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Stitcher Vs Castbox: Picking The Best Podcast App For You

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Stitcher Vs. Castbox

The first thing you want to be thinking about with your podcasts is whether the new podcasts you produce are going to be accessible to the biggest audience possible, and what better way to do this than to have a solid podcast hosting platform?

After all, you want a service that is easy to integrate your content with and has the ability to be shared across other platforms such as Facebook and Twitter so that more interactions can take place.

But how do you go about this, and how do you know that your new podcasts are going to be easy to find in the first place?

In this article, we take two popular podcast apps and break down their features to determine what type of podcast maker would be ideal for each one. Read our Stitcher vs Castbox comparison to find the best podcast app for your shows that you can get started with straight away.

Best Podcast Apps: Stitcher Overview

Stitcher logo

Like Castbox, this platform is home to many of your favorite podcasts from the likes of NPR, Wondery, the New York Times, Earwolf, and so many more.

Stitcher’s helpful features include tools to organize and display episodes of a podcast that you want to save for later or download for offline mode, and you can even get updates when popular podcasts are released.

If you subscribe to Stitcher Premium, you get access to exclusive content from shows such as Today Explained, Freakonomics, The Dream, Bad With Money, The Distraction, and even some bonus episodes.

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What Are The Benefits of Stitcher Podcast App?

If you already have an established audience, you can easily transfer over to the platform and use the affiliate program to make extra content for your most dedicated audience.

This will work well for those who might want to set up a subscription type of service and have a few income streams through advertising or selling your own products or merchandise.

This can make it great to retain the audience you have and expand your reach over to other users across multiple types of OS and browsers. 

Are There Any Drawbacks in Using Stitcher Podcast App?

Stitcher Vs. Castbox

You might find that the title of your podcast sounds similar to a more popular one, and if this is the case, you might encounter issues with uploading it to Stitcher, as this remains one of the earliest entry requirements in order to submit your podcast.

If you’re looking to produce high-quality content that uses different sounds, you might want to invest in some third-party software, as Stitcher doesn’t seem to offer much in this area. (Also see, “Best Podcast Recording Software“)

There might be a learning curve for beginners to acclimatize themselves to this software, especially if you’re looking to diversify your content. (Also see, “Podbean vs Stitcher“)

Castbox Podcast App Overview

Castbox logo

This service was created in 2016 and allows you to find and create your own podcast or any sort of spoken word type content, and supports over 50 million podcasts, audiobooks, and radio programs.

It’s home to around 2 million users every day and is one of the most popular platforms available on Android devices, with accessibility and availability being some of the main benchmarks that the platform seems to be working towards.

You also have a community tab that allows users to express their views on certain podcasts and create podcast subscriptions to shows that can only be found on Castbox, such as This Sounds Serious and Mind Love, Modern Mindfulness.

What Are The Benefits of Castbox Podcast App?

The main plus is that if you’re not living in the US, you can have access to its shows from more than 70 countries, so it can be useful if you’re looking to extend the reach of your shows and can attract new listeners.

There is also a great tagging system which means you can categorize your shows under words if you find the name of your podcast might make it difficult for people to find your podcast, and you’re able to attract new listeners if you use genres as your tags.

You’ll also find that the range of audiobooks is on par with services such as Audible, so if ever you were to branch into this sort of content creation, you would have a good share of listeners compared to traditional services.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

If you’re setting up a podcast for the first time, you might find it takes a while for your podcast to be featured on the editor’s picks section of the homepage, as you need to have a good amount of listeners and content quality, and growth potential.

As of yet, Castbox doesn’t offer monetization programs, and you have to arrange opportunities through third-party audio ad agencies or ad platforms to arrange your own deals.

This could be off-putting for those starting out because they may not know how to contact such an agency, and they might have to rely on income from premium channel subscriptions.

Which One Is Best For You?

If you’re looking for a podcast app that has more of a social dynamic, Castbox is probably your best option if you want tailored feedback to help you improve your shows.

Stitcher podcast app remains one of the best ways to secure some form of a steady income stream, as it’s likely you don’t need to set up any paid advertising deals by yourself.

Both are just as easy to upload episodes to, but a recent update to Stitcher has affected the UI negatively for some, so in this case, we lean slightly over in favor of Castbox.

Closing Thoughts: Stitcher vs Castbox

Stitcher vs Castbox

With this type of integration, you’ll find that producing shows and uploading them in these two of the most popular podcast apps is as easy as it’s ever been. The only hurdle you might have to overcome at this stage is your editing software.

Programs such as GarageBand offer tutorials on how to get the most out of it, and there’s no doubt you can find tutorials on it online. 

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