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Libsyn vs Buzzsprout – Which is Best in 2024

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Libsyn Vs Buzzsprout

If you love podcasting, you want to use the best podcast host there is. This will ensure you get your episodes out quickly. It will also make your workflow easier and maximize your budget.

There are tons of podcast hosting platforms to choose from. Today, we’re going to look at two great options: Libsyn and Buzzsprout (see also ‘Audioboom Vs. Libsyn‘) (see also ‘Audioboom Vs. Libsyn‘).

Read on for a thorough comparison of Buzzsprout vs Libsyn. We go over key features, pricing, and much more. By the end, you’ll determine which is best for distributing your podcasts.

Overview of Libsyn

Libsyn is a well-established podcast hosting platform. It’s been around since 2001, making it one of the oldest of its kind. Tons of podcasts use it as their go-to hosting platform. It is home to some of the biggest podcasts in the world.

Based solely on its reputation, Libsyn seems like a great choice. But, you probably want to know more about it before choosing this podcasts platform. See below for a complete overview:

Ease of Use

Up until recently, Libsyn’s website was super outdated. It looked like something straight from 2001. The antiquated design was off-putting and took away from its reputability.

Aside from being unattractive, the website was hard to use. The dashboard was cluttered and made it difficult to find the thing you were looking for.

Thankfully, Libsyn recently updated its website. It is much more modern and attractive. It’s also way easier to use and has drastically improved podcasters’ workflows.

So, if you choose Libsyn, you can rest knowing that its website is now easy to use.


Unfortunately, Libsyn does not offer a free plan. All of its plans require you to pay a monthly fee.

Let’s take a closer look at each plan:

Classic 50

The Classic 50 plan is $5 per month. It gives you 50 MB of storage and access to tons of features like:

  • Unlimited listeners
  • A mini-podcast site
  • Podcast source app listing
  • WordPress Publisher Hub
  • Basic stats (for an extra $2 per month)
  • The option to opt-in to monetization

This list of features is by no means comprehensive. For all of the features included with the Classic 50 plan (and all other Buzzsprout plans), click here.

Classic 250

The Classic 250 plan is very similar to the Classic 50 plan as you access the same features.

One main difference is that you pay $15/month and get more storage (250 MB). Additionally, this plan includes the basic stats for free.

Advanced 400

For $20/month, the Advanced 400 plan gives you 400 MB of monthly storage. In addition to all of the features in the Classic plans, it gives you access to:

  • Downloadable stats reporting
  • Advanced IAB v2.0 Stats
  • Podcast show app for Android and iOS (costs an extra $10 per month)
  • An additional 200 MB of storage (costs an extra $10 per month)

Advanced 800

The Advanced 800 plan comes with 800 MB of storage and access to all the features we’ve mentioned.

Need even more storage? Get the Advanced 1500 or Advanced 3000 plan. These plans don’t come with any extra features. But, they come with 1,500 MB and 3,000 MB of monthly storage. The Advanced 1500 is $75 per month, and the Advanced 3000 is $150 per month.

If you need to publish a lot of content every month, the more expensive plans will be worth the cost. Plus, they give you a better deal. For instance, with the Classic 50 plan, you’ll pay $0.10 per MB. With the Advanced plans, you’ll only pay $0.05 per MB.

Features List

Here are some of Libsyn’s key features:

Monthly Storage Space

As we’ve discussed, how much monthly storage you get depends on what plan you sign up for.

Note that the storage refers to how much new content you can upload every month. MBs don’t roll over; rather, your quota resets on the first of every month. You can upload however much your plan entitles you to before the new cycle begins. Even better is that you’ll never have to delete old files to make room.

So, let’s say you currently have 1,000 MB on your Libsyn account. If you have the Classic 250 plan, you can upload 250 MB every month without affecting your current 1,000 MB of storage.

Unlimited Listeners

With all plans, you get access to unlimited listeners. This means that you don’t have to worry about paying extra when you start growing.

Woman in blue sweater listing to a podcast


When you host your podcast show on Libsyn, you’ll get a secure, 100% RSS feed. This RSS feed will distribute your episodes to the Libsyn directory and all other major streaming services (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play Music, etc.).

podcast distribution from phone

Multi-Media Hosting

Libsyn can host more than just media. It can also be home to videos, PDFs, and texts. This multi-media approach can help you appeal to your users and personalize your brand.

Podcast Website

A podcast website gives your show a place to live on the Internet and can increase your exposure.

