast that explores science, philosophy, and the human experience. Hosts Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich use storytelling and sound design to bring complex ideas to life.

The History of Rome:

If you’re a history buff, The History of Rome is a must-listen. Host Mike Duncan takes listeners on a journey through the rise and fall of the Roman Empire, exploring the politics, culture, and warfare of one of the world’s greatest civilizations.

These are just a few of the many educational podcasts available in 2024. Whether you’re looking to learn something new or just want to be entertained while you commute or work out, there’s a podcast out there for you.

Podcast Interviews and Special Guests

One of the most popular formats for podcasts is the interview show, where hosts sit down with notable guests to discuss their lives and careers. In 2024, there have been several standout interview podcasts that have featured some of the biggest names in entertainment, politics, and more.

One such podcast is “Inside the Actors Studio with James Lipton,” which has been a staple of the interview genre for over two decades. In 2024, Lipton has continued to bring in high-profile guests, including Tom Hanks, who discussed his storied career in Hollywood and his recent foray into producing. The episode was a must-listen for fans of Hanks and provided an insightful look into the actor’s process and philosophy.

Another interview podcast that has made waves in 2024 is “WTF with Marc Maron,” which has been a mainstay of the medium since its inception. In the past year, Maron has interviewed a wide range of guests, including musicians, comedians, and actors. One particularly memorable episode featured Paul McCartney, who discussed his legendary career with The Beatles and his subsequent solo work. The conversation was a fascinating deep dive into the mind of one of the most influential musicians of all time.

In addition to these long-running interview shows, there have been several new podcasts that have made a splash in 2024. “Conversations with Tyler” is a popular show that features economist Tyler Cowen interviewing a diverse array of guests, from scientists to chefs. The show’s format allows for in-depth discussions on a variety of topics, making it a must-listen for anyone interested in learning about a wide range of subjects.

Overall, 2024 has been a strong year for interview podcasts, with hosts continuing to bring in high-profile guests and provide insightful conversations for listeners.

Weekly and Seasonal Podcasts

Weekly Podcasts

One of the great things about podcasts is that they can be a reliable source of entertainment or information on a weekly basis. Here are some of the best weekly podcasts of 2024 so far:

The Daily (The New York Times):

Hosted by Michael Barbaro, this podcast provides a daily breakdown of the news and current events. It is a great way to stay informed without feeling overwhelmed.

My Favorite Murder (Exactly Right):

Hosted by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, this true crime podcast has been a fan favorite for years. Each week, the hosts discuss a different murder case and add their own humorous commentary.

Reply All (Gimlet Media):

This podcast explores the internet and its impact on our lives. Hosts PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman tackle a wide range of topics, from online scams to the history of emojis.

New Season Highlights

In addition to weekly podcasts, there are also some exciting new seasons of existing podcasts that have been released in 2024. Here are some highlights:

Slow Burn:

Becoming Justice Thomas (Slate): This season of Slow Burn focuses on the controversial confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. It is a fascinating look at the intersection of politics and the law.

The Conviction of Max B (Spotify):

This investigative podcast explores the case of rapper Max B, who was convicted of murder in 2009. Hosted by journalist Brandon Jenkins, the podcast raises questions about the fairness of the criminal justice system.

Normal Gossip (Wondery):

This new podcast takes a deep dive into the world of celebrity gossip. Hosted by comedian Aparna Nancherla, the podcast is a fun and lighthearted way to stay up-to-date on the latest Hollywood news.

Overall, there are plenty of great weekly and seasonal podcasts to choose from in 2024. Whether you are interested in news, true crime, or entertainment, there is something out there for everyone.

Best Personal and Mental Health Podcasts

Mental Health Focus

In 2024, there are a number of podcasts that have focused on mental health issues. These podcasts aim to help people deal with anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. One of the best podcasts for anxiety, according to John, is The Anxiety Slayer. The hosts, Shann Vander and Ananga Silver, tackle all things anxiety-related, such as panic attacks. Another great podcast is The Hilarious World of Depression, which features interviews with comedians who have struggled with depression. The podcast is both informative and entertaining, and it’s a great way to learn about depression from people who have experienced it firsthand.

Personal Lives and Experiences

Personal lives and experiences are another popular topic for podcasts. These podcasts focus on the lives of individuals and their experiences. One of the best podcasts in this category is The Moth, which features true stories told by ordinary people. The stories are touching, funny, and sometimes heartbreaking. Another great podcast is Terrible, Thanks for Asking, which explores the difficult moments in people’s lives. The host, Nora McInerny, is a great interviewer and she has a way of making people feel comfortable sharing their stories.

Therapy Sessions

Therapy sessions are another popular topic for podcasts. These podcasts give listeners a chance to eavesdrop on therapy sessions and learn more about the therapeutic process. One of the best podcasts in this category is Where Should We Begin? with Esther Perel. The podcast features couples therapy sessions with real couples. The sessions are raw and emotional, and they provide a great insight into the dynamics of relationships. Another great podcast is The Hardcore Self Help Podcast, which features a clinical psychologist who answers listener questions about mental health issues.

Overall, personal and mental health podcasts can be a great way to learn more about mental health issues, personal lives, and therapy sessions. These podcasts are informative, entertaining, and can be a great way to feel less alone in your struggles.

