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Castos Review: Everything You Need to Know

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Castos Podcast

Starting a podcast in 2024? With so many hosting platforms, making a choice can be overwhelming. Castos simplifies this. Trusted by 40,000+ brands, it offers unlimited podcasting at a fixed price. In this review, we’ll unpack what Castos brings to the table. Let’s dive in.

Review of Castos

Things I Love About Castos:

🎙️ Unlimited Podcasting: Create as many podcasts and episodes as you like.
🎙️ Fixed Monthly Price: No worries about hitting storage limits.
🎙️ Direct Listener Support: Monetize without giving away a cut of your revenue.
🎙️ Comprehensive Dashboard: Track performance, audience demographics, and more.
🎙️ YouTube Republishing: Boost visibility with automatic YouTube uploads.
🎙️ Automatic Transcriptions: Enhance accessibility and SEO.
🎙️ Customizable Websites: Every podcast gets its own responsive site. Connect your domain too.
🎙️ WordPress Plugin: Manage your podcasts seamlessly with the Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin.

How Much Does Castos Cost?

Castos has four pricing tiers ranging from $190/year for beginners to $4,990/year for large organizations, each tailored with varying features and resources.

Plan 🎙️Monthly Price 💵Yearly Price 💵
Starter 🌱$19$190
Growth 🚀$49$490
Pro 🎥$99$990
Castos Premium 🏢From $499From $4,990

Castos Pricing Plans

Castos Monthly Pricing Plans

Starter ($19/month): Tailored for beginners, offering unlimited podcasts and episodes, detailed listener analytics, 10 monthly transcripts, up to 100 private subscribers, and a cap of 20,000 downloads per month.

Growth ($49/month): Designed for podcasters aiming for growth, including everything in the Starter, plus video republishing to YouTube, Headliner Audiogram integration, 25 monthly transcripts, up to 250 private subscribers, and a cap of 75,000 downloads per month.

Pro ($99/month): For video content podcasters who desire in-depth insights. This includes everything in Growth, plus video file hosting, advanced analytics, 100 monthly transcripts, up to 500 private subscribers, and a cap of 200,000 downloads per month.

Castos Premium (From $499/month): Intended for large-scale publishers or organizations needing expansive resources. This includes everything in Pro, plus custom contracts & invoices, single sign-on feature, increased limits, unlimited transcripts, and a dedicated account manager.

Castos Annual Pricing

🚨 View our detailed Castos pricing overview or check out the most recent Castos coupon codes.

Pros of Castos

👍 Unlimited Podcasting: Users can create an unlimited number of podcasts and episodes without storage concerns.
👍 Fixed Pricing: Regardless of the amount of content published, users pay a fixed monthly or yearly rate.
👍 Monetization Support: Castos provides tools for direct listener support, allowing podcasters to monetize without giving up a cut of their revenue.
👍 Comprehensive Analytics: Users can gather insights from various platforms in one dashboard, tracking performance, audience demographics, and more.
👍 Automated Features: Castos offers automatic YouTube republishing and podcast transcriptions to increase visibility and accessibility.
👍 Customizable Websites: Each podcast gets its own responsive website, with the option to connect a custom domain.
👍 WordPress Integration: Castos provides the Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin, making it easier for those with WordPress sites to manage their podcasts.
👍 Private Subscribers: Users can have a set number of private subscribers based on their plan, allowing for exclusive content delivery.

Castos Unlimited hosting

Cons of Castos

👎 Limited Transcripts: The Starter and Growth plans have a monthly limit on the number of transcripts, which might not be enough for some users. Just 10 to 25 per month.
👎 Download Caps: There are monthly download limits on the Starter, Growth, and Pro plans, which might restrict podcasts with a larger audience. Most will go Uneffected at these levels
👎 Limited Private Subscribers: The number of private subscribers is capped on each plan, potentially limiting exclusive content reach.
👎 No Video Republishing on Starter: Video republishing to YouTube, a popular feature, is not available on the Starter plan.

What Do The Users Think About Castos

Castos Podcasts

The Good Customer Reviews:

Collins Sakalunda: “The service provided by Castos makes the process of streaming very easy.”