Luckily, Libsyn will give you a mini-podcast site. You can customize it as you please and insert relevant links. If you have a WordPress website, you can use Libsyn’s WordPress Publisher Hub to integrate it with your podcast seamlessly.

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Using Your Own Domain

Using your own domain will emphasize your unique brand. If you want to use your own domain name through Libsyn, it will cost an extra $2 per month.

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Overview of Buzzsprout

Buzzsprout has a reputation as another good podcast host. It’s been around since 2009 and is most well-known for its free services. The platform isn’t as popular as others out there, but those who use it praise it as dependable.

Let’s take a closer look at Buzzsprout and what it can do for you:

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Ease of Use

Buzzsprout (see also ‘Buzzsprout Vs Anchor‘) has always featured a clean, user-friendly interface. You can easily upload content, publish episodes, and complete other tasks. Most podcasters report that the website makes it easy to find what they’re looking for.


You’ve probably heard that Buzzsprout doesn’t cost anything. It’s true; Buzzsprout is free. However, its other plans are enticing.

Let’s take a closer look at Buzzsprout’s different plans:

Free Plan

You’ll be glad to hear that Buzzsprout offers a free plan. It gives you two hours of upload time every month. You’ll be able to invite unlimited team members and get access to advanced stats.

As you would expect, the free plan comes with some drawbacks. Your podcast site is included but will feature ads. You can pay for an upgrade to remove these ads.

Another con? The platform will only host your episodes for 90 days. After that, it will remove them from your account.

Paid Plans

All paid plans give you access to the free features plus:

  • Unlimited storage
  • Indefinite hosting of all episodes
  • Ability to import an existing podcast show at no charge
  • Access to Magic Mastering (for an additional monthly fee)

The main difference between the paid plans is how many upload hours you get per month. Here’s an overview:

  • For $12/month, you can upload 3 hours of audio.
  • For $18/month, you can upload 6 hours of audio.
  • For $24/month, you can upload 12 hours of audio.

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Features List

Let’s take a look at some of Buzzsprout’s key features:

Upload Hours

As we mentioned above, Buzzsprout limits how many upload hours you get. The lowest is 2 hours with the free plan. For $24 per month, you can upload as many as 12 hours.


All paid plans come with unlimited storage. But, if you get the free plan, you’ll have to worry about your episodes disappearing after 90 days.


Like Libsyn, Buzzsprout gives you a secure RSS feed for your show. It makes distribution easy as episodes will go right to all major streaming services.

Magic Mastering

If having great audio quality is something you care about, you would like Buzzsprout’s mastering feature. It costs extra, but we’ve found that it is well worth the price.

libsyn vs buzzsprout

This feature edits your audio files, making them ready for people to enjoy. Your podcast will sound just like other professional podcasts as this feature:

  • Balances all tracks (ensures voices, music, and sound effects are at the correct levels)
  • Masters your audio to the right loudness
  • Reduces background noise, humming, hissing, and other imperfections

Free Podcast Website

As of 2019, all Buzzsprout podcasters get a free podcast website. This gives people a place to keep up with your show’s latest information. Sites are easy to customize and come with an embedded player feature, meaning users can listen right on your site. Note that if you use Buzzsprout’s free services, you will have paid ads on your website. You can pay an extra fee to get rid of ads or just upgrade to a paid plan.

Import Your Podcast for Free

Do you already use a podcast hosting platform but want to switch to Buzzsprout? You can transfer your show over at no extra cost (if you have a paid plan).

Add Unlimited Team Members

It takes a village to make a great podcast. Luckily, with Buzzsprout, you can add unlimited users to your account (even if you have the free plan).

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podcast libsyn comparison with buzzprout

Podcast Host Comparison: Buzzsprout vs Libsyn

At their core, these podcast hosting companies are very similar. They both give you an RSS feed that lets you distribute your episodes. They also give you a podcast website, provide unlimited storage (in some cases), and have flexible plans to fit your needs.

That being said, they have a few significant differences. Here are some things to consider when making your choice:


When it comes to reputation, Libsyn takes the cake. It has been around for nearly 20 years and is an industry favorite. But don’t count out Buzzsprout just yet.

Buzzsprout has over 10 years of experience. Even though it’s not as popular, more and more podcasters are discovering how great it is.


Users trying to save money might automatically choose Buzzsprout because of its free plan. However, it is somewhat limited.

Buzzsprout’s free plan is great if you are a beginner. But, if you need more storage and features, a paid plan will suit you better.

