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Audioboom Review – Podcast Hosting Features and Pricing

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Audioboom podcasting

Creating a solid podcast is more than just a person, an idea, an internet connection, and a microphone. A podcast needs to be enticing, attention-grabbing, and worthwhile to your audience. Creating and managing a podcast is a full-time job for some and a worthwhile hobby for others. What if the process could be easier though?

This is where AudioBoom comes in. This is one of many podcast hosting platforms, but with unique features to helps you host, distribute, and monetize your account. This platform is a great asset for both existing and new podcasts and operates as a one-stop-shop for management.

We want to know more about AudioBoom and everything it offers as a hosting platform. More importantly, we want to determine if this podcast hosting platform lives up to the hype. Does it deliver? This review will endeavor to answer just that.

What is AudioBoom?

AudioBoom stands out in a crowd of podcast hosting platforms. It varies from typical platform services because it looks beyond the individual podcaster. The service has typical hosting opportunities, but also expands to include features for managing multiple podcasts at once. This is beneficial for radio groups or networks of podcasters looking for one interface to manage all elements.

Audioboom host distribute podcasters

The company is also great for monetization and advertising of podcasts despite ad blockers. It provides analytics and insights to help podcasters understand who their listeners are, the content they want, and how the podcast is performing.

AudioBoom Review of Features

Audioboom review

As you look into differing podcast hosting options and review them, you certainly need to know the ins and outs of the features. After all, it takes more than an internet connection and fast page load for podcast hosting platforms to deliver.

For individual podcasts, new podcasts, and the basic plan comes with the following features:

·      Up to 10,000 plays/month

·      Publish up to 5 episodes/month

·      Advanced site analytics

·      Distribute via iHeartRadio, GooglePlay, Spotify, Stitcher, and Apple Podcasts

·      Embeddable Players for social media and website integration

Advanced Analytics

While the first two features are self-explanatory, let us dive into some of the others.

Advanced analytics covers insights about podcast performance and the audience. It allows AudioBoom users to understand who is listening and what they respond well to.

A podcast is nothing without an audience, no matter how good the material is, so this feature is essential for success. Any solid site will look into the analytics driving the success – from page load time to listener review.


AudioBoom has strong relationships with distribution partners, allowing your content to reach people wherever they choose to listen and circumnavigating the issues of ad blockers.

Some partnerships include Apple, Spotify, and Stitcher, some of the top sources of podcasts. The platform can compile analytics from all partners, making the process easier for you by centralizing information for review.

Embeddable Players

The world of podcasts is relativity new when it comes to providing original content to a virtual audience. Perhaps you are a lifestyle blogger making the leap to a new content type or merging your site into deep dive of additional material. In both scenarios, you need to bridge the gap between other sources of material and your podcast. This is where embeddable players help.

AudioBoom can integrate a podcast player into your social media, website, or blog and update automatically on the RSS feed. Your audience can find you through your existing website or communication channels or take the leap from Instagram and follow you to a new platform – they just need an internet connection!

If your podcast exceeds 10,000 plays per month, opt into the Podcast Pros plan with these additional features:

·      Sponsorships

·      Access to targeted ad-network through AudioBoom

·      Host endorsements and live reads from top advertisers

·      Live show and event sponsorships

·      Opportunity for branded content partnership

·      Midroll ad-insertion for revenue optimization

·      Monetize instantly with premium sales and targeted ad-network services

·      Manage multiple channels through contributor accounts

·      Connected to podcast directories


There are millions of monthly podcast listeners around the world and a huge market for sponsorships and advertising. Once a podcast begins to take off, it can be overwhelming to navigate sponsorship opportunities as you try to learn what you are worth. Some influencers fall into the trap of accepting goods or a gift card in exchange for promotion, even when they reach the status where they can reasonably expect financial compensation.

This is where AudioBoom sponsorships come into play. The site can provide a trackable promo code when needed and connect you with endorsements to help expand your brand recognition despite ad blockers. It will help you identify and pursue meaningful sponsorship partners, ones that will easily connect with your audience.

Dynamic Ad Insertion

The platform can also assist with providing a host of advertising options and adapt them to the real-time interests of the listener based on geographic location and content genre. This includes providing local and national ads, video spots, and more. This helps give you an understanding of ad blockers and other site issues.

Losing an audience is much easier than finding them – from a slow page load or poor endorsement connection, you can lose an audience without proper measures. This is why dynamic advertisements are important as they ensure the ads will connect to your audience as strongly as your internet connection.

Multiple Channel Management

If you are part of a network of channels, AudioBoom helps you manage all channels on one platform. This is ideal for radio groups and teams of podcasters providing dynamic content via internet connection. Plus, audio files can be embedded on a different website as needed.

Revenue Optimization

Podcasters make money through sponsorship, advertisements, and sometimes live shows. Podcasts are more than what can be communicated through an internet connection after all! AudioBoom allows creators to optimize revenue with midroll ad-insertion. This is when an advertisement plays in the middle of content rather than at the beginning or end. Think of it as a commercial break for listeners.

This increases the likelihood of a listener hearing an advertisement all the way through rather than exiting or skipping or avoiding through ad blockers. Midroll advertisements typically do not affect page load as advertisements at the start of an audio file might, so consumers respond well to this tactic.

AudioBoom Pricing | Is AudioBoom Free?

Do not get too excited as you ponder, “is AudioBoom really free?” The answer is no. The platform offers much to clients and has reasonable prices for the services.

Audioboom hosting pricing

Podcasters can start plans with AudioBoom for just $9.99 per month or $99 per year. Podcast Pros can contact AudioBoom individually to determine plans and rates for accounts with more than 10,000 plays per month.

Pros & Cons of AudioBoom

As we narrow down to the central question of, “is AudioBoom a good podcast host?” we turn to the simplicity of pros and cons.


·      Host, distribute, and monetize from one platform

·      Beneficial for one channel or a network of channels

·      Embeddable player

·      Partnerships with distribution sites

·      Dynamic ad insertion

·      Offices located around the world to help connect to audiences anywhere


·      Limit of 5 episodes per month on beginner plan

·      High threshold of plays needed to hit Podcast Pros plan

·     No AudioBoom app


This review indicates AudioBoom provides unparalleled support for its users through partnership and an effort to understand the target clients of each channel.

Even without an Audio Boom app, it has a lot to offer in terms of podcast hosting. While it is certainly geared towards larger networks, it can be a great stepping stone for rising channels.

If you find yourself asking, “what is the best podcast service,” then explore this podcast hosting platform for yourself and see how AudioBoom can take you to the next level. Creating an account is easy – you just need an internet connection and an email address!

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