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Our Libsyn Review: Is This Podcast Host Worth It?

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Whether you’re a seasoned podcast host or are just getting started, knowing which podcast hosting site to use is essential. Libsyn, short for Liberated Syndication, is one of the biggest and most popular podcast hosting and distribution platforms in the world.

This is for good reason: with its simple but powerful tools, there’s no question why it’s so popular. It allows your podcast to be found on any platform and has helpful tools for the podcaster to adjust distribution settings. For example, early releases on specific platforms are popular with some podcasters; this is possible with Libsyn. There are many other benefits to Libsyn, but we’ll delve into those here.

Eager to learn more about? Read our Libsyn review below.

Libsyn Review

Libsyn Pros

Media hosting is a necessity for podcasters, which is why the pros and cons of using the Libsyn podcast app are essential. Libsyn has many benefits, but like any site, it has its drawbacks as well.

Let’s start with the pros.

Adjust platform settings

Libsyn allows the podcaster to adjust settings based on the platform they want to distribute with. As said before, adjusting release time is a simple benefit of using Libsyn. Dedicated listeners on a paid app may be paying to hear podcast episodes sooner than unpaid listeners.

You can also create a different show title based on the platform, along with other settings.

Podcast App

Libsyn has different tiered memberships. At the $20 tier or higher, your podcast can have its own dedicated application (Android or iOS) that listeners can download. This allows more users to discover your content through a medium they’re most familiar with: Mobile devices.

Libsyn Features

No downgrading file quality

Unfortunately, some other podcast hosting sites alter the file so that it’s easier to upload. This can result in lower quality sound, which listeners don’t love and can turn most people off from your podcast. However, Libsyn doesn’t alter the file in any way, shape, or form. Listeners hear the quality that you intended.

Versatile Pricing

Storage is based on how much you pay monthly, just like any other podcast hosting platform. Each tier gives you more storage.

The Libsyn pricing model works like this: Any specific tier of pricing, whether it be the $5 or $75 tier, has an allotted amount of storage along with a list of features. Of course, what you get out of this storage depends on how long your podcast episodes are and what bitrate you’re uploading them at, but Libsyn is flexible enough to plan that.

Tiers also come with bonuses like stats reporting, so make sure to look at all tiers and their features to figure out which is the best for your podcast.

Customer Support

Libsyn’s support staff offers customer service weekdays from 9 AM-5 PM. Although it’s not 24 hours, it’s still convenient. You can also submit a ticket to a specific department if you know what jurisdiction your problem falls under.

Libsyn also offers Knowledge Base, a site specifically for new podcasters by podcasters. It offers new users information on how to use and troubleshoot the site.

Finally, Libsyn has a dedicated premium subscription support email for premium users. Libsyn’s customer service is extremely helpful and friendly!


Libsyn offers account holders a default webpage for its customers’ podcasts. On this podcast website, you can put blog posts, upload episodes, and post pictures and videos to accompany your podcasts. This also gives you the chance to connect better with your listener audience as well, and it can help listeners put a face to the voice on their favorite show.

Host multiple shows

Separate accounts are needed for each show, but you can manage all of them from one device. This allows you to keep all of your shows in order and organized. It can also produce an RSS feed that is sent to directories that can get those multiple podcasts on different platforms.

Libsyn Cons

Now that we’ve talked about the pros of Libsyn, let’s talk about the cons. There aren’t too many of these, but they must be addressed:

Libsyn’s website is dated

A lot of users have claimed that Libsyn’s site is hard to navigate and isn’t beginner-friendly. Reviews have stated that although the service itself has a long history as an established platform in the podcasting community, the interface isn’t too easy to work with. Luckily, if you’re a newbie, the friendly customer service team is there to help you navigate the site.

Libsyn Pricing

No free trial

If you’re just getting started with podcasting and you’re not sure if it’s 100% for you, you may want to go to a media host that can offer a free trial period, such as Podbean or Buzzsprout. These sites, unlike Libsyn, offer a trial period where you can upgrade (for a price) if you decide you want to continue podcasting.

Libsyn does not have a free option and users must commit to at least $5 per month to use the service.

Advanced stats cost extra

If you want to see advanced statistics for your Libsyn podcast, it’ll cost you at least $20 per month extra. The normal statistics are plenty, however, so the only reason you’d want to upgrade to these advanced statistics is if you’re a professional podcaster or media company.

So there are cons when it comes to Libsyn, just as there are cons for any other hosting platform. However, there aren’t nearly as many cons as there are pros, which is why we have reached our verdict.