Media and Production

Radio Presenters and Hosts

The year 2024 has seen a surge of talented radio presenters and hosts in the podcasting industry. Apple Podcasts continues to be a popular platform for new and experienced hosts to showcase their skills. Many hosts have come from traditional radio backgrounds, bringing their expertise in interviewing, storytelling, and engaging an audience to the podcasting world.

One such radio presenter is Sarah Koenig, the host of the popular true crime podcast Serial. Her in-depth investigative reporting and captivating storytelling have earned her critical acclaim and a loyal following. Another notable radio presenter is Ira Glass, the host of This American Life. His ability to weave together multiple narratives into a cohesive and thought-provoking story has made his show a favorite among listeners.

Behind the Scenes

Behind every successful podcast is a team of dedicated producers, editors, and sound engineers. These professionals work tirelessly to ensure that each episode is of the highest quality. Vox Media is one such production company that has made a name for itself in the podcasting world. Their shows, such as The Weeds and Today, Explained, are known for their informative and engaging content.

The creative process behind podcast production is also worth mentioning. Co-hosts often work together to develop ideas, research topics, and write scripts. Once the recording is done, editors work to refine the audio quality and ensure that the final product is polished and ready for release.

Overall, the podcasting industry in 2024 continues to be a dynamic and exciting field. With talented hosts and producers working together to create engaging content, it is no surprise that podcasts have become a popular form of entertainment and information for millions of listeners worldwide.

Podcast Episodes and Content

Best Episode Picks

With so many podcasts available, finding the best episode can be a daunting task. Here are some of the best episode picks from the first half of 2024:

  • “Dreamtown: The Story of Adelanto” (Crooked Media): This investigative series tells the strange story of what happened when a tiny California town became a detention center for immigrants.
  • “Normal Gossip” (Wondery): This tantalizing series explores the dark side of celebrity culture, with juicy stories and insider gossip.
  • “The Conviction of Max B” (Serial Productions): This hard-hitting investigative series follows the case of Max B, a man who was wrongfully convicted of murder and spent 20 years in prison.
  • “Astrology Forecast” (The Cut): This weekly podcast gives listeners a one-hour forecast of the astrological happenings for the week ahead.

One Episode Deep Dives

Sometimes, a single episode can be enough to hook a listener and keep them coming back for more. Here are some one-episode deep dives that are worth checking out:

  • “The Story of a Single Bitcoin” (NPR’s Planet Money): This episode tells the story of a single bitcoin and explores what it can tell us about the world of cryptocurrency.
  • “The Art of the Apology” (Radiolab): This episode explores the art of the apology and what makes a good apology.
  • “One Story: The Cost of Living” (This American Life): This episode tells the story of a woman who decides to freeze her eggs and explores the financial and emotional costs of the decision.
  • “The Biggest Stories of 2024” (The Daily): This episode looks back at the biggest stories of the year so far, from politics to pop culture.

Unique Podcast Themes

When it comes to finding a great podcast, there are plenty of options to choose from. But what makes a podcast truly stand out? In 2024, there are a few unique podcast themes that have caught the attention of listeners.

Desert Island Discs

Desert Island Discs is a long-running BBC Radio 4 show that has been adapted into a popular podcast in recent years. The premise is simple: each episode, a guest is asked to choose the eight songs they would take with them if they were stranded on a desert island. But the show is more than just a playlist – guests also discuss the stories behind the songs and how they have shaped their lives. It’s a fascinating insight into the power of music and the personal connections we have with it.

Superhero Complex

Superhero Complex is a podcast that explores our fascination with superheroes, both in pop culture and in real life. Hosted by David Weinberg (also known for his work on Welcome to L.A. and The Superhero Complex), the show delves into the psychology behind our love of superheroes and what they can teach us about ourselves. It’s a thought-provoking and entertaining exploration of a cultural phenomenon that shows no signs of slowing down.

Food Writer Margie Nomura

Food Writer Margie Nomura is a podcast that celebrates the art of cooking and the stories behind the food we eat. Hosted by Margie Nomura, a food writer and chef, each episode features a guest who shares their favorite recipe and its memories. From family traditions to international flavors, the show is a mouth-watering journey through the world of food.

Overall, these unique podcast themes offer a fresh perspective on familiar topics and showcase the power of storytelling in audio form. Whether you’re a music lover, a superhero fan, or a foodie, there’s something for everyone in the world of podcasts.

What are the Best Podcasts on Audible?

The best podcasts on Audible feature a mix of motivational talks, re-imagined classics, investigative journalism, bedtime stories, comedy, and star-studded narratives.

Here are the top available podcasts for this year.

  • 🎧 The Mel Robbins Podcast – Motivational insights by Mel Robbins.
  • 👀 Witness – A powerful re-imagining of the 1985 Oscar-winning film.
  • 🔍 48 Hours – Investigative journalism uncovering crime and justice cases.
  • 💤 Nothing much happens: bedtime stories to help you sleep – Relaxing bedtime stories by Kathryn Nicolai.
  • 😂 Small Town Murder – A comedic take on true crime in small towns.
  • 🎭 Trust Fall – A comedy adventure in the corporate world.
  • 🌙 Just Sleep – Bedtime Stories for Adults – Stories to help listeners relax and sleep.
  • 🚀 The Space Within – A narrative featuring voices like Jessica Chastain and Bobby Cannavale.

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So, there you have it! There are countless brilliant podcasts spanning across a myriad of genres, so hopefully these podcast will have given you something to add to your playlist – at least until the next podcast binge!

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