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Podomatic Vs Libsyn: Which Podcast Hosting Site Is Best?

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podomatic vs libsyn

Podcasting is becoming ever more popular and there are more and more podcast hosting sites coming onto the market.

Two of these podcast hosting companies that have been around for a while are Podomatic and Libsyn.

The two hosting websites brand themselves as some of the best podcast hosting platforms, offering the easiest way to upload and share your podcasts and shows.

In this article, we take a look at the individual features of Podomatic vs Libsyn (see also ‘Podiant vs Libsyn‘), and find out which is better.

Which Is Better: Libsyn vs Podomatic?

Both Libsyn and Podomatic have a large range of handy podcasting features that get you started with uploading and sharing your podcast episodes with a large audience.

Podomatic: Key Features

Here are all the main features that the Podomatic podcast hosting service has to offer.

Podomatic Podcast Recorder App

You can access Podomatic through its iOS and Android mobile app which you can use to record and host multiple podcasts on the go.

This is a great feature when you are usually recording live streams or podcasts on the move.

Podcast creators like you also access Podomatic through their website where you can equally manage, publish and distribute all existing podcasts.

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Podcast Website 

While you get a custom podcast website for your shows only with a paid plan, it’s a good idea to have a place where you can send your listeners to.

Podomatic’s podcast sites are hosted by Weebly but you can still use your Podomatic dashboard as normal to access the site and make changes.

You can even add a blog or an e-commerce store to your podcast site, so you can keep your audience up to date or sell merchandise.

Thanks to the website builder integration with Weebly, you can also customize the look and feel of your podcast website to ensure it fits in with your branding.

Access To Analytics

A great advantage with Podomatic is that you get access to detailed podcast stats that show you how well your podcasts are performing.

You will be able to see analytics for the number of streams, your audience, downloads and other podcast statistics that can help you increase your audience.

Support For Audio And Video Files

Many podcast hosting platforms only allow you to upload audio files, but the Podomatic podcast hosting platform comes with inbuilt support for both audio and video podcasts.

Embeddable Podomatic Player

If you subscribe to a paid plan with Podomatic, you can choose from a couple of different embeddable podcast players.

The podcast hosting platform allows you to customize the color of the player, so you can match it with your brand.

The player is easy to add to your website, blog, and social media pages.

Monetize Your Podcasts

This may not be of interest if you are just starting out with your podcasts, but the option to monetize your shows in the future is a handy feature to have.

Podomatic podcast host uses third-party companies, such as Patreon and Podcorn, to give you different ways of making money with your shows.

Full Control Over Your Recordings

PRO subscribers with Podomatic can manage almost every aspect of their podcasts. 

They can choose where to distribute their podcasts to, how their media is transcoded, and how to monetize their shows.

Format Checks

Podomatic podcast host automatically checks whether your podcast’s audio quality and recordings are in the right format to ensure that you can publish them quickly and easily.

Best For Beginners

When we tested Podomatic, we found that it is a great podcast hosting site for beginners. You can choose the basic plan which is free to get you set up with everything.

This means you can try a few different things before you commit to a paid plan. Podomatic gives you 500MB storage and 15GB monthly bandwidth.

This is fine if you only do a couple of podcasts a month. However, if you’ve become a podcast addict and want to scale up your content creation, you will find that you run out of storage space fast.

That’s one of the reasons why many more experienced podcasters opt for another podcasting platform because they get a few more features such as unlimited storage space for a better price.

Podomatic Vs Libsyn

Libsyn: Key Features

In comparison to Podomatic, Libsyn podcast host also has some interesting podcasting features.

Monthly Storage Space

One of the first things people look for is a free podcast website. However, you should know that Libsyn is not a free podcast host. Instead, they offer different tier paid plans.

This means you can get a decent amount of storage space per month right from the start. Saying this, compared to Podomatic, Libsyn’s storage space on their paid plans are much lower. (Also see, “Libsyn Promo Code“)

Unlimited Listeners

However, the good news is that you immediately get unlimited podcasts plays and listeners with every plan.

This means podcast hosts like you do not have to upgrade at a later stage when your shows start to attract a larger audience.

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Distribution Range

When it comes to podcasting, you want to reach as many people as possible. Libsyn podcast host allows you to set up an RSS feed.

An RSS feed is a format for delivering regularly changing web content. Many news-related sites, weblogs, and other online publishers syndicate their content as an RSS Feed to whoever wants it.

The Libsyn RSS feed distributes each of your podcast episodes to their directory as well as other popular podcast directories and major streaming services, such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts (see also ‘Overcast Vs Apple Podcast‘) and Google podcasts.

Hosting For Multi-Media Files And Audio Episodes

Libsyn doesn’t just allow you to upload audio files. You can also add text, PDFs, and videos to your library.

This is one of Libsyn’s promotion features that can help you appeal to your listeners and add a more personal touch to your brand.

Your Own Podcast Website

Similar to many other podcast hosting platforms, Libsyn also offers a customizable podcast website creation feature that you can adapt to match your branding.

A big advantage with Libsyn’s podcast website creation feature is that it is powered by WordPress. This means, if you have a WordPress site, you can connect this to Libsyn.

This will help to integrate and manage all your podcast content and podcast episodes in one place.

Final Thoughts: Which Is The Best Podcast Hosting Service?

Both Libsyn and Podomatic are easy-to-use podcast hosts that you can use to get started with your podcast show immediately.

You can record your podcast audio directly with your smartphone, upload the podcast and share it with the Podomatic or Libsyn app.

Which podcast site is best for you, Libsyn or Podomatic, depends on the features you want, your budget and how you want to share your podcasts.

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