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Buzzsprout Review 2024: Still the Go-To for Podcasters?

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Buzzsprout Podcast Hosting

Introduction to Buzzsprout

Buzzsprout has been a go-to platform for podcast hosting for over 13 years, helping thousands kickstart their podcasting journeys. Known for its fair pricing and easy-to-use interface, it’s a favorite among both new and seasoned podcasters.

As Buzzsprout evolved, it kept adding useful features, making it a solid choice for anyone looking for a user-friendly platform with a good set of tools. With Buzzsprout, you can manage multiple shows effortlessly and get all the essentials needed for a successful podcast without breaking the bank. Read on to learn why Buzzsprout could be the perfect platform for your podcasting adventure.


What I Like About Buzzsprout

🎙️ I found hosting, promoting, and tracking my podcast effortless with Buzzsprout’s tools.
🎙️ Getting listed in top directories was quick and easy.
🎙️ The advanced statistics gave me a clear insight into my audience’s preferences.
🎙️ Magic Mastering™ significantly enhanced my audio quality.
🎙️ Monetizing through Buzzsprout was straightforward 
🎙️ Uploading episodes was a breeze, with automatic optimization handling the technical details.
🎙️ The Dynamic Content tool allowed me to easily update episode segments.
🎙️ Transcribing my episodes in Buzzsprout improved accessibility for my listeners.

Top Pick
Receive a $20 Amazon Gift Card
  • Buzzsprout is recommended by Podcasters from beginners to experts.
  • Podcast Hosting made easy!

🌟 Over 1,000 5-Star Reviews
🎙️ Hosts 300+ daily episodes
👍 User-friendly platform
📈 94% Great Ratings last 30 days
💯 Trusted by over 100,000 podcasters

Growth Chat of Buzzsprout Popularity

Buzzsprout Review

The first step for all podcasters is setting up the show. This is when podcasters generally require a lot of help. Buzzsprout also makes moving an existing show to a different host fast and easy. The platform enables podcasters to establish, host, distribute and grow podcasts. The podcast hosting platform is known for exceptional features, competitive prices, key differences from the competition and advanced statistics.

Thats exactly where we are going to start now in this Buzzsprout review. 

Buzzsprout Review

The podcast hosting platform takes podcasts very seriously. Buzzsprout enables the creation of an ideal website to help ensure listeners are able to locate the podcast quickly and efficiently. The appearance of the website can be customized according to the brand. Custom URLs can be created to make it easier for listeners to locate the website, episode details and any existing podcast.

What is Buzzsprout Podcast Host?

Buzzsprout is just that, a podcast host. The podcast hosting platforms software was created more than a decade ago, but during the last few years, the platform and demand has shown tremendous growth. 

The hosting provider has incorporated new features including transcripts for podcast episodes, customizing podcast websites and understanding podcast statistics. The result is maximizing the growth potential of the podcast.

How do you use Buzzsprout

The hardest part for a new podcaster is getting that first episode recorded and published. 

Buzzsprout makes it really easy for beginners to get started. If you can create a social media account then you can setup your first podcast. 

Uploading an Episode of a Podcast to Buzzsprout

After signing up for a free plan, you will be asked if its a new podcast or you already have existing episodes to migrate. Buzzsprout offers both options. Buzzsprout lets  you enter a podcast title, description and podcast logo. These are straight forward but extremely important for new podcasters to be successful.

If you already have episodes you can head to the recent episodes tab where you will find  a list of podcast episode details, popular episodes, dates, analytics, duration, number of plays or specific artwork for each episode. You can also edit the episode description.

Players: More for experienced podcasters who wish to embed the podcast episodes or show on a website. 

Website: A nice feature of Buzzsprout is that they automatically create a personal website for you to share. 

Directories: Buzzspout makes it as easy as click “get listed” to share your new podcasts. Although your podcast will be hosted on Buzzsprout you need to find a home for your listeners to follow. Apple podcasts, Spotify, Google podcasts, Pandora, stitcher etc. Thats how you grow. Listeners cancan favourite, follow and share your new episode. 
See also: Where Does Buzzsprout Publish To?

RSS feed: More for an experienced podcaster. Either way if anyone asks for your RSS feed, it will be automatically generated here. 
See also: Where Is My RSS Feed On Buzzsprout?


Top Pick
Receive a $20 Amazon Gift Card
  • Buzzsprout is recommended by Podcasters from beginners to experts.
  • Podcast Hosting made easy!

Buzzsprout Features

Buzzsprout is a great platform that provides everything necessary for hosting and distributing a podcast. The platform offers a place for hosting audio files in addition to a compliant RSS feed for submission to podcast directories. Some of the best features offered are detailed below.