Jennie Sawdon: “Couldn’t have asked for better advice and guidance from both Matt & Craig. The whole experience was smooth and easy.”

Lene Andersen: “Castos is great! Castos integrates wonderfully with our WordPress website and their support is quick and very helpful!”

Bryan Marble: “No brainer for monetizing your feed. Castos is by far the easiest platform I’ve seen for hosting and distributing podcasts.”

The Bad Reviews:

Sergio Rodriguez: “Horrid. Well. First. I had to constantly delete the podcast to get a new episode in, which meant going to directories over and over. And even while doing what was required, I only saw the downloads of ME checking the thing.”

Reply from Castos: “Hi there, Craig here, founder and CEO of Castos. I’m so sorry to hear you ran into troubles with your podcast. I’m sending over an email now to see if we can get you on the right track. Sounds like it may just be a small workflow change to how you’re publishing.”


So who actually uses Castos other than Wired Clip? Castos produces a large number of reputable brands from Acquired and Wellness Mama to Enough, the podcast.

Castos Podcast Brands

Castos Productions

Enter Castos very own Podcast Productions team! As a podcaster, my primary objective has always been to establish a genuine connection with my listeners. It’s not just about producing content; it’s about crafting ear-grabbing episodes that resonate.

That’s where Castos Productions comes into play for me. Their goal aligns perfectly with mine: to help creators like myself build a stronger bond with our audience. It’s not merely about audio editing; Castos offers a holistic approach encompassing video production, marketing assets, and bespoke launch services tailored to individual needs. I’m proud to be one of the many podcasters privileged to work with the Castos team, and below are just a few examples of the exceptional work they’ve assisted with.

Castos in House Editing Service reviewed and tested

Podcast Editing Service Overview:

Castos provides a comprehensive podcast editing service tailored for episodes up to 60 minutes. With a dedicated in-house team, they ensure professional audio engineering and mastering, removing any unnecessary sounds. Each episode undergoes a stringent 11-step quality review. Additionally, Castos aids in audience engagement by crafting insightful show notes and providing engaging social media assets. The service is complemented by hassle-free publishing directly to the Castos dashboard and insightful monthly analytics reports.

Catos Main Features

Customizable Podcast Website

Castos Podcast Websites
  • Every podcast in Castos receives a customizable, mobile-responsive website.
  • Unique website link provided for each podcast, serving as an on-brand ‘homebase’.
  • Customization options include choosing primary colors, fonts, and automatic podcast cover image display.
  • Castos simplifies podcasting, especially for WordPress users, by managing everything on the backend, as praised by Katie Wells of
  • Features host profiles with photos, bios, and social links for personal branding.
  • Dedicated ‘subscribe’ page links to podcast platforms, the show’s RSS feed, and all social accounts.
  • Castos allows for a unique domain, offering a white-label experience.
  • All Castos websites are mobile-responsive from the start, requiring minimal setup.

Making Money With Castos: Monetize Your Podcast

Make money with Castos
  • Allow listeners to support your podcast via one-time or recurring donations.
  • Set your desired donation schedules and amounts.
  • Castos Commerce charges zero transaction fees, only the Stripe processing fee applies.
  • Offers a fully managed experience for both podcasters and supporters.
  • Provides comprehensive analytics on donation trends.
  • Available for free to all paid Castos hosting plan customers.
  • Supporters get their dashboard to manage contributions.
  • Integrated checkout page optimized for conversions, simplifying the payment process.
  • A comprehensive plan to monetize podcasts without the need for ads.
  • Testimonials from Katie Wells (Wellness Mama) and Srini Rao (Unmistakable Creative) highlight the ease and efficiency of using Castos.
  • The monetization workflow involves connecting to Stripe, determining donation levels, and collecting listener donations.

Using Podcast Ads to Make Money

Castos Ad platform Dashboard

With just a click, Castos seamlessly integrates ads into episodes, providing consistent revenue. It’s invaluable for older episodes that still attract listeners. Unlike traditional sponsorships demanding high listenership, Castos allows monetization from the start, effortlessly complementing other revenue strategies listed above in my podcasting toolkit.

