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Is Simplecast Good for Podcasting?

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Is Simplecast Good for Podcasting

You’ve come up with an idea for a great podcast and even started recording some content, but where to go when you need it hosted?

Simplecast is one of the most popular independent podcast hosting platforms and as its name suggests, it’s designed to be simple for the user.

Is Simplecast good for podcasting? Simplecast has all of the features that an independent podcast creator looks for in a hosting platform, including access to analytics and reporting.

Designed for first-time users and independent creators, you get the tools to do everything yourself, including publishing finished episodes on your chosen streaming services.

This quick review of Simplecast will let you know whether it’s suited to your needs as a podcaster, including monetization, publishing, and migration. If you’re looking for a more straightforward hosting platform, Simplecast ticks all of the boxes without any confusion.

What is Simplecast?

What is Simplecast?

Simplecast is a podcast hosting, analytics, and distribution platform that podcasters can use to create and share their content.

Their goal is to remain the easiest way for podcasters to publish their audio to the world, and it’s easy to see by their happy customers that they deliver.

With just. seven years of history, Simplecast has managed to build an impressive reputation in such a short time. They aim to deliver solutions for shows of all shapes and sizes, including independent podcasters and those belonging to larger networks.

Simplecast is arguably one of the biggest names in podcast hosting and one look at their website will show you all of the impressive brands that they work with.

Among their accolades are partnerships with Nike, Shopify, Facebook, Harvard University, and Target, so you know that you’re in good hands.

What Does Simplecast Offer For Podcasting?

What Does Simplecast Offer For Podcasting?

Simplecast is more than just a host that gives you a link to an RSS feed for your podcast, but they cover you every step of the way.

Among their suite of tools are distribution, publishing, analytics, and sharing services, and you can feel free to use as little or as many as you choose.

To ensure that everyone gets solutions tailored to their needs, Simplecast offers both ‘Independent Podcaster’ and ‘Networks and Businesses’ plans.

The Basic independent package is suitable for up to 20,000 downloads per month and the Growth package allows for 120,000 downloads, so there’s lots of room to move.

A leading feature of Simplecast is that they give every user a personalized website. On this website, you can display your RSS feed, add email links, podcast badges, and more, as well as publish original content and market your brand and podcast.

The website is hosted for free by Simplecast and is included in the plan’s monthly fee.

Some of the other cool features that they offer podcasters include unique listener reports, detailed analytics, metric comparisons, the ability to add team members, RSS feed, and distribution to anywhere in the world that your audience wants to listen from.

You can start small with just a few features and see what the others are about as you learn more and go deeper with your podcasts, with the higher the plan the more there is available.

Who Should Try It?

Who Should Try It?

Simplecast has developed its hosting platform for both independent users and large-scale enterprises, but we think where they really shine is for the independent users.

Even the smallest brand or newest podcaster will get access to all of the tools and knowledge that enterprises do when using this platform, so there’s no end to the potential.

Although there are free alternatives for podcasting platforms, choosing one with a reputation and services on offer like Simplecast is worth spending money on.

These paid platforms provide you with all of the tools and support you need, plus you’ll get a website and recast player just for your podcast. Regardless of your experience with podcasting, there’s no denying that they deliver on their promises.

For larger networks and businesses, there’s just as much value when switching over the Simplecast.

As we mentioned earlier, they work with some of the largest organizations and their higher-level plans offer everything from a dedicated success manager to on-demand RSS feed creation.

The hosting platform is designed to grow as your reach does, so even the smallest podcasters can reach their large-scale goals on Simplecast.

Monetization Options With Simplecast

Monetization Options With Simplecast

Podcasts can be a joy to create, even without any financial incentives, but for most of us, it’s nice to earn a living doing it as well.

Simplecast’s best solution for monetization is affiliate marketing and they have a range of resources available that can get you started.

The Simplecast platform is compatible with lots of the popular affiliate marketing programs as well, so it’s easy enough to integrate them.

If you’re looking to learn about other ways to monetize your podcast, Simplecast runs weekly webinars where they discuss this topic and others.

They’re always sharing ideas about how their members can earn a diversified income from podcasting with options like marketing, merchandise, and advertising.

The best approach for monetization will depend on the podcast and you as its creator. Some methods will work well with the content you’re covering and the audience reach you have, and others won’t.

It’s best not to overwhelm your audience with constant requests or attempts to earn money, and rather stick to making quality contact that will draw more listeners to you naturally.

How to Start Podcasting on the Platform

How to Start Podcasting on the Platform

Simplecast gives their customers everything they need to start from scratch and they have no shortage of online resources to help you do it.

You’ll find tutorials, videos, and guides, as well as a detailed FAQ section that answers many of the common questions that other podcasters have.

Everything is done through the Simplecast dashboard, including uploading your first episode in a simple step-by-step process.

With your audio file and episode notes, you can upload it and adjust any settings necessary including language warnings, setting marker defaults, and more, then publish it once you’re ready.

Future episodes can also be added and scheduled, or you can upload them on the go as they’re recorded.

You’ll also be able to change published dates, remove previous episodes, or edit scheduled episodes all through your dashboard, giving you total control over the whole process.

After uploading your first podcast, you’ll be able to utilize the other tools that Simplecast has like one-step publishing, detailed analytics and reporting, and monetization.

You have the freedom to do as little or as much as you want to when it comes to podcasting, which is why this hosting platform has become so popular.

How to Migrate Your Podcast to Simplecast

How to Migrate Your Podcast to Simplecast

If you’re an established podcaster and you’ve been using another hosting platform for your content, don’t let that stop you from making the switch to Simplecast.

They’ve made it easy for anyone to migrate their data and podcast over from other providers, or to transition over completely.

The first option is as easy as copying the podcast episode over to Simplecast without affecting the original hosting at all, and many people do this during the free trial period to test the waters.

With this approach, you can try the platform to see what it offers and see how easy it is to publish an episode.

Once you’ve decided that Simplecast is the hosting platform you want to use, it’s as simple as adding a 301 redirect from your old hosting site which will permanently house the podcast with Simplecast.

All future episodes will be published with Simplecast, but any old ones can ones will now be permanently redirected there as well.

Podcast Publishing Solutions

Podcast Publishing Solutions

One of the biggest selling points of Simplecast is that they make it easy to publish your podcast.

Their guide to publishing your podcast shows you where to find your RSS feed link so that you can submit it to the relevant podcast streaming services so you can be listed in their directory.

Once you’re done, you can embed the Listen and Subscribe buttons on your Simplecast website so people can easily find them on their chosen streaming service.

Any time you add a new episode after that, it will be automatically added to the streaming service’s list of available podcast episodes and your subscribers will be notified.

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A Simple Solution for Podcasting

Simplecast’s choice of name was no accident, as their entire business model is aimed at delivering the simplest podcast hosting services around.

If you’re a newcomer or want to keep things as straightforward as possible when creating and sharing your podcaster, they can help you do just that but with all of the professional touches that a podcast needs.


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