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How To Record A Podcast With Skype

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How To Record A Podcast With Skype

Podcasting is a booming industry, and in recent years, the internet has seen the emergence of countless new podcasts, focused on any number of different themes, industries, and subject matter – including comedy, film and media, mental health, wellbeing, and much more (also see, ‘How To Choose A Podcast Category’). 

This boom has been encouraged by the accessibility of podcasting, which can be achieved by anyone with an internet connection, a webcam, and enough drive to make it happen (also see, ‘Best Camera For Podcasting‘). 

This has been helped by the presence of webcam chat applications, such as Zoom and Skype, with the latter in particular being a popular choice for budding podcasters on a budget

But how exactly can you use Skype calls to record a podcast, and are there any special skills involved? 

Podcasting Via Skype

While Skype might not immediately seem like the obvious choice for podcasting software, it shares many of the basic features needed to record audio and video – which can be perfect for up and comers with limited incomes, or for those looking to experiment with the medium. 

Not only is recording Skype calls cheap, easy to use, and convenient, but it also allows global connectivity, wherein multiple people from around the world can interact with one another and work on projects (also see, ‘How To Record A Podcast Remotely‘). 

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How To Record On Skype

If you are looking to record a podcast through Skype, there are certain techniques you can follow to get the best results. 

Recording Directly

How To Record A Podcast With Skype

Perhaps surprisingly to some, Skype allows you to record audio and video files through the application.

This is something that might normally be used to record virtual lectures for later use, but it can also be used to record digital video that can then be extracted and used for podcasting (also see, ‘Best Video Podcast Software‘). 

This process couldn’t be simpler. First, you need to record Skype calls like normal, then click the ‘+’ button, and select ‘start recording’ to begin the recording process

Once you have done so, you can stop the recording by ending the call, or you can select ‘stop recording’.

This method has some downsides, namely the fact that the files are recorded as mono, which means that both sides of the conversation are recorded in one audio file, which means a lot of work in post production

Skype Call Recording Software

You could also use recording software in parallel with Skype (also see, ‘Camtasia Recording Audio‘).

This will require you to start a Skype call as normal, using the internal hardware of the computer or laptop for the audio and video, while using your own call recorder to capture everything that is said and done (also see, ‘Zoom Audio Recorder‘). 

There are a couple of simple, popular apps that are available – TalkHelper for Windows PCs, and Call Recorder for Mac. 

Recording Audio With Audacity

This is a similar option to the previous one, albeit with many extra features (also see, ‘How To Record A Podcast With Audacity‘).

Audacity is open source and free, which makes it really good as an accompanying application to record calls on Skype – especially for those who are just starting out, and need something versatile and accessible to get to grips with the process. 

For this to work, both you and your other host/guest will need to download the software on your respective computers, and to both hit record at the same time to effectively get two separate tracks of the same conversation. 

This makes it much easier to cut together in post production using audio editing software, and can save a lot of time and energy (also see, ‘Audacity vs Camtasia‘). 

External Mixers

These pieces of audio equipment are much more sophisticated, powerful, and potentially expensive, but offer the most audio quality, control, clarity, and ease when it comes to recording podcasts through Skype (also see, ‘Best Podcast Mixer‘). 

As mentioned, these can be expensive – at least compared to the free recording software mentioned above – and so for those looking to record a podcast with external mixers, you would probably be better using more sophisticated podcasting software as well. 

But if you are set on using these with Skype, then rest assured that the process couldn’t be simpler – requiring you to merely plug in the mixer, record both the Skype audio and your external microphone (if you have one), which then prepares them both ready for mixing and editing later. 

What Are The Benefits Of Skype Podcasting? 

As mentioned above, there are plenty of benefits associated with podcasting through Skype. 


The main benefit is that it is far easier than more sophisticated podcasting software.

This makes it perfect for up and comers, or those looking for a great starter app for them to get to grips with the process. 


How To Record A Podcast With Skype (1)

Skype has many features – including a free mode, video recordings, and more extensively featured modes for those wanting something a little extra. 

This makes it great for those who want to get to grips with podcasting, but who do not necessarily want to commit any serious money until they know entirely what they are doing. 

For many, podcasting might simply be something they want to try, and in this case they do not want to be spending a significant amount of money if they don’t have to. 


Skype also offers a lot in the way of versatility, allowing you to record high quality audio of yourself, have guests from other countries, or connect with another host across the country (also see, ‘Best Podcast Interview Software‘).

This makes it perfect for collaboration, and doesn’t limit the users to having to be in the same room or studio to record. 

This is good for those with busy work and family lives, as they can record from anywhere – even on the go if they need to (also see, ‘Best Mobile Podcasting Microphone‘). 

Final Thoughts

And there we have it, everything you need to know to record a podcast through Skype. 

Skype has a lot to offer budding podcasters. It has many features that, while not immediately associated with the podcasting industry, make the application a great, underrated tool for those getting to grips with the process, or for those at the beginning of their careers. 

So if you want to start podcasting, then why not give Skype a try? 

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