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Where Is My RSS Feed On Buzzsprout?

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Where Do I Find My RSS Feed On Buzzsprout

When it comes to podcasting, promotional material and videos are definitely one of the most important aspects for getting your show off the ground, however it’s also essential for allowing a podcast to keep up the momentum by drawing new fans in. 

This is where Buzzsprout comes in, an all-in-one package that assists you with setting up and promoting a podcast with features tailored towards both beginners and experienced podcasters alike.

The program has grown tremendously popular over recent years and for very good reason, however admittedly because it has so many features at the customers’ disposal, it can sometimes be hard to navigate to the option you want such as finding your RSS feed.

To make this easier, we have laid out a step-by-step guide so you can find your Buzzsprout RSS feed in no time. 

TLDR; Where Can I Find My RSS Feed on Buzzsprout

Your Buzzsprout RSS feed can be found on the Directories page under the RSS Feed tab within your buzzsprout account.

Why Is The RSS Feed So Important?

Where Is My RSS Feed On Buzzsprout

The RSS, also known as ‘Really Simple Syndication, is the online file that contains details about each and every piece of content a particular site has published. 

This is especially important for podcasts since when each episode is published, the information of that episode will be added into the RSS feed including its title, information, and details you have added to the show. 

For keeping track of your podcast and to be able to have the ability to share and distribute the content to different platforms (see also: Where Does Buzzsprout Publish To), you need to be able to locate it easily and always be sure that you can access it when you need to. 

Most importantly however, podcast RSS feeds are the primary way that the audio files actually get to the listener, without the files you would have nothing to send across since podcast apps, such as Spotify and Stitcher, will use your unique RSS feed to pull in new episodes and serve them up for listeners, so if you don’t have one or have forgotten the code, your podcasts won’t show up in the directory. 

Note: You may need it for directory submissions, website plugins, or working with sponsors.

How To Find Your RSS Feed On Buzzsprout

Once you set up a Buzzsprout account you will automatically have a unique RSS feed set up for you.

Luckily, accessing this is quite easy and is well worth knowing so you can safely transfer your podcasts in the future. 

Step 1. Open Buzzsprout 

Start by opening up Buzzsprout and logging onto the main dashboard.

Step 2. Go To ‘Directories’

At the top of the screen will be a list of several tabs to choose from. Right in the middle will be the ‘Directories’ tab, click on this and you will be taken to a new screen. 

Step 3. Copy Your RSS Feed

When you are taken to this new page your RSS feed for your podcast will appear in a text box with an option to copy it to the right.

It is always advised to keep this code safe since there is only one RSS feed per podcast so you will need it in the future when trying to convert your podcast or move it elsewhere.

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How To Use A Podcast RSS Feed

Once you have retrieved your RSS URL and copied it, when you’re ready to send it over to streaming services, it can be useful to know how exactly to do it since there are a few different menus you will need to navigate through for each app.

Remember that for this to work, you will need the RSS URL that you got from Buzzsprout, so keep this copied on your device or have it written down so that you can fill it in when you are prompted to. 

Where Is My RSS Feed On Buzzsprout

Method 1 – Google Podcasts 

Adding an RSS feed onto Google Podcasts is easy and well worth doing since it is one of the biggest podcasting platforms out there, and can be done exactly the same on both iOS and Android devices. 

Step 1. Tap On ‘Activity’ 

Once you open the Google Podcasts app, tap on the ‘Activity’ icon in the bottom right.

Step 2. Select ‘Subscriptions’

The subscriptions icon will now be at the top right, select this and you will be shown the podcasts that you’re currently subscribed to. Look to the top right for an ellipsis and tap on this. 

Step 3. Tap ‘Add By RSS Feed’ 

A few options will appear, select the ‘Add by RSS feed’ option and a text box will appear with an example of a URL. Paste your RSS URL into this box and click ‘Subscribe’ to finalize the transition.

Method 2 – Pocket Casts

Another very popular podcasting platform that has grown tremendously in recent years, uploading your RSS feed on Pocket Casts works exactly the same here for iOS and Android devices. 

Step 1. Tap On ‘Discovery’

When you boot up Pocket Casts, on the main menu you will see a ‘Discover’ option at the very bottom of the screen, tap on this, and the search tab will appear. 

Step 2. Past The Podcast RSS URL

In the search bar, paste your podcast’s RSS feed and click ‘Enter’. You will be automatically directed to your podcast with all the details displayed including the title and duration of the episode. 

Step 3. Click ‘Subscribe’ 

Click on the ‘Subscribe’ option so that you yourself are following the podcast and can monitor how it’s doing.

Read for more tips about the Buzzsprout platform overview.


Buzzsprout makes setting up your own podcast and attracting listeners as easy as possible, and this includes finding and using your RSS feed.

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This is a crucially important set of numbers and letters that will allow your podcast to reach the widest amount of people possible, so always make sure that when you do find it, you write it down for safekeeping. 

If you are struggling to find your Buzzsprout RSS feed, or if it’s not showing up in the directories tab and you need it urgently, it can be worth contacting the incredibly helpful Buzzsprout support team who can help troubleshoot the issue and find your RSS feed in no time. 

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