Buzzsprout Features

  • Podcast Hosting: Comprehensive tools to host, promote, and track podcasts.
  • Directory Listings: Ensures podcasts are featured in top directories, reaching millions.
  • Podcast Statistics: Advanced analytics to understand the audience’s behavior.
  • Magic Mastering™: Advanced technology to optimize audio quality.
  • Monetization Options: Multiple ways to earn, including subscriber content and ads.
  • Episode Optimization: Automated handling of filetypes, bitrates, and tags.
  • Dynamic Content Tool: Flexibility to add or remove content segments in episodes.
  • Transcriptions: Accessibility enhancements for wider audience reach.
  • Podcast Player: Elegant, embeddable player for websites with customization.
  • Management Tools: Handle multiple podcasts and teams under one account.
  • Learning and Support: Comprehensive guides, videos, and community support.
  • Integrations: Seamless compatibility with major podcast tools and direct API access.
  • Podcast Website: Customizable website creation tools for podcast branding.

Directories and Distribution

Buzzsprouts has a good distribution section called Directories. All of the popular podcast directories (Apple podcast, Google podcasts etc) the podcaster should be aware of are listed. Complete instructions are included to ensure the podcaster understands how to get into each directory. Since the submission process must always be completed by the podcaster, the directions provided by Buzzsprout are invaluable.

There are platforms emerging able to perform automatic submissions to eliminate some of the work. The issue is most podcasters believe the submissions should be performed personally to make certain control of the account and all of the data is retained on every platform. The manual process may actually be preferable.

It is a very simple and easy process from beginners to connect to your favorite platforms. . 

Podcasting Analytics

Buzzsprout Analytics Dashboard

I use Buzzsprout analytics because it simplifies tracking my podcast’s progress. It gives me a clear picture of my total downloads, the apps people use to listen, and where my listeners are located. The straightforward data helps me understand my audience better, making my podcasting journey more effective and enjoyable.

📊 Discover your audience through podcast statistics.

📈 Track your total downloads over time.

📲 Identify the apps listeners use for your podcast.

🌎 Find out the geographical locations of your listeners.

Statistics Dashboard

The buzzsprout dashboard interface offers a modern appearance, easy access and transparency. A lot of the best hosting platforms for podcasts only offer a standard dashboard. Buzzsprout displays deeper insights than the other dashboards including listeners, plays, the number of downloads and the geographical location.

The difference is in the way Buzzsprout presents the information. The dashboard uses colorful and bright graphics, buttons and charts for displaying information. The design of the dashboard is a lot easier for beginners to grasp.

Why I Use Buzzsprout’s Magic Mastering 

Magic Mastering™ on Buzzsprout makes my podcasts sound professional. It’s easy to use, like adding a filter to a photo but for sound. With a few clicks, my podcasts are clear and sound great, saving me a lot of time. It’s one big reason why I like using Buzzsprout for my podcasts.

Monetization With Buzzsprout Options

Buzzsprout’s Affiliate Marketplace allows podcasters to earn money by promoting selected products. Podcasters can choose an affiliate, get a unique link, and promote it on their episodes. The affiliate link gets automatically added to the episode’s notes, making it accessible to listeners across various platforms.
With Buzzsprout Ads, earn money by featuring ads for products or other podcasts in your episodes. The process is fast and simple, allowing you to choose ads that align with your audience’s interests.
Buzzsprout has a YouTube-like monetization for podcasts where ads can be easily activated and selected by podcasters. These ads are seamlessly integrated into episodes with polished transitions, showcasing a promising future for podcast monetization.
Subscriptions allow you to receive payments and offer premium content to your listeners. Initially, set up recurring support in under 2 minutes, and later entice more support by providing exclusive content to subscribers.

Automatic Episode Optimization

Buzzsprout Automated file optimization feature

I use Buzzsprout’s Easy Upload for its automatic episode optimization which takes away the hassle of handling filetypes, bitrates, or ID3 tags. I simply upload my audio, and Buzzsprout takes care of the rest, allowing me to publish immediately or schedule it for later. It’s a seamless process that makes podcasting straightforward and enjoyable.

Video Soundbites 

Buzzsprout’s video soundbites allow me to easily create video trailers for episodes, which are great for sharing on social media, at no extra cost.

Chapter Markers

With Buzzsprout’s chapter markers, listeners can navigate through episodes effortlessly, knowing what topics are covered and when, which encourages them to listen to the entire podcast. Adding markers is simple and can be done during the editing process.

