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Stitcher Vs Soundcloud: Best Podcast Hosting Sites Comparison

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stitcher vs soundcloud

Depending on what type of podcast you have and the skill you have in recording and editing, it is universally known that the right podcast host is the first big decision anyone has to make.

You might already use one of these podcasting services, like Soundcloud, for your music and want to explore how to host podcasts there. But is it any good compared to a podcast-based service like Stitcher?

In this article, we look at both of these podcast hosts and see where they excel and where they might lack in, to give you some idea of what to expect. Read our Stitcher vs Soundcloud review to find out which podcasting platform will best suit your needs and take your podcast to the next level.

Stitcher Podcast Host

Stitcher logo

This podcasting platform seems, on the surface, to be a more podcast-centered option if we compare it to Soundcloud, as you have simple navigation and features that are customizable to your needs.

Its front page, or the main feed, allows you to see podcasts that are tailored by the genres that you’ve chosen when making your account and building a playlist of your favorite shows that you can set up as the default view when you open up the app.

There’s no wonder then that this platform is known as the Netflix of hosting sites because you’ll find a diverse range of content that is bound to pique the interest of yourself or your audience.


The first big plus is that if you have a niche genre of the podcast that might encompass many subjects and themes, you might find yourself better situated here, and with optimization with Android, IOS, and desktop browsers, you have a far reach as well.

You also have the opportunity to join Stitcher’s partner program if your show builds a consistent listenership which works by you getting paid for new users who download the app to listen to your show.

If you already have an advertising message on your podcast and move over to Stitcher, it won’t be affected, and the platform will provide ways to extend its reach, so it becomes more valuable to you over time.


Stitcher Vs. Soundcloud

If you have a podcast that is available to free users, you might find audio advertisements that Stitcher implements, and as much as they try to find relevant ads, they might not always be relevant to your audience.

If your podcasts use video, you might find that Sticher does not seem to have this feature or might be limited, so it depends on how important this feature is to you.

And if it is, you might want to consider Apple or Spotify as your platform of choice, especially if this feature is vital to the promotion of your product or service for a business, for example.

Soundcloud Website Podcast Platform


Most commonly known as an audio podcasting platform that works by using Simplecast to publish podcast episodes to Soundcloud and acts as a dashboard for your analytics and sharing tools.

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Soundcloud as an option is very social in nature, so your listeners can like, comment, and share your podcast with other people, so it’s very much like a social platform which is great knowing how popular these platforms are in pop culture.

You might not have realized Soundcloud has these capabilities, so it might be worth you going to the platform to see how well it works and if it’s something you could consider. 


The big plus for this platform is the accessibility, as Soundcloud is available on most types of phone OS and browsers, and as the platform is free to download, there aren’t any annoying paywalls you have to go through to listen to your favorite shows.

The comment section of this service allows you to get real-time feedback from your audible and makes it much easier for you to make improvements to your show, and has interactions that aren’t effective to this extent.

With the option to share on other forms of social media, there’s a better chance that your podcast can become popular, and you don’t have to rely on a big group of people having access to the same application. (Also see, “How To Start A Podcast With No Audience And Succeed“)


Even though podcasts are a feature on Soundcloud, they make up a small amount of total content on the platform, so you might find some features that aren’t optimized for your listeners, as it’s yet to be known if Soundcloud intends on adding any improvements.

If you already have an established podcast, this option might not be for you because Soundcloud doesn’t import your existing episodes onto your account on its platform.

This means you’ll have to manually import them yourself, which can be an inconvenience if you have a lot of existing shows. 

Final Verdict: Stitcher vs Soundcloud Podcast Apps

Stitcher vs Soundcloud

We find both of these options to offer you something, but if you already have a podcast set up, Stitcher is the obvious choice, as moving your podcast can be as easy as inserting a link to your RSS feed.

If you’re starting out, Soundcloud could be a good entry point, but you might still find you’re limited by upload time and below-average analytics, but it might be a good place to practice nonetheless.

It all depends on what stage of the podcast production process you’re at and what you hope to achieve with it in terms of genre and ad revenue, and programs.

The Bottom Line

We should also mention that your recording and editing software is vital, as you don’t want your listeners to experience any issues that occur over a show that may be over an hour long.

You also might want to look at your physical setup (also see, “Podcasting Booth“) and consider the potential issues that may arise if you decide to have guests on your shows, as you may need to gather their recordings and upload them separately.

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