If you plan on uploading a lot, use Libsyn. It will give you a better deal. Consider this: With Libsyn, $15 per month gives you 250 MB. With Buzzsprout, $18 per month gives you 6 hours (equivalent to about 150 MB). $15 for 2550 MB is much more cost-efficient than $18 for 150 MB.

Payment Per Month

Neither of these podcast hosts offers 12-month pricing. You must pay monthly. So, don’t expect to get a discount on a 12-month plan.

The good thing is that neither podcasting hosting site uses contracts. Users can cancel their subscriptions anytime.

Free Trial

With a promo code, users can try out Libsyn for a month for free. Buzzsprout doesn’t have a free trial. But, if you want to see what it’s all about, sign up for its free plan. You can always upgrade later.

Monetization Options

If you’re new to podcasting, you probably don’t care about monetization just yet. But, if you are well-established, you probably want to make a little money.

Both Libsyn and Buzzsprout have monetization options. You have control over which product you want to advertise. We feel that Libsyn makes it easier to find a product that is congruent with your brand.

Social Media Sharing

Want to promote your podcast on social media or blog posts? You should make shareable video clips showcasing podcast snippets, behind the scenes, etc.

Libsyn lets you do this as it comes with a Headliner integration. Buzzsprout has its own program for creating video clips.

Regardless, the result is the same. You get a visually appealing audio file that will hype up users and get them to share.

podcast social media on phone

Customized Podcast Player

Both sites offer an embedded player. This means you can integrate your episodes right into your website. Users can listen and view all the information for each episode. The players are comparable as they both are customizable and easy to use.

Podcast Episode Stats

Podcast stats are crucial. They give you valuable information that you can use to make your podcast more engaging.

Both podcasting hosting sites provide stats. All of the information is compliant with Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) standards.

We like that all Buzzsprout users access advanced stats (even if you have the $0/month plan). If you want advanced stats on Libsyn, you will have to get one of the Advanced plans. The Classic plans only give you basic stats.

Podcast Hosting Alternatives to Buzzsprout and Libsyn

Libsyn and Buzzsprout are great podcast hosting sites. But, if you’re not sold, here are some comparisons to keep in mind:

podcast mic grey

Which Is Better: Blubrry vs Libsyn?

If you don’t like Libsyn but still want an advanced hosting platform, Blubrry (see also ‘Blubrry Vs Podbean‘) is the way to go.

Blubrry has been around since 2005. It is a well-respected service and compares to Libsyn in many ways. We like that it offers a free WordPress website and file migration. It also offers unlimited bandwidth on all plans.

Like Libsyn, Blubrry only has paid plans. It doesn’t offer as good a value as Libsyn. The monthly costs of the more advanced Blubrry plans work out to $.08 per MB. With Libsyn, you can get as good a deal as $.05 per MB.

Blubrry is best if you plan on uploading a LOT. For only $100/month, the Pro plan gives you access to 1T. This is equivalent to 1,000,000 MB.

Which Is Better: Buzzsprout vs Podbean?

Not sold on Buzzsprout but still want a free podcast host? Try Podbean.

We like Podbean better than Buzzsprout in that the free package gives you 5 upload hours (compared to 2). We also like that all Podbean paid plans give you unlimited bandwidth.

However, Buzzsprout outshines Podbean (see also ‘Spreaker Vs Podbean‘) in other areas. For instance, the free Podbean plan has limited bandwidth (only 100 MB). This means that you will have to delete old episodes to make room for new ones. With Buzzsprout, however, you get unlimited bandwidth for free.

Both are free to try out, so give each a whirl! You won’t be able to test the features exclusive to the pricing plan. But, you can get a feel for each platform. This way, you can discover which one is best for your show.

Which is Podcast Platform is Best?

Podbean and Blubrry (see also our comparison of PodBean and Podiant) are respectable options. But, if you want the best podcast hosting site, choose either Libsyn or Buzzsprout.

Libsyn is best if you want more upload time and advanced features. Buzzsprout is best for beginners who just want something simple. It will get the job done while preventing you from banking the bank.

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Final Thoughts: Libsyn vs Buzzsprout Comparison

This Libsyn vs Buzzsprout guide should help you make your decision. But, if you’re still not sure, test them out for yourself! The free Buzzsprout plan gives you access to limited features. And, if you want to try Libsyn, sign up for a free month-long trial.

This will let you weigh the pros and cons yourself. Once you determine which podcast host is best for your podcasting needs, you’ll be able to take your show to the next level. Good luck, and happy podcasting!

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