Free Website For Your Podcast 

Buzzsprout Custom Podcast Website

Buzzsprout’s free website builder allows podcasters to craft a personalized podcast website, showcasing episodes alongside visual artwork and detailed channel descriptions. The complimentary access includes directory links to popular podcast apps, ensuring a wider reach. Customize the interface to echo your unique branding and host the website on a custom domain URL for a professional touch and straightforward discoverability.

Podcast Player

Add a visually appealing podcast player to your website using a snippet of code. This player offers control features like skipping, speed adjustment, social sharing, and customization to reflect your brand’s uniqueness.

Podcast Episode Transcription

Buzzsprout Transcriptions

Buzzsprout offers in-platform transcription services starting at 10 cents per minute, making podcasts more accessible to search engines, speed-readers, and the hard of hearing. Unlike traditional slow and costly transcription, Buzzsprout’s service is competitively priced and easy to use. You can edit transcripts, publish them directly on Buzzsprout, or copy to other sites, simplifying the whole process while enhancing podcast discoverability.

Top Pick
Receive a $20 Amazon Gift Card
  • Buzzsprout is recommended by Podcasters from beginners to experts.
  • Podcast Hosting made easy!

API Integration 

Buzzsprout API Integrations

Any podcaster using an editing platform will be excited by the newly released Buzzsprout API. The podcaster is able to directly upload episodes into the Buzzsprout account. The podcaster no longer needs to download and then re-upload all of the episodes. If the platform currently used by the podcaster does not enable API integration, uploading and exporting is still fairly easy.

If the partnerships established between Buzzsprout, Hindenburg and Alitu are smooth, positive feedback is expected. If this happens, Buzzsprout may add additional partners to make publishing to a Buzzsprout account even easier.

➡️ Is Buzzsprout Good for Podcasting?

Cohost AI

Buzzsprout’s new Cohost AI tool streamlines podcasting by auto-generating episode titles, descriptions, chapter markers, and transcripts. It provides five title options, based on podcast content, and drafts editable descriptions for each topic discussed. The tool also generates comprehensive transcripts with speaker details, aiding podcasters to concentrate more on content creation.


Podroll, Buzzsprout’s latest feature, revitalizes the early 2000s blogroll concept, allowing podcasters to recommend their favorite shows directly. To use it, Buzzsprout users simply go to ‘Podcast Settings,’ select ‘Podroll,’ and then add their chosen podcasts. This personal touch differentiates these recommendations from algorithm-based suggestions. The curated selections are displayed on the podcaster’s Buzzsprout site, on Podnews, and in Podcasting 2.0-enabled apps, expanding reach and audience engagement.

Alternatives to Buzzsprout

Buzzsprout offers some key features and different pricing tiers for podcasters. But how does it stack up against the competition?

Buzzsprout Pricing

One of the most outstanding pricing features of Buzzsprout pricing is the free plan option offered. Hosting is only provided for a period of 90 days with an extremely limited amount of space for storage. 

Paid plans come with unlimited storage, can be purchased for as little as $12 per month including three hours of content. The podcaster can add more content by paying by the hour. Full-time podcasters should strongly consider the biggest plan available for $24 per month with no storage limits and unlimited bandwidth.

If you do sign up to the podcast platform, Buzzsprout are kind enough to give you a free $20 gift voucher that can go towards some new podcasting equipment, like a new mic. 

🚨 Click here for the latest Buzzsprout promo code

Buzzsprout Podcast Hosting Pricing


Features/Plans Free Basic ($12/month) Standard ($18/month) Professional ($24/month)
Upload Hours 2 hrs 3 hrs 6 hrs 12 hrs
Episode Hosting 90 Days Indefinite Indefinite Indefinite
Extra Upload Cost N/A $4/hr $3/hr $2/hr
Advanced Stats
Unlimited Team Members
Storage Limited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Import Podcast
Hosted Website
Magic Mastering $6/month $9/month $12/month
Cohost AI $10/month $20/month $30/month
Top Pick
Receive a $20 Amazon Gift Card
  • Buzzsprout is recommended by Podcasters from beginners to experts.
  • Podcast Hosting made easy!

Buzzsprout Pros and Cons


  • Beginner-Friendly 
  • Quick straight forward setup
  • Free tier plan available to get started 
  • Fair price points for plans with all the benefits
  • Ability to host multiple podcasts shows on the same Buzzsprout account
  • Nice easy to navigate website and dashboard
  • Podcast website included
  • Great tool with excellent customer support
  • Distribute your podcast with one click
  • Advanced monetization methods (affiliate marketplace)


  • No option to pay for 1 year upfront. Only month by month. 
  • Free plan comes with ads on podcast website (cant really expect everything to be free).
  • No unlimited audio plan
If you are already with another podcast hosting company find out how to move your Podcast to Buzzsprout with this guide

Buzzsprout Directories

Alternatives to Buzzsprout

Its always lovely to checkout the competition before making a decision. Here are the top alternatives to Buzzsprout:


Libsyn (Liberated Syndication):

  • One of the oldest and most respected podcast hosting platforms.
  • Offers a variety of pricing plans to cater to different needs.


