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Best Movie Podcasts

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It seems like there are so many movies coming out today everywhere we look, whether it’s multiple huge blockbusters releasing in the movie theater, the staggering and daunting amount of movies that come to streaming services, or even immpdenedelty made films which are rising in recognition.

We can’t escape films, but this is not necessarily a negative thing, it just means it can be easy to lose track of what movies are actually worth our time, and this is where music podcasts come into play providing short reviews and discussions about all the new movies, and even older ones.

Here are some of the best movie podcasts on streaming services and Youtube to start listening to today to widen your movie knowledge today.

#1 Kermode and Mayo’s Take

Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo were very big figures in the movie scene for the British BBC, however they have recently started their own podcast which is packed full of fun and exciting reviews surrounding the latest films.

Each episode is an hour to an hour and a half, giving them a good and digestible length with around four to five films being discussed and reviewed every episode.

Rather than rushing through each movie, Kermode and Mayo articulately express their raw emotions about each new film and is a great listen if you want some quick but intricate movie reviews.

#2 How Did This Get Made?

This podcast is for all those lovers of films that are so awfully bad that they might just be quite good.

Every three to four days, hosts Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael and Jason Mantzoukas take a film that is infamous for being poorly received, and dissect where it all went wrong.

Each episode takes an interesting look into the casting choices, acting direction, scripts and so much more to understand how a movie that surely had to stumble out the gate, actually made it to the big screen.

This podcast excels in being fun and great for gaining some unknown movie facts of some of the most popular movies people hate to love.

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#3 The Weekly Planet

While this podcast is perfect for if you are interested in the Marvel or comic universe of films and want to learn more about them, hosts James Clement and Nick Mason are both experts in the movie review scene and cover a wide range of new movies with a fun and casual discussion.

They also look back from time to time, such as discussing just how popular Jurassic Park was on release or how The Mummy could actually be incredibly overrated.

For some fun and interesting takes on modern films with a great added focus on comic culture, The Weekly Planet is a great listen.

#4 Screen Fix

Rather than necessarily ‘reviewing’ movies, Screen Fix takes a more unique and interesting approach of discussing ways of how host JC and his guests would change new and older movies that fell short at the box office.

This is a great listen if you love dissecting the missed opportunities and missteps in movies or if you are just curious how some movies that failed so badly actually had the chance to become something great, or even a classic in the genre.

With episodes ranging from The Smurfs to the Mortal Kombat Reboot, this is a really fun and informative listen from those who are very knowledgeable within the movie industry, and can provide a great opportunity to pick up some critical analysis skills of your own for when you next see a movie and might find that something is missing. 

#5 The 90’s and Beyond

With a particular focus on movies from the 90’s era with all the classics and bad CGI included, host Vince Leo provides a literary insight and cinematic criticism of some of the most popular movies of the 90’s in a very grounded and down to earth way.

Just hearing of these films again brings back so much nostalgia and gives the podcast a real retro vibe making it very unique but also incredibly fun to listen to. 

Whether you want to check out how your favorite classics from that era still hold up, or just want a fun listen reminiscing on the days when animation was still getting off the ground, this podcast is great for all those 90’s movie fanatics.


With so many movies coming out on what seems like a daily basis, it can seem impossible to keep up. If you are wondering which format to use the Podcast vs Youtube debate is covered here.

Check out these mentioned fantastic music podcasts to see which you enjoy listening to the most, whether you are looking for reviews of the newest movies, in depth breakdowns of where movies went wrong or a look back at some familiar classics, there is a wide variety of podcasts to choose from. 

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