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Stitcher Vs Apple Podcasts: How These Podcast Apps Compare

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stitcher vs apple podcasts

Podcasts have become the latest trend and are growing in popularity every single day, this is a large contrast to a couple of years ago!

Essentially, a podcast is a digital streaming audio service. One of the main factors that influenced the popularity of the podcast is that it is not only easy to produce but also to consume. 

Apple Podcasts is a service provided by Apple for its iOS devices. Since the rise in podcasting, Apple has utilized the demand and provided an easy way to listen to a range of audio content shows and stories.

With such a huge variety, you are sure to find something you like on the Apple Podcasts App. 

Similar to Apple Podcasts is Stitcher (see also our comparison of Stitcher and Google Podcasts). Stitcher is a web-based radio podcasting platform where people can listen to podcasts like radio services. It is an element of the radio internet service. 

The main difference between the two podcast listening apps is that Apple Podcasts is the default app found on the App Store on iOS devices, including iPad, iPhones, MacBooks, etc.

Whereas, Stitcher is a web-based on-demand application where you can listen to radio and podcast services. 

Apple Podcasts Vs Stitcher Podcast Apps Overview

Apple Podcasts is a podcast app only available on Apple devices. You can download it free from the App Store and is available on most Apple platforms including iPadOS, iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS, etc. 

Before becoming its app, it was a part of the iTunes app. Moreover, Apple Podcasts is home to nearly every show available, providing an accessible space for people to listen to their favorite content and shows. 

Stitcher, on the other hand, is an internet on-demand radio service that provides radio and podcasts through native mobile apps, as well as web applications.

The podcast app interface is clean and initiative, making it easy to navigate. Moreover, it offers free services on radio and podcasting. 

SiriusXM owns Stitcher and supplies a wide range of content, as well as original content featured on popular shows with networks including Witness Docs and Earwolf.

What Is Apple Podcasts?

apple podcasts logo

As briefly mentioned, Apple Podcasts is a default app available on all Apple products. It was initially released on the 26th of June 2012 as part of the iOS introduction.

Primarily, it was integrated with the iTunes app; however, it is now a default podcast app available from the App Store. 

Among iPhone users, Apple Podcasts is extremely popular, providing various podcasts relating to a wide range of topics. What makes it appealing is its free download from the App Store. 

Apple Podcasts are available across a range of iOS devices including watchOS, tvOS, iPadOSm iOS, etc. Users can create their playlists for their favorite podcasts, as well as search content by filtering the topics.

Likewise, transcripts are also available to all podcasts. 

What Is Stitcher?

stitcher logo

The platform Stitcher is a media company that supplies podcasts. In July 202, it was launched by SiriusXM. Witness Docs and Earwolf are a few examples of how Stitcher produces original shows. 

In addition to podcasts, Stitcher also delivers distribution services and ad sales. Moreover, Stitcher is one of the largest podcast listening apps used in the world.

This provides access to thousands of people and isn’t restricted to singular devices, such as Apple. 

Users can use apps available on Android, iOS, the Internet, and several vehicle integrations, to listen to and discover new podcasts.

The app is ranked higher than Apple Podcasts due to its in-app functionality and its free design. 

The Differences Between Stitcher And Apple Podcasts

  • While Apple Podcast is a free service provided by Apple for iOS devices, Stitcher, on the other hand, is a web-based service that provides both free and subscription-based services. 
  • Apple Podcasts is only available on iOS devices, while Stitcher supplies its podcasting service to both Android and iOS devices. 
  • Stitcher has a smaller library of content available on its platform when compared to the wide variety of podcasts provided by Apple Podcasts. 
  • Apple Podcasts are made as a default application for most iOS devices. While Stitcher is primarily a web-based provider. 
  • Apple Podcasts contribute a massive market share inside podcasting. On the other hand, Stitcher pertains to a lower market share. 
  • Stitcher is owned by Sirius XM while Apple Podcasts is a product of Apple Inc.

Stitcher Vs Apple Podcasts – Which Is The Best Podcast App?

Stitcher Vs Apple Podcasts

Both Apple Podcasts and Stitcher are two very different types of podcasting services. On one hand, Apple Podcasts is a product of Apple, while on the other hand, Stitcher is owned by Sirius XM. 

While they are both popular podcasting platforms, Apple has a higher reputation in the Apple ecosystem. Since it is a default application for Apple users, it makes for a convenient and easy service to use.

It provides a wide range of topics, so you’re sure to find something you’ll enjoy. On top of this, Apple Podcasts allows you to add transcripts, share content across platforms, and create customized playlists.

With a clean and intuitive inference, users can easily navigate the podcast app. 

Stitcher, on the other hand, is a web-based podcast platform that supports both Android and iOS applications. It covers a range of content including radio shows, podcasts, news, finance advice, entertainment, etc.

Unlike Apple, Stitcher podcast app isn’t a default application on any device and is a third-party application. 

When comparing the two podcast apps, Stitcher doesn’t attract as high an audience as Apple Podcast app. However, Apple Podcasts can only be used on Apple devices which may deter some.

Ultimately, when determining which is the better podcast platform, the decision is based on your personal preference and requirements. 

Final Thoughts On Stitcher and Apple Podcast apps

Stitcher vs Apple Podcasts

Both Stitcher and Apple Podcast are extremely popular podcast apps, determining the best one can sometimes be difficult.

One thing to remember is that Apple Podcast app is only available on Apple devices, while Stitcher is available across most devices. Hopefully, this guide has informed you of the differences between Stitcher and Apple Podcasts.

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