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Casto’s Academy – Podcast Like a Pro Course

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Casto’s Academy Review

Enroll in Castos Academy’s ‘Podcast Like a Pro’ course. In 1hr 25min, you’ll learn how to start and grow your podcast. Check out our review below for details about the course

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What Is Casto’s Academy?

This course covers just about everything you need to know on podcast launch, build, and even grow an incredibly successful podcast from the beginning (also see, ‘Podcast Launch Plan‘)

Initially starting with the amazing foundational level, this course can aid you in refining your podcast insights, depth, and concept (also see, ‘Starting A Podcast Checklist‘).

And moving on to understand the technical side of podcasting, including how to use GarageBand, Audacity, and Adobe Creative Cloud to make your podcast sound amazing.

Even if you’ve been podcasting for a while, you are sure to learn something new here!

castos academy homepage

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In our opinion, Castos is one of the best options out there for anyone looking for a solid solution for transcribing audio files into text. They are also among the most affordable solutions out there.

But what makes Castos unique isn’t just their pricing or their quality of service; it’s how they approach the market and the way they interact with customers.

The team behind Castos seems to understand that people want to use their product without having to invest too much time learning about it.

Their goal is to make sure you have everything you need to start working immediately, whether you’re a beginner or an expert.

And while many providers offer similar functionality, Castos provides a truly premium experience.

Castos Academy Courses

Casto’s Academy Review
Course TitleInstructorEstimated TimeDifficulty
Getting Started with CastosCraig Hewitt5 MinutesBeginner
Launching a Podcast for Your BusinessCraig Hewitt45 MinutesBeginner
Marketing Your PodcastCraig Hewitt35 MinutesIntermediate
Podcast Equipment GuideCraig Hewitt18 Minutes 52 SecondsBeginner
Podcast Like a Pro CourseCraig Hewitt1 Hour 25 MinutesBeginner
Ultimate Podcast Interview BlueprintCraig HewittNot SpecifiedBeginner

The Castos Podcast Academy is an online community offering free podcast courses to you get started with podcasting and gives you all the tools you need to create high-quality content (also see, ‘John Lee Dumas’ Free Podcast Course‘). 

You can enroll in the Castos Podcast Course for free and start creating your own podcast immediately (also see, ‘How To Get Into Podcasting‘).

You’ll be able to access over 20 hours of video tutorials, plus weekly live Q&A sessions where you can ask questions about any topic related to podcasting.

You’ll also receive a monthly newsletter with exclusive tips, tricks, and resources to help you grow your podcast.

Castos gives you everything you could possibly want out of any podcast hosting platforms.

You can use it to make a custom website for your private podcast, while still retaining the ability to easily add and edit your show notes, descriptions, and tags. 

If you don’t want to build your own website, though, there are plenty of templates already built into your Castos account.

These include themes for blogs, portfolios, landing pages, and even a portfolio theme specifically designed for podcasters.

If you’re looking to take your podcasting skills to the next level, then check out the Castos Podcast Academy now!

What Does The Course Offer?

building your podcast website

Casto offers podcast courses at three different tiers of podcasting services. Each one includes features like analytics, ads, and video hosting.

At the lowest price, you can make unlimited podcasts and episodes.

If you’re looking to grow your audience, the next tier allows you to add up to 100 private subscribers.

Finally, the most expensive package gives you access to everything offered in the previous tiers plus audio transcripts, YouTube reposting, and integration with Headliner for making audiograms.

How Much Does The Course Cost?

The podcasting industry is growing rapidly, and it’s easy to see why. Podcast listenership is skyrocketing, and there are many ways to monetize your show.

Castos has been building out podcasting solutions since 2013, and we now offer three different tiers of features and pricing options to help you grow your audience and earn money.

The price of a podcast isn’t always indicative of what it takes to produce one, especially if you’re starting out. The courses are free, without any strings attached, it’s the podcasting solutions that come at a cost.

Castos offers three tiers of podcasting plans that allow you to start small and grow big (also see, ‘Castos Pricing‘).

