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Audioboom Vs Soundcloud: Which One Is Better For Content Creators?

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audioboom vs soundcloud

Podcasts are the latest trend. Everyone is listening to a podcast on their way home, in the car, or just when cooking.

But if you want to make your own podcasts, then there are quite a few steps you need to take toward the perfect podcast show.

You will need the right equipment, and also choose from a large range of different podcast hosting sites that you can use to create individual podcast episodes.

The choice of podcast hosting services has increased rapidly in the past few years thanks to the popularity of podcasts.

We take a closer look at Audioboom vs Soundcloud (see also our comparison of Soundcloud and Stitcher), some of the key features, and what you need to know before you choose the best podcast hosting services for you.

These platforms can help you get your show up and running, produce multiple podcasts, and also put your show in front of a large audience.

However, there are some basic differences that are worth keeping in mind, especially when you consider large platforms such as Audioboom and Soundcloud (see also ‘Soundcloud Vs Podiant‘). Read on to learn more.

What Are Podcast Hosting Sites?

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Before we find out more about the two different platforms, let’s get a better understanding of what a podcast hosting site is.

These websites provide a service that allows you to share your podcast files, through audio hosting and video file hosting, with your target audience. You can store each episode on the site and display a show page.

Your audience can then listen to your episodes, and view, and share your podcast content. They can also browse the site to find new podcasts they may be interested in.

The range of podcast hosts is vast. Some offer simple storage plans that you need to pay for, other sites allow you to upload your podcasts for free, while others offer unlimited free hosting.

Most of the paid podcast hosting platforms also show you statistics (some even advanced statistics), how well each episode is doing, and how many listeners do you have. 

These features can help you grow your audience and shape your podcasts so that more people listen to your show.

Some podcast platforms also allow you to advertise on the platform. This is ideal for marketing campaigns and getting some of your popular podcasts seen by a wider audience.

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Which One Is Best: Audioboom Vs Soundcloud

Audioboom and Soundcloud are two of the largest podcasting hosting platforms in the world. 

They have slightly different approaches and cater to different audiences, so it’s worth finding out which one is best for you.

Soundcloud Podcast Hosting Site

One of the biggest advantages of Soundcloud is that it is free to use. 

There are a few paid tools and features that you can make use of, but the key feature of publishing podcasts is free.

You can record, upload, and share your sound files on the Soundcloud platform.

There are a few different sharing settings, such as public (when you want everyone to see your podcast) or private (when you want to share your music with family and friends only).

Soundcloud has been around for some time, and it is well known for its audio hosting. 

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Many upcoming artists and musicians used Soundcloud as a hosting provider to share their music and vocal art.

But you cannot just download or upload audio files to Soundcloud. It also creates an RSS feed for your podcast shows, so people can find you much more quickly and follow you.

They will then receive a notification each time you publish a new episode.

Thanks to its great popularity with musicians and artists, Soundcloud already has a large community with plenty of listeners, especially in the art scene.

This podcast host is ideal for new podcasters who are just starting out and want to grow their audience to a good size relatively quickly.

Soundcloud also allows you to create an embeddable player that you can add to your website or social media sites to spread the word about your podcast even further.

Audioboom Podcast Hosting Service

While Soundcloud is fully free, Audioboom has both free and paid plans depending on what features you need with your podcast hosting site. (Also see, “Audioboom Review“)

As quite a few Audioboom features are paid options, you also get a much more stable solution that is geared towards monetizing your podcasts.

With Audioboom, you can distribute your podcast shows to the platform’s community as well as other major podcast directories, including Google Play, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Stitcher (see also our comparison of Stitcher and Pocket Casts).

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It’s important to be present and visible on as many podcast apps as possible to ensure your content is seen by plenty of listeners.

Listeners on Audioboom can listen to as many episodes and channels as they like, all for free.

As a podcast creator, you will be able to see statistics and figures on the performance of your podcasts.

Similar to Soundcloud, you can also create an embeddable podcast player with Audioboom and put this on your social media pages and website.

The starter plan of Audioboom changes occasionally, so make sure to check their website. Usually, you can upload unlimited podcasts per month.

This plan also gives you up to 10,000 plays per month, so keep an eye on how often your episodes are played as this can impact your paid plan.

While the basic plan is ideal for podcast beginners, the advanced plan gives you a lot more features that come in handy as your podcasts are maturing.

One of the biggest advantages of the advanced podcaster plan is that you get unlimited plays for each episode. You can also add sponsorship options.

You will also have access to Audioboom’s advertising platform and branded content partnerships.

You will be able to sponsor events and live shows, as well as create premium content such as advertising campaigns for your shows.

Another big advantage of Audioboom’s paid plan is that you can manage more than one podcast channel at the same time.

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Final Thoughts On Podcast Hosting Platforms

There is a large range of podcast hosting sites out there. 

Soundcloud and Audioboom both offer great features when it comes to uploading and sharing your audio files.

When you start out, it’s a more budget-friendly option to go with any free plans or opt for Soundcloud’s free platform.

As your channel grows, you can also add more paid features with a professional plan.

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