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Podcast Statistics: Facts & Trends from 2024 Data

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latest Podcast Statistics

The Importance of Podcast Statistics

Last year, podcast listeners reached 464.7 million, up 9.6% from the previous year. Now, in early 2024, this growth is continuing, and it’s projected that by the end of the year, the number will rise to 504.9 million.

This trend highlights the increasing popularity of podcasts, especially among those who enjoy multitasking and engaging in real conversations in a screen-centric world.

For creators, this is the year of opportunity. Beyond sharing stories, it’s about lucrative sponsorships and meaningful engagements. We’ll keep you in the loop with fresh monthly insights from giants like Statista and Edison Research.

Top Podcast Statistics 2024

  1. 🎧 There were 464.7 million podcast listeners in 2023, projected to be 504.9M by the end of 2024
  2. 🎙️ There are currently over 4.2 million podcasts Worldwide
  3. 🇺🇸 178 million Americans have listened to a podcast
  4. 🇬🇧 25% of the UK population has listened to a podcast
  5. 🇸🇪 Sweden is the leader in podcast consumption, with over 47% of the population listening
  6. 💰 Podcasters make $500 to $900 per episode
  7. 📱 Smartphones are the most popular listening device
  8. 🚗 42.9% listen to a podcast whilst driving
  9. 🚶 46% listen during a walk
  10. ⏰ Over 80% listen to more than 7 hours a week
  11. 🔍 True Crime is the top category of podcasts
  12. 🎵 Spotify is Home to Over 3.2 Million Podcasts
  13. 🤖 52% of Podcasters use AI
  14. 🎤 The Joe Rogan Experience is Number 1 Podcast in the World

Listener Demographics

In 2023, there are 464.7 million listeners

Total Number of Podcast Listeners in 2024

YearPodcast ListenersChange Over Previous YearPercentage of Internet Users
2019274.8 million🔼 22.6%14.4%
2020332.2 million🔼 20.9%16.5%
2021383.7 million🔼 15.5%18.7%
2022 424.2 million🔼 10.6%20.3%
2023 464.7 million🔼 9.6%22%
2024 (forecasted)504.9 million🔼 8.6%23.5%
  • 2019:
    • 274.8 million 🎧
    • Growth of 22.6% 🚀
  • 2020:
    • 332.2 million 🎧
    • Growth of 20.9% 🚀
    • COVID-19 pandemic potentially enhanced digital consumption 💡
  • 2021:
    • 383.7 million 🎧
    • Growth rate of 15.5% 🚀
  • 2022 (forecasted):
    • 424.2 million 🎧
    • Growth rate of 10.6% 🚀
  • 2023:
    • 464.7 million 🎧
    • Growth rate of 9.6% 🚀
  • 2024 (forecasted):
    • 504.9 million 🎧
    • Growth rate of 8.6% 🚀
    • Nearly a quarter of all internet users expected to be podcast listeners 💡

There Are Over 4.2 Million Podcasts Registered Worldwide

There are 4.2 million registered podcasts worldwide

How many podcasts are there?

There are currently 4.2 million podcasts in existence. As of today, 4,206,131 podcasts.

The Apple App Store alone boasts over 4 million audio podcast episodes ready for download. It’s quite easy to discover something of interest.

Podcast Popularity and Trends:

Podcasting is experiencing a continuous upward trend in popularity and global interest.

Searches per month for podcast

Data source:

  • The keyword “podcast” has a search volume of 133K.
  • The keyword “podcast” has a global volume of 1.2M.
  • In the United States, the search volume is 133K (10%).
  • Brazil also has a search volume of 133K (10%).
  • Germany accounts for 96K searches (7%).
  • France has 71K searches (5%).
  • Taiwan represents 60K searches (4%).
Interest in Podcasting over time from Google Trends

Data source:

Rapid Podcast Growth Observed in Chile and South Korea

Podcasts have surged in popularity in Chile, with an impressive increase of 82.9%. This positions Chile as a leader in this medium. Following Chile, though not as closely, are countries like Argentina, Peru, Mexico, China, and South Korea.

English Tops the Chart as the Leading Podcast Language.

English is the most popular language for Podcasting

English is the most widely used language for podcasts globally.

