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Best Podcasts On Youtube

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Best Podcasts On Youtube

While Youtube is most well known for single self contained videos produced on a daily basis by some of our favorite content creators, it is also home to quite a large selection of podcasts.

After all, Youtube was at the roots of podcasting with some famous examples such as the Joe Rogan Podcast being based on Youtube for quite a few years.

With no subscription fee needed, Youtube is therefore home to some incredible podcasts that can be hidden away in its algorithm, however with such a wide variety it can be hard to narrow down which are actually worth your time. 

That is why below we have compiled the most unique and interesting podcasts that you can find on Youtube and start listening to right away.

#1 Timcast IRL

For all things news and politics, hosts Tim, Ian and Lydia host this podcast which takes a look at some of the deeper and more intricate issues in our society today from equality to freedom of speech all the way to pending questions like why house prices are rising so fast.

The Timcast IRL is an incredibly informative political podcast that is only made even more enjoyable by the endless passion and charisma of Tim and his co-hosts and guests making this a perfect podcast for keeping up with the news we can easily miss.

#2 No Dumb Questions 

On the other side of the spectrum we have No Dumb Questions hosted by ‘scientists’ Destin and Matt who take on a whole range of intriguing questions that are begging to be looked into with varying levels of maturity.

Whether it’s the question of if we as humans are too similar to each other, or how possible it is to actually body slam someone on an airplane, this podcast is where the real questions are asked and is one of the most hilariously fun podcasts on Youtube right now.

#3 H3 Podcast 

H3 Podcast 

If you have been a regular user of Youtube for any amount of time there is a high chance you have heard of the channel H3H3 and the creator behind it Ethan Klein who is known for his hilarious style of humor. 

Some originally thought that Ethan would struggle in the podcast landscape because of his reliance on humor, however he manages to balance being as focused on his guests as Joe Rogan while also throwing in quick one liners here and there to keep the tone light and casual. 

From the biggest streamers like Dr Disrespect all the way to comedian Bobby Lee and Toronto psychologist Jordan Peterson, with such a variety of guests on this podcast you can be sure to find your next favorite episode right here.

#4 Ear Biscuits 

At this point the hosts of this podcast Rhett and Link have reached legendary status on the Youtube platform having hosted the immensely popular Good Mythical Morning for a staggering 10 seasons.

Now, they have moved their attention to the Ear Biscuits podcast where they carry over their trademark quippy humor and engage in some hilarious conversations including why McNuggets are shaped the way they are and what really puts the ‘dog’ in hot dog.

A hilarious podcast from 2 of the greats of Youtube, definitely check out Ear Biscuits for fun and easily flowing conversations. 

#5 Cold Ones

Cold Ones is the definition of a podcast with little to no boundaries making for a hilariously fun time.

Hosts Anything4views and MaxMoeFoe, known for his prank calls on Youtube, host this dimly lit and atmospheric podcast where they get together some of the biggest Youtubers from Fred all the way up to Pewdiepie to have a fun and laid back conversation, while of course having some beverages along the way.

Each episode usually starts fairly formal before slowly becoming more frantic with the conversation going in a multitude of different directions, making for a hilarious show that really makes you feel like you’re in a bar with a bunch of buddies kicking back with a drink in hand.

Podcasts On Youtube

#6 Just A Tip With Megan Batoon

Megan Batoon leads this quirky and insightful podcast that is entirely centered around weighing in on questions from the audience and giving a ‘Tip’ to overcome any obstacles the listeners may be experiencing in their lives.

These pieces of advice can usually range from light hearted and banterous to surprisingly deep and serious, making for a podcast that is not only fresh with each and every episode, but also great for throwing on when you don’t have a particular mood and want something that can change in tone.

🎤 Podcast Vs YouTube – The Ultimate Battle


While we can often think of Youtube just as the platform where we can find quick tutorial videos or music videos, there are a whole range of podcasts such as these to try out now and see if any become one of your new favorites to listen to.

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