Automatic Podcast Transcriptions

Castos Transcriptions are Automated

I’m always on the look out for tools that make my workflow simpler and Castos’ automatic podcast transcription service has been a game-changer for me.

Instead of spending hours transcribing, every episode I upload to Castos is turned into a precise written account.

For me, it’s not just about convenience; it’s also about maximizing my podcast’s SEO potential and expanding my content’s reach. The straightforward billing of $0.10 per audio minute means no hidden surprises. Plus, the ability to transcribe previous episodes was an unexpected added bonus.

YouTube Republishing For Your Podcast With Castos

YouTube Republishing with Castos Podcasts

With Castos’ YouTube Republishing, my podcast episodes automatically become videos on YouTube, significantly expanding my audience. The added SEO benefits and the convenience of auto-uploads make it a standout feature. It’s easy to set up, and the customization options ensure brand consistency.

If you are on the Growth plan or above, you should be using this!

Seriously Simple Podcasting Plugin

Seriously Simple Podcasting is a highly-rated WordPress plugin designed to simplify podcast management for both newcomers and experienced podcasters. With over 30,000 active installs and numerous 5-star reviews on, it’s considered the top podcasting plugin for WordPress.

This tool allows for easy one-click imports of podcast content into your WordPress site, making it a convenient choice for migrating existing shows. Additionally, it offers enhanced player options, enabling you to customize how your audience experiences your podcast through various players and shortcodes, including the ability to embed Spotify podcasts using the WordPress editor embed block.

Seriously Simple Podcasting Plugin Review

Castos Analytics

Castos offers precise podcast analytics, ensuring content creators truly understand their audience’s engagement. Features include:

Analytics Screenshot of Castos Dashboard
📊 Customizable Listener StatisticsUnderstand listener demographics and behavior.
📅 Date Range FilteringView analytics within specific time frames.
🌟 Top-performing Episodes InsightsIdentify and create more of the content listeners love.
📱 Device and App PreferencesKnow where listeners tune in: mobile, desktop, apps, or browsers.
🌍 Geolocation DataEngage with local podcast communities and tailor outreach.
📌 Upcoming FeaturesDownloadable reports, subscriber counts, and playback durations for enhanced insights.

Is Castos Worth It?

The short answer is Yes Castos is worth it for me, Castos has streamlined my podcasting journey. Its fixed pricing, unlimited capabilities, and WordPress integration save me both time and stress. Plus, the analytics help me connect better with my audience. It’s a worthwhile investment.

Castos Alternatives

There are several alternatives to Castos for podcast hosting and management. Here are some of the notable ones:

Libsyn (Liberated Syndication): One of the oldest and most respected podcast hosting platforms, it offers detailed analytics, monetization options, and distribution to multiple platforms.

Podbean: A user-friendly hosting platform that offers unlimited hosting services, detailed analytics, and monetization options through ads.

Buzzsprout: Offers detailed analytics, a website for your podcast (if needed), and easy integration with podcast directories.

Captivate: A newer platform that focuses on growth, with features to help podcasters grow their listener base.

RedCircle: Provides podcast hosting and dynamic ad insertion. They also offer cross-promotion opportunities with other podcasts on their platform.


Is Castos a good podcast host?

Castos is a top-rated podcast hosting platform known for its user-friendly interface, comprehensive features, and strong customer support, making it a popular choice among podcasters.

Can I host my podcast on Castos if I am a beginner?

Yes, Castos is suitable for podcasters of all levels, including beginners. The platform is designed to be user-friendly and provides excellent support and resources to help you get started.

Does Castos provide analytics for podcast episodes?

Yes, Castos offers detailed analytics that provide insights into your podcast episodes’ performance. These analytics include information on the number of downloads, listener locations, and popular episodes.

Castos My Final Thoughts

For podcasters aiming to expand their reach without breaking the bank, I’d personally recommend Castos’ Growth plan at $49/month. It provides essential tools like video republishing to YouTube and 25 monthly transcripts, ensuring your content is accessible and wide-reaching. Coupled with the benefits we’ve discussed, like unlimited podcasting and fixed pricing, this plan offers great value.


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