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Buzzsprout Vs Anchor

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Buzzsprout Vs Anchor

Do you want to start your podcast show? Don’t get too worked up about where you’ll host it! Both Buzzsprout and Anchor are platforms that allow you to share your show with listeners around the world.

If you’re unsure about which option is best for your venture, then you must read this article.

In this section, we’ll compare Buzzsprout and Anchor (see also our comparison of Anchor and Simplecast) to determine the pros and cons of each platform and discuss what hosting your show with each one of these might entail for it.


Buzzsprout is a popular podcast hosting platform that is widely regarded as one of the simplest ways to share your podcasts online.

All of the big podcast directories, such as Apple Podcasts and Spotify (see also ‘Tidal Vs Spotify‘) are fully supported by Buzzsprout.

In addition to hosting your podcast, it includes a slew of tools for everything from producing and perfecting your podcast to helping with promotion and monetization.

Let’s look at the Buzzsprout functionalities and see why many famous podcast hosts rely on it as a hosting platform.

Buzzsprout (see also ‘Buzzsprout Vs Captivate – Podcasting Comparison‘) is designed to make the podcaster’s work straightforward while still providing a wealth of features

Submits Your Podcast To All Podcast Directories And Platforms

Making a podcast is one thing; getting it discovered is completely different. Buzzsprout makes it simple by listing your podcast on every single major directory.

It is critical to get your show listed on directories if you want to find new audiences, and the majority of listeners use one if not more of them.

When you publish your show to Buzzsprout, you can have it automatically listed on all of the major podcast directories such as Spotify (see also ‘Spotify Vs Soundcloud‘), Google Podcasts, and so on.

Magical Mastering

To attract audiences and achieve those high monthly plays, podcasts must have high audio quality.

To accomplish this, many podcast directories establish several parameters that Podcasts must follow.

Buzzsprout has an effective tool called Magic Mastering that can help your show adhere to all the requirements.

This useful feature will simply re-encode the audio recording to make sure it complies with the required standards.

All the podcaster has to do is inform the program whether the episode is mostly voice or mostly music, and Magic Mastering will do the rest.

Analytics Stats

You have access to the following statistics:

  • Podcast Overview, i.e. how your podcast performs
  • Downloads of Episodes, i.e. individual episodes performance
  • Technology, which enables you to see which applications and devices your listeners use to listen to your show
  • Geo-Location

If your show is still in its early stages and you are finding it hard to attract big sponsors, go local. Begin small and focus on an area or local county business owners where your audiences are living.

Promotional Resources

There is no such thing as a simple touch for helping to promote your show. It takes time and effort to expand your listener base.

Buzzsprout has a handy tool called Visual Soundbite that can help you get your show off to a good start.

This enables you to produce promo clips that can be published and distributed on social media or other networks to provide a teaser for your show.

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  • Buzzsprout is recommended by Podcasters from beginners to experts.
  • Podcast Hosting made easy!



Anchor (see also ‘Podbean Vs Anchor‘) is a Spotify podcasting platform that is nowadays a big player in the podcasting industry.

Anchor, with its stated purpose of “democratizing podcasting,” provides significant and effective features that greatly benefit its functionality.


One of the most appealing aspects of Anchor is that it is freely available for content creators.

Given the wide range of functionality available and the stylish and user-friendly design, this is a no-brainer for content creators on a tight budget.


Anchor is ideal for newcomers. It is an extremely user-friendly platform with a plethora of integrated tools that aim to make podcasting a simple and stress-free system.

Mobile And Desktop

Anchor is an extremely customizable platform because it is available as a desktop and smartphone app.

This is particularly true when talking about podcast recording. If you’re on the go, you could still record using the anchor podcast app.

Remote Recording

The ‘Record with Friends’ feature on Anchor allows you to collaborate with up to 5 other virtual guests.

Several podcast apps do not support remote recording, but it is a function that most podcasters are seeking. Sadly, Anchor falls short of other services in terms of audio and sound quality.

Integrated Monetization

Anchor has an embedded show monetization function with two income sources from which to choose.

Even if you’re a novice or an enthusiast as opposed to a skilled podcaster, being able to easily make money by selling your podcast is a bonus.


Though Anchor’s automated distribution saves you extra time and effort from having to deal with that yourself, it may also be a major constraint if you want to obtain analytics from platforms other than Spotify.

Anchor, for instance, publishes to Apple Podcasts via Anchor’s account.

As a result, as a podcast host, you will not be able to open your podcast’s statistics. For content creators who use their statistics, this can be a significant limitation.

Limitless Hosting

Another fantastic feature is that Anchor provides completely free and unlimited hosting!

Built-In Audience Interaction

A further unique feature is the built-in listener communication tools, which allow you to incorporate a community feel and discussion into your shows.

There are three tools: Q&A, Polls, and the ability to share timestamps.

The Bottom Line

Both Buzzsprout and Anchor have great things going for them when it comes to podcast hosting, so deciding between them is difficult.

With Buzzsprout, you have more authority over the way your show is presented, while you can choose for your audio file to be automatically optimized.

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  • Buzzsprout is recommended by Podcasters from beginners to experts.
  • Podcast Hosting made easy!

Anchor, on the other hand, is heavily focused on Spotify. However, it gives you less control over your podcasts.

It is, nevertheless, completely free, includes both recording and editing resources, and has a more defined money-making method.

Therefore, it is a matter of priorities, so figure out what yours are and choose the one that’s best for you!

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