Podcast Global Market Size — (Podcasting Revenue Will Be Worth $4 Billion)

Podcasting Industry Will Be Worth $4 Billion

The podcast industry is projected to generate around $4 billion in revenue, showcasing its significant market size.

Demographics of Podcast Listeners in the U.S.

Over the last ten years, the US listenership has seen notable changes that didn’t always reflect the general population.

YearMonthly US Listeners 🎧Increase Over Previous Year 🚀
201332.1 million
201440.2 million8.1 million
201546.3 million6.1 million
201657.4 million11.1 million
201765.1 million7.7 million
201875.1 million10 million
201988.2 million13.1 million
2020103.6 million15.4 million
2021120.2 million16.6 million
2022140.1 million19.9 million
2023178 million33.9 million

178 Million Americans Have Listened to a Podcast

178 million US citizens have listened to a podcast

178 million Americans have listened to at least one podcast episode in the US.

In 2024, the average American listens to 8 podcasts every week

Americans listen to 8 podcast per week

US Podcast Listenership Growth (2013-2024):

The number of monthly US podcast listeners has grown consistently over the past decade.
In 2013, there were 32.1 million listeners, which has surged to 178 million in 2024.
The largest year-on-year increase was observed between 2022 and 2023, with an addition of 23.9 million listeners.
The smallest annual growth occurred between 2015 and 2016, with an increase of 6.1 million listeners.
Over the decade, the podcast listenership in the US has multiplied approximately fivefold.
This consistent growth underscores the rising popularity and mainstream acceptance of podcasts in the US.

79% of U.S. Residents are Now Familiar with Podcasts, a Rise from 64%.

79% of US Residents are now familiar with Podcasts

The familiarity with podcasts among U.S. residents has increased from 64% to 79%.

Global Podcast Metrics and Insights

Sweden leads the global podcast consumption chart, with 47% of its respondents indicating they listened to at least one podcast in the past 12 months, making it the top country for podcast listenership out of 54 surveyed nations.

🇸🇪 Sweden47%
🇮🇪 Ireland>40%
🇧🇷 Brazil>40%
🇬🇧 UK~33%
🇺🇸 US~33%
🇨🇳 China19%
🇯🇵 Japan5%

Podcast listening habits in various countries:

  1. Sweden 🇸🇪 leads the pack: Out of the countries surveyed, Sweden has the highest percentage of podcast listeners, with 47% of respondents indicating they listened to at least one podcast in the past year.
  2. Top three countries: Following Sweden, both Ireland 🇮🇪 and Brazil 🇧🇷 have more than 40% of their surveyed populations engaging with podcasts.
  3. UK and US in sync: In both the United Kingdom 🇬🇧 and the United States 🇺🇸, about one-third of respondents (~33%) listen to podcasts.
  4. Eastern hemisphere’s lower engagement: Countries in the Eastern hemisphere, in general, exhibit a lower percentage of podcast listeners. For instance:
  5. China 🇨🇳: 19% of respondents have engaged with podcasts.
  6. Japan 🇯🇵: It has the lowest podcast listenership among the listed countries, with only 5% of respondents indicating they listened to a podcast in the past year.
Sweden has the highest percentage of podcast listeners

91% of Australians Are Aware of Podcasts

A substantial 91% of Australians are aware of the existence of podcasts.

Podcasts Resonate Most with the 12-34 Age Bracket

Podcasts Resonate Most with the 12-34 Age Bracket

The age group between 12 and 34 years old is where podcasts find the most resonance.

68% of Podcast Creators Target Listeners Aged 18 to 44

Most often, people are avid listeners. The podcast community predominantly comprises tech-savvy individuals. Discovering quality online podcasts isn’t an everyday occurrence, setting it apart from other online media forms.

Podcast Audiences Are Becoming More Diverse

The listenership of podcasts is becoming increasingly diverse in terms of demographics.

45% of Podcast Enthusiasts Boast a Household Income Exceeding $250,000

Among podcast enthusiasts, 45% have a household income exceeding $250,000.

Podcast Fans are 68% More Likely to Hold a Postgraduate Qualification

Podcast fans are 68% more likely to have completed postgraduate education.

A Quarter of UK Adults 25% Tune into Podcasts Regularly.

