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Audioboom Vs. Libsyn

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Audioboom Vs. Libsyn

In this article, we are going to look at another podcast hosting platform battle, this time between Audioboom and Libsyn. So, let’s see what each one of them has to offer!

Audioboom Podcast Hosting Platform

Audioboom is widely regarded as the best podcast hosting platform for the distribution, hosting, and monetization of podcasts.

The company was founded in late 2009 and has since been rebranded and grown substantially.

It differs from other podcast hosting services in that it goes way beyond simply caring for podcasters. This podcast hosting service offers standard hosting options, but it also includes functions for running several podcasts at once.

This is useful for radio teams or podcast hosts networks searching for a single system to oversee all aspects.


Podcast creators can effortlessly measure up to advertisers via Audioboom’s extensive list of advertisers, allowing their daily show episodes to reach a wider audience.

They have a variety of advertising channels available, including host-read endorsement deals, interactively inserted advertisements, and sponsorship deals.

Irrespective of what your tastes are, Audioboom’s dynamic advertising team has everything you need in terms of advertising.


The show distribution strategy is essential for distributing your show’s episodes to the right crowd, at a perfect time, and through the ideal devices and systems.

Content creators can also use Audioboom’s elegant and stylish embedded player to advertise their podcast shows on their sites or applications.


Audioboom’s dedication involves offering high-quality hosting, distribution, and monetization services.

This podcast hosting platform has a long-term objective which is to create original content for several podcasters and networks by partnering with well-known personalities and businesses.


Podcast publisher for Brands and Creators

Podcast Host Analytics

Advanced analytics includes information about podcasts, your show’s performance and listeners. It enables AudioBoom creators to determine who is enjoying their work and which parts of the show work best with audiences.

Anybody who runs podcast websites should know that a successful podcast cannot survive if it does not have a crowd to enjoy it, regardless of how great the content is, so this function is critical for its success.

Any good podcast host will examine the metrics that drive results, from page loading time to listener feedback.

Embeddable Players

With regards to delivering original content to an online crowd, the podcast industry is still relatively new.

You might be a health and wellness blogger transitioning to a new content form or integrating your blog into a deeper insight of supplementary content.

In both cases, you must connect the dots between other inputs of content and your podcast show. And that is how embeddable players come to help you.

AudioBoom can incorporate a podcast player into your social media, podcast site, or blog and keep updating the RSS feed with an automatic function.

Your listeners can track you down through your current site or social media pages, or they can use your Instagram page and find you on another podcast website. All it requires is internet access!

Conditional Free Trial

Conditional Free Trial

While Audioboom does not advertise a free trial version, they do offer some free trials depending on the subscriber.

This means that officially, they do not have any free trial offer for whoever wants to try out their platform, but once you subscribe to their site, this podcast hosting platform might give you a chance to try their services for free for a specific period.

However, it is up to their professional judgment to decide if you are going to be given that offer and it is also their right to end your free trial and close your account if they believe you are ineligible.

Libsyn Podcast Hosting Site

Libsyn was established in 2004, and it is generally acknowledged as one of the top-tier podcasting platforms for hosting and publishing podcasts.

It has since grown to become one of the industry’s best podcast hosting platforms.

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Plugin Included

Libsyn Publisher Hub

This is among Libsyn’s standout benefits that you will not see in all the other podcast applications.

The Libsyn Publisher Hub simplifies the task of releasing a show’s episodes straight from WordPress to the Libsyn show.

This is embedded with outstanding features that take into consideration episode production, automated feed, Apple Podcasts optimization labels, creating ID3 tagging, podcast migrations, and fully advanced timetabling; it offers several of the most awesome and phenomenal publication possibilities for the WordPress site. (Also see, “Is Libsyn Good For Podcasting?’)

Change The Podcast Host Configurations

Libsyn enables podcasters to customize their settings according to the platforms they will be distributing on. Modifying the launch time is a straightforward advantage of using Libsyn.

Committed audiences on a premium version might very well pay extra to get first access to podcast episodes before unpaid audiences.

You could also change the series title depending on the platform, as well as other configurations.

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This function selects related ads and ad slots, and also some stitching and targeting for the company’s requirements. Some monetization functionality examples are:

Live-read advertisements give you the option of recording an ad using your voice.

Stitched ads are audible advertisements that are hand-picked by platform staff for podcast requirements.

Geo-targeting: Creating advert slots specifically for audiences in a specific campaign ep.

Player For Mobile Devices

This enables you to add a mobile-friendly player to your website. Libsyn provides a variety of configurable player designs that take into account the following:

  • Ben Greenfield fitness
  • Super mamas
  • The story behind

Customer Service

Libsyn’s podcast hosting assistance personnel are available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Even though they are not available 24 hours a day, it is still helpful. If you know under which category your issue falls, you could also submit a request to that division.

No Free Trial

Libsyn podcast host does not offer a free trial, so if you are new and on a low budget, you might want to check other alternatives to host your show.

Choosing Podcast Hosting Companies: Audioboom vs Libsyn Podcast Hosting Platforms

Audioboom vs Libysn

The best podcast hosting site is the one that best fits your needs. Audioboom is an inexpensive platform that allows for a simple match between content creators and advertisers.

It is ideal for both beginners and experienced podcast hosts, with Basic and Professional plans designed to meet all of your requirements.

On the other hand, Libsyn has some great advertising options that can help you tailor your advertised content to specific target audiences.

However, it does not offer a free trial, so it is probably not ideal for anyone starting out with their podcast show on a low budget.

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