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Surprisingly Easy Way to How to Get Your Podcast on Stitcher

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How to Get Your Podcast on Stitcher

With millions of episodes of amazing podcasts out there and plenty of bad ones too, we need podcast directories and platforms to help us find what’s what.

Stitcher is one of the biggest podcast distributors in the world, and getting your show featured on their directory is something worth aiming for.

Having a podcast published on Stitcher is as easy as making a podcast creator account and giving them the URL to your RSS feed.

There are a few more steps, terms and conditions to accept, and requirements for what’s uploaded, but it should take less than an hour to have your show published.

Learning how to get your podcast on Stitcher is pretty easy, as long as you follow the right steps.

To help beginners do just that and reap the benefits of this distribution platform, we’ve created a guide that shows you how, as well as stating the advantages and disadvantages that Stitcher is known for.

What Is Stitcher?

What is Stitcher?

Stitcher is a media company and specialized app that’s made solely for podcasts. The company enables podcasters to create, distribute, and monetize their shows, but they’re most famously known for publishing episodes onto a global directory.

The Stitcher app was first conceived in 2008, years before podcasts became the huge deal that they are now.

Today, the app is both a listening platform and somewhere that content creators can upload their programs, and because they’re dedicated to only podcasts, there’s no risk of getting lost in the mix.

As you develop your podcast and come up with the finished product, you’ll want to ensure that as many people as possible listen to it.

Apps like Stitcher make it easy to reach millions of people that you might not have been able to before, so learning how to get your show published is an important part of the process.

How To Get Your Podcast On Stitcher

How To Get Your Podcast on Stitcher

Stitcher wants to make it easy for content creators to get their podcasts published, and it’s as easy as creating an account and signing up as a podcast creator.

Once you’ve chosen your plan level and entered your details, you can provide the URL to the podcast’s RSS feed.

Before you start with this step on how to get your podcast on Stitcher though, you should ensure that your podcast is ready to go and that everything is polished.

From this point, people will be able to access your episodes at the push of a button, so you’ll want to ensure that you’re only uploading content that’s been edited and formatted to perfection. 

After doing the initial signup, Stitcher will send you an email to the address that’s linked with your podcast, asking you to confirm that you submitted it to be published.

Send back your approval and then go into your Stitcher account to confirm it on that end as well. You’ll be asked to accept the terms and conditions, so after reading through them, you can click that you do.

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What Are The Requirements?

There are some requirements for submitting a podcast to Stitcher, and this is to ensure that all applications are for genuine shows that are ready to be shared with the world.

These are the boxes that you’ll need to check off before submitting your show to the distribution platform:

  • You have cover art for your podcast which is at least 1400 x 1400 and in a JPG, or PNG format.
  • The name of your podcast series is unique, (also see, “Podcast Names“).
  • You have at least one episode to upload, and this must be in either MP3 or m4a format.

As long as you can meet these requirements, your podcast will be uploaded automatically to Stitcher. In the past, a lengthy approval process meant that Stitcher was more selective in what they published.

However, it’s now easier to get your podcast shared with the world, provided you can do the basics.

Once you’ve signed up for a creator account, shared your RSS feed URL, and met the requirements, it will be mere minutes until your podcast is uploaded.

You can then use the Stitcher link on your website and social media feeds, giving people an easy and well-known way to tune in to your show. It’s really that easy how to get your podcast on Stitcher.

The Pros

The Pros

As a podcast app, there’s a whole lot of good that Stitcher offers, and this is true for both the audience and the creators. Here are a few advantages that you’ve finally figured out how to get your podcast on Stitcher:

  • It’s Made for Podcasts: Unlike other platforms that combine music and podcasts, Stitcher is 100% about podcasts. People will be accessing this app purely to find a new and interesting podcast to listen to, and by listing yours there, you’re given a much better chance of attracting potential fans.
  • Android and iPhone Capability: There was once a time when Stitcher was an Android-only app, but now that they have iPhone compatibility, its reach is bigger than ever. With both operating systems targeted, you can guarantee that your podcast will be shared with as many people as possible.
  • Easy to Use: Stitcher was designed for simplicity, especially for the podcast creator looking to publish their series. It only takes a few clicks to get your podcast listed on Stitcher and then all you have to do is sit back and watch the listeners roll in.
  • No Approval Needed: The days of Stitcher needing to go through a series of checks and a detailed approval process before they would publish a series are gone, which is good news for you. Novice podcasters will love that there’s nothing needed to get their podcast out there and it means that everyone gets the chance to shine.

The Cons

Choosing the right publishing platforms can be a challenge when you’re new to podcasting, so you’ll want to assess each of them carefully. Although it is one of the biggest publishers, some downsides should be considered when figuring out how to get your podcast on Stitcher:

  • There are Limitations to the Free App for Listeners: If you’re listening to podcasts on the free version of the app, there won’t be as many cool podcasts for you to discover.  This means that people who are searching for a show like yours might not be able to do so if they’re on a limited free plan.
  • You Have to Pay to Upload Your Podcast: There is a free version of the creator app as well, but it comes with a lot of advertising that can ruin the sound of your podcast. You’ll have to pay the $5 monthly fee to get a premium subscription with Stitcher, so add this to your budget when thinking about publishers.
  • A Lot of Competition: Although there are lots of benefits to being published with such a popular podcast platform, it can also be a downside. Having to compete with the millions of other podcast episodes on Stitcher means that you’ll need to work extra hard to get your series noticed.

Where Else Can You Submit a Podcast?

Where Else Can You Submit a Podcast?

The more places that you can get your podcast published, the better, but it could be that not all platforms are right for your brand. If you want to see what else is out there besides Stitcher, these are the most popular publisher options:

  • Apple Podcasts: Apple Podcasts has the lion’s share of the publishing market, thanks to its huge listening base. Their listeners have over 7 downloads per device and, with over 42% of unique listeners, it gives you ample opportunity to share your content with the world. 
  • Spotify: Arguably one of the biggest publishers, Spotify is where you should be aiming if you want to get your podcast heard. Although they’re not made specifically for podcasts, anyone with a subscription will find it easy to search for podcasts using their intuitive app.
  • Google Podcasts: Google Podcasts performs on a smaller scale than Spotify and Apple Podcasts, but they have a great reach and are easy to use. You also have the trusted name of Google behind you, which means it’s an intuitive platform with loyal listeners.
  • Overcast: Although not the first thought that people have when looking for a podcast platform, Overcast has loads to offer and is easy for creators to sign up to. With an average of 6.3 downloads per device, it’s up there with some of the biggest names in streaming platforms.

Best Podcasting Listening Apps

Share Your Podcast with the World

The key to attracting more listeners and building a loyal audience is to have your podcast published in all of the right places, including how to get your podcast on Stitcher.

Spend some time thinking about the best platforms for your podcast and then take the steps required to get your content uploaded and shared with the world (also see, “Postcast Hosting Platforms Comparison“).


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