A quarter of UK adults frequently tune into podcasts. While a modest fraction of the British public sees podcasts as an engaging entertainment source, the number of enthusiasts who consider podcasting a hobby remains low. With only 25% of the population listening regularly, it’s essential for podcast hosts to maintain their audience’s interest.

Listening Habits -How do people listen to podcasts?

Interestingly, the typical podcast duration falls between 25 to 30 minutes, mirroring the average daily commute time for Americans. Leveraging this information could be beneficial for advertising strategies, ensuring podcasts effectively reach their intended audience.

Smartphones Lead as the Preferred Podcast Streaming Device

Smartphone are the number 1 choice for listening to podcasts on the go

Weekly Podcast Enthusiasts Consume an Average of 8 Episodes

Those who listen to podcasts weekly on average consume about 8 episodes.

Nearly Half (49.6%) of Podcast Fans Listen from Their Homes

Close to half, or 49.6%, of podcast fans prefer to listen at home.

49.2% of Podcast Listeners Do So While Behind the Wheel

49.2% of Podcast Listeners Do So While Driving

49.2% of dedicated podcast listeners tune in while driving.

46% of Listeners Enjoy Podcasts During Their Walks.

46% of podcast listeners do so during their walks

People have long enjoyed listening to music, be it through digital devices or older cassette/disc players. The practice of using headphones while strolling around neighborhoods has been a constant for generations, even though the format has evolved. Recent statistics from the UK highlight the ubiquity of podcast consumption on smartphones. In the early days of podcasting, smartphones were rudimentary. Did devices like the Palm Pilot focus primarily on emails and scheduling? However, the landscape underwent a massive shift when the iPod evolved into a phone.

Over 80% of Podcast Enthusiasts Dedicate 7+ Hours Weekly on Their Preferred Podcast App.

A significant majority, over 80%, of podcast enthusiasts spend more than 7 hours per week using their favorite podcast app.

Monetization and Revenue

Podcasters make between $500 to $900 in affiliate sales per episode

Podcasters make $500 to $900 per episode

Source: How Much Do Podcasters Make

Who has the biggest podcast deal?

Joe Rogan has the biggest podcast deal after signing a new contract with Spotify in 2024, worth $250 million.

69% of Podcast Listeners Are Introduced to New Products Through Advertisements.

69% of podcast listeners discover new products via ads

A recent survey from Audible indicates that 69% of listeners feel they have been introduced to new products through advertisements on podcasts.

Podcast Advertising is Projected to Garner $4 Billion by 2024.

The podcast advertising industry is anticipated to achieve $4 billion in revenue by 2024.

By 2027, Podcast Ad Revenue is Expected to Surpass $5 Billion.

Podcast advertising revenue is predicted to exceed $5 billion by the year 2027.

Over 50% of Listeners Report an Increased Likelihood of Buying After a Podcast Ad.

over 50% of listeners more likely to buy after a podcast ad

A majority, over 50%, of listeners express a higher likelihood of making purchases following podcast ads.

“True Crime Obsessed” Leads as the Premier Patreon Podcast Creator.

“True Crime Obsessed” holds the position of the top Patreon podcast creator.

Insights into Podcast Advertising Efficacy and Trends.

Podcast advertising trends and effectiveness offer valuable insights for advertisers and creators.

Most Popular Podcast Platforms and Directories

Spotify vs Apple Podcast listeners

Number Of Podcasts on the Top Two Listening Platforms

Apple Podcasts Claims to List Over 2 Million Podcast Shows

Apple lists upwards of 250,000 podcast series. While this number is remarkable, nearly half of these series contain three episodes or fewer. This illustrates how frequently individuals initiate podcasting but soon leave it behind.

Apple hosts 2M+ podcasts

Spotify is Home to Over 3.2 Million Podcasts

Spotify hosts 3.2M+ podcasts

A recent study reveals that Spotify holds the leading position in audio streaming. Despite Spotify being an established name in podcasting, a significant portion of its global user base accesses the platform via Apple’s iPhone or iPad. While Apple once overtook Spotify, it seems Spotify has reclaimed its premier position. 

Podcast Growth and Trends – Podcast Growth Statistics

The podcasting industry is experiencing rapid growth and evolving trends, reshaping the way we consume audio content.

Rapid Podcast Growth Observed in Specific Countries

Certain countries are experiencing accelerated growth in their podcasting landscapes, indicating a strong global trend.