  • Offers unlimited hosting services, distribution, and promotion on a straightforward platform.
  • Provides monetization opportunities through ads and patronage.


  • Free podcast hosting platform.
  • Offers monetization opportunities and a wide range of creation tools.


  • Offers a simple, user-friendly interface.
  • Provides detailed analytics and a single-click multiple destination publishing feature.


  • Known for its modern, user-friendly interface.
  • Provides advanced analytics and marketing tools.


  • Provides professional podcast hosting and statistics.
  • Offers WordPress integration with its PowerPress plugin.

FAQs About Buzzsprout

Which is Better: Podbean or Buzzsprout?

Podbean offers unlimited hosting services, live podcasting, and in-built monetization options, making it a good choice for those needing these features. On the other hand, Buzzsprout’s user-friendly interface, advanced analytics, and automatic episode optimization make it an ideal choice for beginners or those prioritizing ease of use and analytics.

How do I start a podcast on Buzzsprout?

To start a podcast on Buzzsprout, follow these steps:

  1. Sign up for a Buzzsprout account.
  2. Once you’re logged in, click on “Create a New Podcast.”
  3. Provide the necessary details like podcast name, description, artwork, and category.
  4. Record your podcast episode and save it in a supported file format.
  5. Upload your episode using Buzzsprout’s Upload Interface.
  6. Once your episode is uploaded and processed, you can add details like title, description, and episode type.
  7. Submit your podcast to podcast directories like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and others. Buzzsprout provides straightforward instructions for each directory.

Buzzsprout Customer Support

What pricing plans does Buzzsprout offer?

Buzzsprout offered four pricing plans:

  1. Free: With this plan, you can upload 2 hours of content each month, but episodes are removed after 90 days.
  2. $12/month: Allows 3 hours of uploads each month, and episodes are hosted indefinitely.
  3. $18/month: Allows 6 hours of uploads each month, and episodes are hosted indefinitely.
  4. $24/month: Allows 12 hours of uploads each month, and episodes are hosted indefinitely.

What are the steps to upload an episode?

To upload an episode on Buzzsprout, follow these steps:

  1. Record your podcast episode and save it as an MP3 file.
  2. Log in to your Buzzsprout account.
  3. Click on the ‘Episodes’ tab in your dashboard.
  4. Click on the ‘Upload a New Episode’ button.
  5. Choose the audio file you want to upload from your computer.
  6. Once the file is uploaded, you can edit the details of the episode, such as title, description, episode type, season, and episode number.
  7. Choose whether to publish the episode immediately or schedule it for a future date.
  8. Click ‘Save Episode’ to finish the process.

Can I schedule future episodes with Buzzsprout?

Yes, you can schedule future episodes with Buzzsprout. After uploading an episode, you’ll have the option to either publish it immediately or schedule it for a future date and time. This feature allows for consistent episode releases, which can be beneficial in growing and maintaining your podcast audience.

How does Buzzsprout’s podcast analytics work?

Buzzsprout’s podcast analytics provides valuable insights into your podcast’s performance. It tracks several metrics including:

  • Total Plays: The number of times your episodes have been played.
  • Listens Over Time: How many plays your podcast gets over a specific period.
  • Episode Downloads: The number of times each episode has been downloaded.
  • Listening Apps: The apps and podcast platforms your listeners use to access your podcast.
  • Listener Locations: Geographic data showing where your listeners are located around the world.

This data helps you understand your audience better, allowing you to optimize your podcast content and marketing strategies.

Can I host more than one podcast on my Buzzsprout account?

Yes, you can host more than one podcast on your Buzzsprout account. Each podcast will need its own separate subscription plan. You can easily switch between your different podcasts within the Buzzsprout dashboard. This allows you to manage multiple shows from one account, each with its own settings, episodes, and analytics.

Is Buzzsprout compatible with all major podcast directories, like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, etc.?

Yes, Buzzsprout is compatible with all major podcast directories such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and many others. When you host your podcast on Buzzsprout, you can easily submit your show to these directories, making your podcast accessible to listeners across multiple platforms. Buzzsprout provides step-by-step guides to help you list your podcast on these platforms.

