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Overcast Vs Apple Podcast: What Makes Them Great

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overcast vs apple podcast

When it comes to finding a podcast app that is right for you, it can be extremely difficult to pick the right one, and there are a lot of factors that can go into deciding which podcast app is going to be the right one for you to use.

If you’re an iPhone user, then chances are you’re probably tempted to simply make use of the default Apple Podcast, which is relatively simple and easy to use, and makes a great option for those just getting started with podcasts.

However, if you plan on using Apple Podcasts, a lot of people will tell you that you’re better off downloading Overcast podcasts app from the app store. 

If you’re unsure of which of these popular podcast apps is going to be right for you, then read on, as we compare Overcast vs Apple Podcast and provide you with all of the information you need to know about which one is going to be the best podcast app for you. 

What Makes A Great Podcast App?

podcast mic

Before we delve into both of the apps, we figured it would be helpful to reveal to you what we look for in a podcast app that helps it to stand out from the rest of its competitors, and that provides you with the best experience. 

For a start, the overall design of the app has to be pleasing to the eye. If you’re going to be using the app on a regular basis, then you want it to at least have a home screen that is attractive to look at.

Added to this is the app’s ease of use feature. The last thing you want is an app that is hard to navigate or inaccessible for those who maybe aren’t overly tech-savvy. 

In terms of the listening experience itself, you want something that’s:

  • Going to provide you with plenty of different playback features
  • Make custom playlists management easy
  • Allow you to discover new favorite podcasts through a search feature
  • Share new podcasts with your friends
  • Has a frequent update schedule
  • Remain relatively inexpensive for the average user. 

Apple Podcast App

apple podcasts logo

Apple’s very own default podcast app, installed on every iPhone and iPad, it’s a great starting point for those who are beginning to become curious about the hype surrounding podcasts.

With Apple Podcasts, you’re able to stream, discover, download, and share podcasts. If you’re someone who is already familiar with Apple’s software, especially Apple Music, then the likelihood is that you should have no problem navigating your way through Apple Podcast’s interface. (Also see: ‘How To Leave A Review On Apple Podcast‘)

Upon initially opening the app, you’re prompted to listen to a whole host of podcasts to listen to, but be wary that if you’re looking for a specific podcast, it might not be available, as some bigger podcasts have exclusive details with different streaming services, so bear that in mind. 

Browsing for new podcasts on Apple Podcasts is easy, and they will often provide you with a list of recommendations based upon genre, current events, or a podcast’s popularity.

Included is also the “Listen Now” tab, which offers you a personalized list of recommendations based on your previous listening habits. The only complaint here is that these pages may seem slightly overwhelming due to their cluttered nature. 

Overcast Vs Apple Podcast

As for the audio format, the sound quality is dependent on the quality uploaded to Apple Podcasts, with factors such as whether it was recorded in mono or stereo, the sample rate, the bit rate, and the number of channels. Ultimately though, the quality’s limit is at 256kbps. 

One of the best aspects of Apple Podcasts is that it’s completely free, with no limits on how many podcasts you can listen to, share, or download, which makes accessing them extremely accessible. 

Some users may find that Apple Podcasts is missing some features that other podcast apps have, such as silence trimmers, which help you to skip the silence that might occur in a show, as well as a lack of analytical tools that would allow you to see your listening stats, but unfortunately none of this is available to users. 


listen on overcast

The other popular podcast apps option, Overcast, is another great podcast listening platform and makes choosing between the two a rather contentious issue.

Developed by a podcaster for other podcasters, Overcast is an app with a focus on providing an open and free platform that allows users to really explore the full width of experiences that podcasts have to offer.

Included in this are some very smart features that really help to drive up Overcast’s competition for that spot on your homepage. 

The first of which is Overcast’s ability to allow you to share your playlist of podcasts to another platform if you so wish, which is great if you want to share your playlist with a friend who happens not to use Overcast! 

Also featured is Smart Speed, which helps you to listen to a podcast faster and helps to decrease the gaps. Smart Speed also allows you to listen to your favorite podcasts purely through the conversation, which helps if you want to listen to a podcast faster, without having to speed up the voices. 

Voice boost is another great feature and is a massive help if the audio quality on a podcast is lacking slightly, as it allows you to volume boost and normalize the volume as you require. 

Overcast does make use of ads however, and to go ad-free will cost you premium subscription of $9.99 a year. Which is incredibly cheap for a podcasts app, but might still not be enough for those who want a cost-free listening experience. 

Who Wins The Battle Of The Podcast Apps: Apple Podcasts or Overcast?

Overcast vs Apple Podcast

In our view, Apple Podcasts is great for someone who has a set few podcasts that they like to keep up with on a regular basis, but the cluttered browsing and discovery system does make finding new podcasts just that little bit more difficult.

Overcast is great if you’re willing to subscribe, and is better for the podcast enthusiast! 

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