Gen Z’s Podcast Engagement Doubles Compared to Other Age Demographics

Engagement with podcasts has doubled among Generation Z when compared to other age groups, showcasing their affinity for this medium.

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Shaping Podcasting

Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a pivotal role in shaping the podcasting industry, aiding in content recommendations, transcription, and personalized experiences.

81% Support the Use of AI for Translating Captions

Over 80% of Podcasters support the use of using AI to translation captions

52% of Podcasters are Using AI for Show Notes

52% of Podcasters are Using AI for Show Notes

52% of Podcasters are saving time by using AI to provide show notes for blogs using AI to convert the audio to text.

Vodcast Popularity is Ascending

Understanding Vodcasting:

  • What is it? Vodcasting, or video podcasting, builds on the classic podcast format by adding video elements.
  • Flexibility: While vodcasts can be transformed into audio-only podcasts with ease, doing the opposite is more complex.
  • Enhanced Experience: Vodcasts elevate user engagement with features such as closed captioning, adjustable playback speed, and the possibility of lip-reading.

Contrasting Vodcasts and Podcasts:

  • It’s simpler to extract audio from video than to generate video from audio.
  • When prioritizing video, content creators might inadvertently neglect those who opt for an audio-only experience, potentially creating a disjointed narrative for traditional podcast audiences.
📺 Video Consumption Stats🎙️ Podcast Consumption Stats
In 2024, 82% of internet traffic will be online videos.In 2024, global podcast listeners total 464.7 million.
78% of people watch online videos weekly; 55% daily.78% of Americans know about podcasts; 28% listen weekly.
72% of consumers prefer videos to learn about products.79% of Americans use smartphones for podcasts.
Videos have a 95% message retention rate.Regular listeners average 8 episodes weekly.
92% of mobile users share videos.62% of Americans have tried podcasts.
YouTube mobile views average over 40 minutes.Most podcast listening occurs in the morning on mobiles.
1.5 billion YouTube users watch 1 billion hours daily.Spotify offers 5 million podcasts; Joe Rogan’s averages 11 million listeners per episode.

Within the First Month, an Average Podcast Garners 151 Downloads.

Reaching the objectives outlined below is crucial, but it might take longer than anticipated. A podcast typically garners 151 downloads daily. Set a realistic expectation for your potential download count and remain consistent. The market for your offerings is growing.

Source: What Is The Average Number Of Downloads For A Podcast?

Future of podcasting: Is the Podcast Industry growing?

The data indicates the burgeoning growth of audio and podcasting. Surprisingly, projections suggest that the podcast market could reach a valuation of $4bn by 2024. The numbers also highlight the significant revenue generated by podcasting. If you’re considering venturing into podcasting, now’s the time! Major streaming platforms like Spotify have recognized this trend and are prioritizing it. But how has this come to be? The competitive landscape is fierce!

How Has Podcasting Affected Radio?

In-Depth Analysis and Questions

How popular are podcasts?

Last year, podcasting witnessed a massive surge and in 2024 we expect the same growth. There are millions of podcasts available, with podcast statistics revealing that people listen to podcasts more than ever before. Just look at some podcast statistics and you’ll realize the enormous growth rate the podcast industry has experienced.

Who listens to podcasts?

Podcast listeners encompass a wide range of demographics. The podcast listenership includes individuals from various age groups, with a notable proportion from Gen Z. Edison Research suggests that a significant number of podcast listeners vbetween 18-34 years in the U.S regularly tune into their favorite shows.

How do people listen to podcasts?

Most podcast listeners use platforms like Spotify and Apple Podcasts to consume content. Mobile devices have become a go-to for many listeners. Spotify, in particular, accounts for a substantial number of podcast downloads.

What are the most popular podcasts?

Popular podcast names like the “Joe Rogan Experience” consistently rank high. The top 5 podcasts can vary based on the source, such as Apple iTunes or Spotify’s top 50. Buzzsprout and other podcast directories often update their lists with the latest podcast hits.

When do most podcasters publish new episodes?

The podcast index suggests that a significant number of podcasters release new podcasts weekly. Regular podcast listeners anticipate these weekly podcast drops, making it a popular publishing frequency.

How Many People Listen to Podcasts?