How can I monetize my podcast with Buzzsprout?

Monetizing your podcast with Buzzsprout can be done in several ways:

  • Affiliate Marketing: You can promote products or services on your podcast and earn a commission for every purchase made through your referral link.
  • Sponsorships: You can partner with companies for episode or show sponsorships. Buzzsprout has a dynamic ad insertion feature which can make handling sponsorships easier.
  • Listener Donations: You can ask your listeners for support via donations. There are several third-party platforms that facilitate this, such as Patreon or PayPal.
  • Premium Content: You can offer premium episodes or subscription-only content for your listeners. This can also be facilitated through third-party platforms.

Does Buzzsprout offer any support or resources for improving my podcast?

Yes, Buzzsprout offers numerous resources and support to help you improve your podcast. They provide an extensive range of podcasting guides covering a variety of topics like equipment recommendations, recording and editing tips, marketing strategies, monetization advice, and more. They also have a blog and a YouTube channel with helpful tips and tutorials. Additionally, Buzzsprout offers customer support where you can reach out for help with any issues or questions you may have.

What is the quality of the audio after it is uploaded to Buzzsprout?

When you upload audio to Buzzsprout, it optimizes your episodes for the best possible sound quality. If you upload in a high-quality MP3 format, Buzzsprout will maintain that quality. For example, the $12/month plan and above support a high-quality 192k stereo optimization.

How long does it take for my podcast to appear on various directories after uploading it on Buzzsprout?

The time it takes for your podcast to appear on various directories after uploading it on Buzzsprout can vary. It’s largely dependent on the specific directory. For instance, Apple Podcasts may take between 24 hours to a week to approve a new podcast, while Spotify usually updates faster, often within a few hours. Once your podcast is approved on these platforms, subsequent episodes usually appear more quickly.

Is there a limit to the number of episodes I can upload each month?

On Buzzsprout, the limit to the number of episodes you can upload each month depends on your subscription plan. The key restriction is based on the total hours of content rather than the number of episodes. 

  • Free: Allows 2 hours of content per month.
  • $12/month: Allows 3 hours of content per month.
  • $18/month: Allows 6 hours of content per month.
  • $24/month: Allows 12 hours of content per month.

What sort of integration does Buzzsprout offer? Can I integrate it with my website or social media platforms?

Buzzsprout offers a range of integration options:

  • Website Integration: Buzzsprout provides a podcast player that can be embedded on your website. This allows visitors to play episodes directly from your site.
  • Social Media: Buzzsprout generates a link for each episode that you can share on social media platforms. They also provide ‘Audiograms’, short shareable videos that you can post on social media to promote your episodes.
  • Podcast Directories: Buzzsprout makes it easy to list your podcast on major podcast directories like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and others.
  • Apps & Tools: Buzzsprout can be integrated with various apps and tools for things like transcription services, monetization, and marketing.

Can I move my existing podcast to Buzzsprout? If so, how?

Yes, you can move your existing podcast to Buzzsprout. Here are the general steps:

  • Sign up for a Buzzsprout account.
  • In the dashboard, click on “Switch to Buzzsprout” or “Import your podcast.”
  • Enter your current podcast’s RSS feed. Buzzsprout will use this to import your existing episodes.
  • Buzzsprout will start the import process, which usually takes a few hours but could take up to a day.
  • Once your episodes are imported, you can review and publish them.
  • Submit your new Buzzsprout RSS feed to the podcast directories where your show is listed.

Does Buzzsprout upload to Spotify?

Yes, Buzzsprout can upload your podcast episodes to Spotify. Buzzsprout simplifies the process of listing your podcast on major platforms, including Spotify.

Is Buzzsprout good for beginners?

According to recent Buzzsprout reviews Yes, Buzzsprout is considered good for beginners. It offers a user-friendly interface, easy setup, and comprehensive guides to help newcomers navigate the process of starting a podcast. Additionally, it provides useful tools like automatic episode optimization, analytics, and straightforward directory submission to platforms like Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Buzzsprout Customer Experience and Feedback

My Final Thoughts On Buzzsprout

Top Pick
Receive a $20 Amazon Gift Card
  • Buzzsprout is recommended by Podcasters from beginners to experts.
  • Podcast Hosting made easy!

As a podcast enthusiast, I find Buzzsprout an excellent podcast hosting platform. It offers user-friendly tools, comprehensive features, and outstanding customer support, making it ideal for new and experienced podcasters.

The platform provides free learning materials, top directory listings, and the unique Magic Mastering feature for audio optimization.

In my opinion, Buzzsprout is a fantastic option for podcast hosting.

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