It’s up to you if the cons are dealbreakers. For new podcasters that are just testing the waters and aren’t sure if they’re ready to commit to podcasting regularly, Libsyn’s interface and price may not be worth the money. However, for serious podcasters who want a media host that is reliable, it has tons of features and is pretty much the biggest hosting platform on the internet. Our official review is that Libsyn is definitely worth the money.

  • Podcasters can rejoice knowing that the quality of their podcast is retained. If you record on a high-quality microphone, that sound quality won’t be downgraded
  • There are so many tools that podcasters can use to adjust their settings and release their podcast whenever it’s convenient for them
  • The pricing tiers are extremely convenient; the cheapest tier is only $5 and includes 50MB of storage, and you have the option to upgrade as you see fit
  • The RSS feed is convenient to get your podcast distributed to not just one but multiple platforms

Overall, we couldn’t recommend Liberated Syndication (Libsyn) more as a podcast host.


What is podcast hosting?

A podcast hosting site is a third-party site that lets individuals post podcasts in directories such as Spotify or Apple Podcasts. This ensures that the podcast is heard by users across all platforms, not just one. Using a podcast host allows users to listen to your podcasts across dozens of platforms, which can get your show’s name out there.

Who is Libsyn for?

There are so many benefits to using Libsyn for podcast hosting, regardless of your experience level. However, it is not as user-friendly to beginners as other options. That being said, it’s totally possible to jump into Libsyn and start learning.

It’s not designed for newbies, but it doesn’t really matter if you’re a beginner if you’re serious about your project. If you’re ready to learn about distribution and getting your show heard by a new audience, this platform will work for you.

Why can’t I just host my podcast on my own website?

If you have a personal website that you’d prefer to use for hosting your podcast instead of a dedicated podcast hosting site, there are no rules against it. This can even save you some money initially. However, the storage space and bandwidth of your website may not be able to accommodate a growing podcast. Smaller podcasters can use sites like Squarespace or WordPress for their RSS capabilities.

➡️ Is Libsyn Good For Podcasting?

How much does hosting for podcasts usually cost?

Podcast hosting typically costs between $5-30 per month for regular users, and up to $99/month for premium or business users. It largely depends on how many features you need out of the site. Upgrades are also usually available on an a la carte basis; this includes things like extra storage and more in-depth analyses.

What are Libsyn’s pricing plans?

You get to choose one of these four main pricing plans:

  • Classic 50
  • Classic 250
  • Advanced 400
  • Advanced 800

The numbers in each plan correspond to how much monthly storage users have:

  • The Classic 50 plan costs $5/month
  • Classic 250 is $15/month
  • Advanced 400 is $20/month
  • Advanced 800 is $40/month

They also feature two large-storage plans called Advanced 1500 ($75/month) and Advanced 3000 ($150/month).

All these plans come with tons of features such as an unlimited audience, RSS feeds, a website for the podcast, and many more. However, the only basic tool that comes with every plan except Classic 50 is basic statistics, which is an additional $2 per month.

The advanced plans also offer opt-in advertising and a paywall, as well as advanced tools like downloadable stats reporting, and the option to upgrade to an additional 200MB per month.

Finally, Libsyn Pro offers enterprise-level pricing which has tons more features and custom hosting solutions. These prices are not listed online, and Libsyn must be contacted directly for this option.

How does Libsyn compare:

What other podcasts are good?

We highly recommend Libsyn for those who are looking to upgrade their podcasting game. However, some other podcasting hosts that also deserve recognition include Podbean, Buzzsprout, Blubrry, and PodOmatic.

What are the best free podcast hosts?

We highly recommend Libsyn if you know you’re serious about podcasting. However, we understand that not everyone wants to dive in headfirst. Therefore, one free podcast host we can recommend is Podbean. It offers 5 hours of free storage, 100GB bandwidth monthly, mobile apps, and embeddable podcast players. You get your own podcast website and an RSS feed as well as access to tons of free themes. If you feel like upgrading to a higher tier, that can be done with a price. However, Podbean is excellent for free use.

Another good free podcast host is Buzzsprout. It offers uploads of 2 hours per month with the option to view advanced analytics and stats. The only downside is that episodes are only hosted for 90 days. However, for those just starting out with podcasting, it’s another great option.

Which Podcast Host Should I Use?

When choosing a host site for your podcast, it’s important to consider the facts. Pricing, features, and ease of use are all necessary to look at.

Libsyn is our #1 choice; it’s a service that comes very highly recommended by many reviewers, including us. We love it for podcasters and we couldn’t recommend it more if you’re ready to grow your brand!

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