The number of podcast listeners has grown tremendously. Podcast statistics you need to know in 2024 indicate over 504.9 million podcast listeners worldwide.

Source: How To See How Many Listeners A Podcast Has

Who Listens To Podcasts?

From the podcast statistics available, we know in 2024 that listeners range from young adults to the older generation. People listen to podcasts across all continents, making it a global phenomenon.

How Often Do People Listen to Podcasts?

Weekly podcast listeners form a considerable chunk of the total. Many listeners tune into hours of podcasts weekly, indicating the consistent listenership podcasts enjoy.

Where Do Most People Listen to Podcasts?

Podcast listeners prefer platforms like Spotify and Apple Podcasts. But with the rise of smart speakers, many also enjoy episodes at home.

How Do People Listen To Podcasts?

Apart from Spotify and Apple Podcasts, there are several podcast listening apps and directories where podcast consumers enjoy their favorite content. Whether on mobile devices or via smart speakers, the accessibility is vast.

Where Do People Find Podcasts?

Listeners commonly discover new podcast content on platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Buzzsprout, and other podcast directories.

Why Do People Listen To Podcasts?

Listeners often cite the need to multitask as a reason for podcast consumption. Podcasts also provide entertainment, education, and insights.

How Many Podcasts Are There?

In 2024, there are millions of active podcasts available. The podcast market has expanded rapidly in the last few years.

How Many Listeners Does The Average Podcast Get?

The average podcast might garner a few thousand downloads per episode. However, podcast download statistics can vary widely based on content, promotion, and podcast genre.

What Are The Most Popular Type of Podcast Genres?

True crime, education, and health are among the top podcast genres. The second most popular podcast genre often fluctuates but includes categories like business and comedy.

How Many Podcasts Use Video?

Video podcasting is becoming increasingly prevalent. Many popular podcast hosts now offer video components to their episodes, expanding their reach.

What Software Do Podcasters Use?

Podcasters utilize a variety of software for recording and editing, but platforms like Buzzsprout are also popular for hosting and distribution.

So, who listens to podcasts, anyway?

From regular employees to students, podcast listeners are diverse. The 2024 demographics of podcast listeners suggest that the trend spans across various age and professional groups.

What podcasts do people listen to?

Listeners enjoy a variety of content, from popular podcasts like “Joe Rogan Experience” to niche topics specific to their interests.

How do podcasts fit into listener’s lives?

Podcasts provide a convenient way for listeners to integrate entertainment and learning into their daily routines, especially when they need to multitask.

What are some marketing-related podcast statistics?

The podcast advertising industry is booming, with podcast ads generating significant revenue. Brands have recognized the value of podcast advertising, with platforms like Spotify offering targeted ad placements. Podcast insights also reveal a trend towards increased podcast content marketing.

What Are Good Stats For A Podcast?

The primary measurement for assessing the popularity of podcasts is the number of downloads.

The top 50% of podcasts get 26 or more downloads within the first week of release. So if you do get that many, you’re already off to a great start.

And if you manage to get over 72 downloads within the first 7 days, that means your podcast is in the top 25%.

To get into the top 10%, you will need to achieve at least 231 downloads in the first week.

How to Monitor Podcast Statistics?

Consider the following methods:

Unfortunately, numerous podcast hosting platforms do not openly disclose their download metrics. Therefore, if you’re looking to assess a podcast’s popularity without this data, you’ll often need to explore alternative indicators.

  1. Many podcast hosting platforms offer the option for podcasters to showcase user ratings and reviews. A higher quantity of individual user reviews generally suggests greater popularity. However, it’s important to note that this doesn’t necessarily reflect the total listener count, as not all listeners take the time to provide ratings or reviews.
  2. Certain podcast hosting platforms incorporate a ranking system where a podcast’s popularity is determined by its ranking. This ranking isn’t solely based on downloads; it also considers the rate of growing interest in a podcast. It’s worth mentioning that not all podcasts on the platform might be featured in this ranking system, usually showing only the top 100 or 200 podcasts.
  3. In instances where podcast episodes go viral, there’s often substantial discussion about them on social media. If a particular podcast episode sparks controversy, you might expect to see related tweets and retweets on Twitter. Additionally, you can gauge a podcast’s social media presence by tracking its followers and likes on various platforms.
  4. Google Trends proves to be a valuable tool. By entering a podcast’s name in the search bar, you can access a graph displaying fluctuations in the volume of searches for that podcast. Dedicated podcast analytics tools like Podtrac also offer a wealth of information. Podtrac, for example, tracks podcast downloads, providing insights into weekly listener numbers for your show.