At the lowest end of the spectrum, Castos offers a monthly subscription plan called “Starter.” This package includes unlimited podcast creation, podcast hosting, and audio editing software.

With this option, you can make an infinite number of episodes and upload them directly to Casto’s servers.

If you’re looking to monetize your podcast, there’s no cap on how many private subscriptions you can sell.

On the next tier, Castos offers “Growth,” which costs $49/month.

This package includes features such as video editing, podcast publishing, reposting to YouTube, and integration with Headliner, a tool that allows you to create custom audio scapes — like those used by NPR and PBS.

At this stage, you can acquire up to 250 private subscribers and reach 75,000 downloads per month.

Finally, Castos’ most expensive tier is called “Premium,” and it costs $249/month. This package provides additional features including live streaming, ad management, and analytics.

Premium subscribers can acquire up to 500 private subscribers, and reach 150,000 downloads per month, according to Castos.

Private Podcasting

Private podcasting allows you to broadcast audio files directly to listeners via email, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc., without having to go through a third party like SoundCloud or iTunes

With private podcasts, you can send your podcast to hundreds of thousands of potential listeners.

You can set up a free account at Castos, where you can upload your podcast and start broadcasting immediately.

There are three subscription levels, starting at $10/month for 5,000 monthly listeners.

If you want to increase the audience size of your new podcast, you can pay $20/month for 10,000 listeners, $30/month for 20,000 listeners, and $40/month for 50,000 listeners. This is after the initial course basics.

If you choose to upgrade to the paid plan, you’ll receive additional features, including custom branding, analytics, and the ability to track how many times each listener downloads your podcast.

What Is Our Favorite Thing About Castos?

Private Podcasting

As podcasting continues to evolve, Castos wants to ensure that it can help podcasters continue to grow and succeed.

To do that, they’ve added some enhancements to their features that allow them to offer a better experience for those looking to use our tools.

They’re excited about these improvements because they enable them to provide a much richer set of features to their customers, while still keeping things simple enough to let anyone quickly get up and running.

They hope that these enhancements will help podcasters focus on what matters most — growing their audience and making great podcasts.

What Other Options Are Out There That Match The Quality Of Castos Academy?

Many podcasters don’t have transcripts of their podcast because it requires additional time and effort to produce.

Transcripts are useful for many reasons, including improving your podcast’s SEO, expanding your audience to more people, enhancing understanding of your content, and making it easier for journalists to write about your show.

But, transcribing your audio files isn’t always easy, especially if you’re working on multiple episodes simultaneously. 

Some tools exist to help automate this process, but most require a lot of manual editing, which takes away from your time spent creating great podcasts.

Luckily, there are some free options out there that allow you to automatically generate transcripts without much work. If you’re looking for one, here are three apps we recommend:

  • Transcription Bot – This app works like a transcription machine, taking care of everything except uploading the files to your hosting account. You simply upload your.mp3 file, set up your settings, and let the app do the rest. Once complete, you’ll receive an email with a link to download the transcript.
  • Pod2Text – This tool allows you to choose different types of media, such as video or audio, and lets you add tags to each clip. After adding clips, you select the language you want to use, and then press start. The app will take care of everything else, including transcribing the audio files. You’ll receive an email once the job is finished.
  • Voice Thread – This tool offers similar functionality to Pod2Text, but you can also add images, text, and videos to your posts. To begin, you must sign up for a free account and log into your dashboard. From there, you can add your media files and organize them however you’d like. Then, just select “Start Recording.” When the recording ends, you’ll see a list of your recordings, along with a preview of what your post will look like. Click “Publish,” and voilà—your transcript is ready to go.

Final Thoughts

As we mentioned earlier, Castos Academy has been around for over 10 years now, so they know how important it is to keep evolving in order to stay relevant.

They’ve made sure that their new version of Castos Academy matches the needs of today’s podcasters by offering a rich feature set, while still being easy to use. 

And, we think you’ll agree that the changes they’ve made it even easier than ever before to create high-quality podcasts.

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