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Buzzsprout Vs Blubrry – Podcasting Differences

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buzzsprout vs blubrry

If you want to create a podcast, then you need a place where you can upload, store and manage your episodes.

This is where podcast hosting sites, like Blubrry and Buzzsprout, come in. They allow you to upload audio files and share them with your audience.

In this article, we take a closer look at the main features of Blubrry and Buzzsprout (see also ‘Blubrry Vs Castos‘), and we find out which one is better.

Buzzsprout: Key Features

Buzzsprout have been hosting podcasts and shows since 2009, and they are well known for their great customer service.

Here are some of Buzzsprout’s essential features.

Ease Of Use

One of the biggest advantages with Buzzsprout is that you don’t need to get involved in the too technical things.

When you upload your audio files, there is a lot of data that you usually need to put it to ensure that the files plays correctly.

One of these pieces of information is metadata that is attached to your MP3 file and then read by iTunes.

Many other podcast hosts, including Blubrry (see also ‘Blubrry Vs Podbean‘), add the metadata fields but you will need to input the data.

With Buzzsprout, you don’t need to do anything. The platform will do it for you automatically. This saves you plenty of time, especially when you are uploading a lot of audio files.

But this is just one feature that makes Buzzsprout easy to use. The website’s design means that you can manage your podcasts easier, and it’s much more intuitive than other platforms.

The Buzzsprout dashboard is easy to navigate, and you can access almost everything you need straight in the dashboard, even the transcripts for your podcast episodes.

Storage And Costs

Unlike some other podcast hosting platforms, Buzzsprout gives you set number of podcasting hours, instead of a set number of megabytes per upload.

This makes it much easier for podcasters to handle because you always know how much time you have left.

In comparison. With a set MB storage option, it’s more difficult to understand, so as podcasters we really like Buzzsprout’s more intuitive solution.

On the pricing side, Buzzsprout offers different paid plans depending on how many hours you upload every month.

Costs are very similar to other platforms, like Blubrry and Libsyn (see also our comparison of Libsyn and Podomatic), although Buzzsprout offers slightly better value for money with the higher tier plans.

One feature we found quite interesting was the lifetime free plan which allows you to upload episodes but they will be removed after 90 days.

That’s not an option for everyone, as many podcast listeners prefer to listen to older episodes.

However, this depends on the type of audio and podcasts you are doing, so it’s just a nice option to be aware of.

Embedded Player

Buzzsprout allows you to create an embed player that you can add to your website, blog or social media page.

You can easily customize the player with your own brand colors, episode title, show title, author, artwork and a sharing button.

Analytics And Stats

Another popular feature that many podcast hosting providers offer is access to statistics. 

Buzzsprout (see also ‘Buzzsprout Vs Captivate‘) offers some basic stats for your podcasts but, compared to other podcast hosts, it’s not very comprehensive.

You can track the growth of your audience by checking the “Listeners” number. This is the number of people that Buzzsprout forecasts will listen to your shows in the next 90 days.

It’s an unusual metric in the podcasting industry but a great way to see where you are heading when it comes to audience growth.

You can also view statistics for individual episodes but they are not as detailed and you cannot filter as much as you may be able to with other podcast hosts.

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Verdict: Buzzsprout

Looking at the features that the platform has to offer, we found that Buzzsprout is best for a range of podcasters.

Whether you are a beginner and want to just upload your first few podcasts or you are a pro who needs a lot of storage space for daily episodes, Buzzsprout offers a wide-enough array of features.

Buzzsprout Vs Blubrry

Blubrry: Key Features

Compared to Buzzsprout, Blubrry has some very powerful features, although some of their design lets the platform down a bit.

Ease Of Use

Once you are past the setup stage, Blubrry is very easy to use. 

You can integrate it with a WordPress site, so if you are running a WordPress website, then you can manage your podcasts in the same place as your blog posts and site.

The integration works through their PowerPress WordPress plugin.

While the Blubrry platform is easy to manage, the initial setup can take some time because the process is a little complicated.

However, once you are setup properly, the platform will do most of the work for you.

One feature we found really interesting is that they have an advanced mode as well as an easy mode. This allows both podcast beginners and experts to set their preferences.

Costs And Storage

Similar to other large podcast hosting websites, Blubrry offers different plans based on storage size.

Most of the plans also include video podcasting, so you can upload audio as well as video files to the platform.

Embedded Player

Thanks to the WordPress plugin with Blubrry, you will be able to generate an embedded player which allows you to add a podcast player to your website.

Just like with Buzzsprout, you can easily customize the player’s color to match with your brand as well as add download, subscribe and share buttons.

Plus, you can also adjust the playback speed of the player.

Statistics And Analytics

A big benefit with Blubrry is that you get access to advanced podcast stas with each plan. You can quickly view different data, like geography, platforms, time and referring sites.

In comparison to Buzzsprout, Blubrry (see also our comparison of Blubrry and Podiant) statistics allow you to see more detailed information over time.


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Verdict: Blubrry

Blubrry (see also ‘Bluburry Vs Podomatic‘) is a great podcast hosting site for more intermediate and advanced users. Especially users who have a WordPress website will like the easy integration with Blubrry’s plugin.

Final Thoughts

Both Blubrry and Buzzsprout (see also our comparison of Blubrry and Podtrac) offer a range of good features. 

We found that Buzzsprout is more suitable for everyone, including beginners, while Blurry appeals more to advanced podcasters.

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