Podcast Analytics Tools

11 Podcast Trends in 2024

Here’s a summary of the key podcast trends from 2024 to 2026:

  1. AI in Editing and Production: AI is revolutionizing podcast editing and production, offering tools for automatic content editing, voice synthesis, and personalized content recommendations, significantly enhancing efficiency and listener engagement.
  2. Podcast Advertising Growth: Ad revenue will reach $2.56 billion in 2024. Most listeners are receptive to ads, with searches for “podcast advertising” rising sharply. Advertisers are employing new tactics for transparency and tracking.
  3. Competition Among Podcast Apps: Spotify has overtaken Apple Podcasts as the top app, with users often engaging with multiple platforms. Investments in exclusive content, like Spotify’s acquisition of Gimlet Media, are shaping the competitive landscape.
  4. Ease of Producing and Placing Podcast Ads: The barrier to entry for podcast advertising has decreased, with platforms like Spotify allowing advertisers to create and place ads more easily. Ad marketplaces are simplifying the process of finding sponsorship opportunities.
  5. Diverse Monetization Strategies: Podcasters are exploring new monetization methods beyond ads, such as subscription models with exclusive content offerings.
  6. Rise of Live Podcasting: Live podcast events are gaining popularity as a way to enhance audience engagement and generate revenue, with a notable increase in live broadcasting options.
  7. Podcast Accessibility Improvements: The industry is improving accessibility with better transcriptions, subtitles, and interfaces for disabled users, broadening podcast reach and inclusivity.
  8. New Growth Strategies for Podcasters: With rising competition, podcasters are adopting strategies like cross-promotion and distributing content on social media to attract new listeners.
  9. Learning and Education Focus: Podcast listeners, often young and educated, seek content for learning and inspiration, fueling the growth of educational podcasts.
  10. Innovative Uses of Podcast Content: Podcasts are increasingly used for mood improvement and relationship advice, highlighting new content categories and listener needs.
  11. Professional Podcasting Tools: The market for podcast-specific tools, including microphones, audio editing software, and hosting services, is expanding to support the industry’s growth.

These trends indicate a dynamic and evolving podcast industry, with advertising, content strategies, and technological advancements playing key roles in shaping its future.

Best Podcasts in 2024

Most Popular Podcast — (The Number One Podcast In The World)

“The Joe Rogan Experience” stands as the world’s most renowned podcast, boasting approximately 11 million subscribers. Not only is it a top-tier podcast in terms of popularity, but it also holds the record as one of the longest-running, having produced over 2000 episodes. Hosted by comedian Joe Rogan, who also has ties to the UFC, the JRE podcast frequently blends humor with deep dives during extensive interviews with a variety of guests spanning different fields. Remember when Elon Musk smoked cannabis? That was on Joe Rogan’s podcast. Now, “The Joe Rogan Experience” is exclusively available on Spotify. Dive deeper to learn more about Joe Rogan’s iconic podcast.

Source: What Is The Number One Podcast In The World

Leading Podcasts Found on Spotify

Spotify Podcast Charts – Ranked

iHeartPodcasts: The Premier Podcast Publisher in the U.S.

Edison’s Podcast Metrics Unveil the 50 Most Popular U.S. Podcasts

Achieve 9,000 Downloads and Enter the Elite Top 5% of Podcasts.

Conclusion & Key Takeaways from the Data

  • Multitasking remains a significant reason people turn to podcasts.
  • In 2024, global podcast listeners have crossed the 504.9 million mark.
  • True crime reigns supreme, but health and wellness genres are catching up.
  • The battle between Spotify and Apple Podcasts is intensifying.
  • Podcast ads are expected to generate over a billion dollars in 2024.
  • Weekly podcast consumption is habitual for many, especially in the U.S.
  • Video podcasts are emerging as a favorite, especially among younger audiences.

The Future of Podcasting: What the Data Suggests

Source: What Is The Future Of Podcasting

Glossary of Statistical Terms

Data Sources and Methodology:

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