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Is It Free to Host Podcasts on Blubrry?

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Is It Free to Host Podcasts on Blubrry

Blubrry is a popular podcast hosting service that provides podcasters with a wide range of features. It is recommended for podcasters who want to take their show to the next level and grow their audience further.

Blubrry offers three subscription plans for podcasters. However, if you’re new to the platform or only starting out in podcasting and do not wish to spend much on a host, you may be wondering, “Is it free to host podcasts on Blubrry?”

We will walk you through what Blubrry is, how much it costs, and if there’s a free version you can try. Let’s dive in.

What Is Blubrry?

What Is Blubrry?

Blubrry is a well-known podcast hosting platform. It is one of the pioneers in the industry and has been helping podcasters since 2005.

The platform provides podcasters with a range of high-end podcasting tools and features, such as the ability to launch a single podcast or an entire network, a custom embedded player, listener statistics, and more.

The platform is easy to use and navigate, especially for advanced podcasters. You can quickly distribute podcast episodes to top podcast directories such as Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, TuneIn, Stitcher, Pandora, Amazon Music, and others.

You can also publish your podcast directly on your WordPress site using Blubrry’s PowerPress plugin. This plugin makes uploading audio and video podcasts on any device a breeze.

If you do not have a WordPress site, Blubrry will create one for you for free when you sign up for any of its three subscription plans.


Blubrry Podcast Hosting makes publishing a breeze!

Pricing from just $12/mo

However, new users and those just starting in podcasting may find it challenging to directly publish episodes from Blubrry’s dashboard. You will need to spend time learning its various tools and functionalities to help you scale your show faster.

If you don’t want a podcast website, you can opt for Blubrry’s free podcast landing page. It features a brief podcast description so your audience can find you in Blubrry’s podcast directory and listen and subscribe to your show.

You don’t have to create the landing page yourself; it is automatically generated when you upload an episode.

And finally, Blubrry is the only podcast hosting platform that provides free live team support via phone calls and video conferences to help podcasters troubleshoot technical issues.

How Much Does Blubrry Cost?

How Much Does Blubrry Cost?

Blubrry has three pricing plans that offer different features and functionalities. You can choose a plan based on your podcasting needs and budget.

The best part about signing up with Blubrry is that you do not need to submit any credit card details or sign any contracts. You can also cancel your plan at any time.

Let’s delve into the three plans below:

Standard Plan

Blubrry’s Standard Plan is $10 per month if you choose the annual billing option or $12 per month if you opt for the monthly plan. When you sign up for this plan, you get the following features:

  • 125 MB monthly storage space
  • Standard statistics data
  • Technical support via phone and email
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Custom embed player
  • Free WordPress website
  • Free and easy episode migration

Blubrry Podcast Hosting makes publishing a breeze!

Pricing from just $12/mo

Advanced Plan

The Advanced Plan costs $17 per month (annual billing) or $20 every month (monthly billing). It has all the features of the Standard Plan plus the following:

  • 400 MB monthly storage space
  • Additional storage
  • Advanced statistics
  • Domain mapping
  • Additional plugins and themes
  • Domain Name System (DNS) management

Pro Hosting Plan

The Pro Hosting Plan is meant for podcasters with one or more shows (including video podcasts) that require additional storage space. It is also suitable for those who are building a podcast network.

This plan has all the features you need to upload, analyze, and scale your podcasts.

The Pro Hosting Plan starts at $100 every month and provides podcasters with the following functionalities:

  • Unlimited storage space
  • 1 TB monthly bandwidth (1 cent per GB if you exceed the limit)
  • $10 per additional podcast
  • Network showcasing tool
  • Dynamic ad insertion
  • Unlimited account sharing for your team
  • Technical support through phone, email, and video

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Is There a Free Option?

Is There a Free Option?

Blubrry does not provide a free version of its service. But if you’re only starting out with podcasting, you can opt for a free podcast hosting trial offer of the Advanced Plan.

The free trial period lasts for 30 days, so you can try all of the features and determine if the service suits your needs.

Note that while all of Blubrry’s hosting plans are paid subscriptions, you can sign up on the platform for free or use our Blubry promo code.

As a free user, you cannot host your podcast, but you can get access to the statistics data points feature.

You can view your podcast analytics data, including listens, demographics, trends, and geolocation, in Blubrry’s “Listener Statistics” window. However, to view more advanced statistical data such as retention, you will need to subscribe to a plan.

You can also add your show to Blubrry’s podcast directory for free. After verifying your email address, Blubrry will lead you to its dashboard, where you can launch a new podcast or add an existing one.


Blubrry’s seamless publishing platform, statistics, monetization tools, easy migration, live customer support, and other features make it a boon for podcasters.

Is it free to host podcasts on Blubrry? No, but you can try the 30-day free trial to access the Advanced plan.

Once the trial period is up, you can choose to continue using the platform by subscribing to a plan or look for another one that better suits your needs.

You can cancel the service whenever you wish. Moreover, you don’t need to submit your credit card information or sign a contract. This means opting for the free trial and the paid plans are easy and convenient.

We hope we answered all your questions about hosting podcasts on Blubrry for free. If you enjoyed reading this article, check out our website and browse through our other guides and blog posts.


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