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Amazon Music Vs Spotify: Is One Better Than The Other?

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amazon music vs spotify

Your listening experience can be made or broken by your music streaming service. Finding the one that better suits your needs and way of life is crucial, for this reason.

The two streaming leaders at the moment are Spotify and Amazon Music, but which is better? 

In the big Amazon Music vs. Spotify debate, we’re breaking down all the information you need to know about costs, benefits, audio quality, and other characteristics. 

One of Spotify’s main rivals is the music juggernaut Amazon Music. We’ve conducted a fair and open comparison of Amazon Music vs Spotify if you’re not sure which popular streaming service to pick.

What Distinguishes Amazon Music vs Spotify?

There are several features and music collections that are similar to Amazon Music vs Spotify (see also ‘Stitcher Vs. Spotify‘). However, there are significant distinctions that might persuade potential listeners to choose one service over another.

Amazon Music

The main distinction between Amazon Music and other streaming services is how easily Alexa can be used with a variety of vehicles, homes, and other digital necessities. 

Since Amazon Music already contains the ability to use Alexa, consumers may enjoy their preferred streaming music hands-free. Accessing Alexa is simple. This function can be especially helpful if you frequently operate a vehicle.


If you’re more interested in music discovery with random songs and uncovering new categories and podcasts and selecting sounds according to your mood, using Spotify’s clever algorithm is a pleasure. 

Additionally, Spotify playlists have an “enhance” feature that enables users to add unrelated music to personalized playlists that match the mood and aesthetic of songs they’ve already marked as favourites. 

Additionally, users can view the music they’ve streamed over the last 3 months by selecting the “recently played” option.

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Prices Of Amazon Music Vs. Spotify

Amazon Music

A variety of Amazon Music subscription options are available. You already have access to an enhanced music streaming service called Amazon Prime in your subscription benefits if you are an Amazon Prime member. 

Due to the absence of advertisements and the availability of over two million tracks (and counting) on demand, it is incredibly well-liked among current Prime subscribers.

Amazon Music Free is a membership that is genuinely free and functions comparably to radio listening. 

You can pick a genre rather than a specific song. You must subscribe to the Unlimited Music Plan if you’d like access to the entire tens of thousands of song catalogues on Amazon’s music library (it is huge).

If you’re already a Prime member, the Unlimited Music plan will cost you $8 per month; if you’re not, it will cost you $10 per month. 

Students who already have Amazon Prime memberships can take advantage of a discounted price on the Amazon Music Unlimited plan, which lowers the monthly fee to just $1 as opposed to the typical $8.


Spotify offers a variety of plans. The free, ad-supported Spotify alternative may make you think of the formerly well-liked Pandora app.

That became well-known as a result of a radio-like system that arranged songs according to the favoured artists and genres. 

In exchange for ongoing advertisements and a limited number of songs that can be skipped over, the free Spotify music service allows you to listen to just about any song in its music library using the smartphone or Spotify’s desktop app.

If you don’t like advertising, Spotify Premium subscriptions allow for additional users, are ad free, and let many people listen at once in the same home or business.

Premium family plans cost $16, with Premium for one costing around $10 each month. Although they don’t happen frequently, membership perks and special offers occasionally may be found.

Spotify vs Amazon Music: Special Features

Amazon Music

The “X-Ray Lyrics” function of the Amazon Music mobile app is an amazing addition to its Alexa compatibility, and it is one of its key features. 

Lyrics can scroll by in a karaoke-like style as the song plays, which is a useful feature for obscure songs. Additionally, Amazon music app released Car Mode early this year to offer a minimally-distracting experience that facilitates listening while driving.


The secret to Spotify’s ability to figure out what you enjoy listening to is its extremely sophisticated algorithm. 

Spotify offers you the tunes you already know you enjoy as well as some that might not have ever reached the charts but are still in line with your tastes, unlike Amazon, which might allow you to read the lyrics. 

Amazon Music Vs Spotify (1)

It’s a great way to broaden your musical tastes, discover up-and-coming musicians, and boost your coolness factor. 

Other playlists and Spotify’s additional “Discover Weekly” feature also provide a pleasant opportunity to explore different musical genres without being bogged down by standard top 40 mixes (although you can still listen to those if you’d like).

Sound Quality Of Spotify vs Amazon Music

Amazon Music

Because its Unlimited Music plan memberships include CD quality audio music streaming, Amazon Music HD triumphs when it comes to sound quality in paid subscription services. 

Some Unlimited tracks are even available in Ultra HD – a substantial improvement over CD quality. The truth is that the change in sound quality might not be audible to the ordinary listener. 

While listening through a typical pair of headphones would sound identical in both cases, streaming music through surround-sound speakers and other specialised audio equipment may sound much different.


Spotify falls short in our Amazon Music vs. Spotify sound quality comparison because they don’t even have any kind of CD-quality plan. By the beginning of 2022, the well-known service was rumoured to release a Spotify HiFi plan, although this hasn’t happened yet.

Final Thoughts

The choice between Spotify vs Amazon Music streaming service ultimately boils to your listening habits and preferences. Amazon Prime Music is probably your best option if you appreciate the ease of Alexa connectivity and are already an Amazon customer with Prime. 

Spotify is definitely the best service for you if you don’t already use Amazon frequently, prefer to discover fresh music depending on your mood and tastes, or are looking for a completely free option. Regardless, happy listening!

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